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Two New Customs from Kasey Tararuj

Kasey Tararuj (Also known as One Eyed Girl) has created a pair of customs for two different shows.

The Detective Furlock Ringtail (pictured above) is her first MadL custom. It was made for the Vinyl Thoughts 5 Show in Dallas last week.  He's still up for grabs via that link for $200.00.

And her most recent piece was done for the Turtles in Time show by Nickelodeon and Chogrin at Bottleneck Gallery, opening this Friday October 3rd 2014.  This piece includes four Micro Munny's stacked to make The Leaning Tower of Pizza.  They will be for sale at the show and online afterwards.

Kasey Tararuj’s “Color Theory” Customs

Artist Kasey Tararuj (One Eyed Girl) has created five new pieces for Clutter Gallery's "Color Theory" show, which opened this past Saturday (September 13th 2014).  All of the following are available for purchase at from Clutter.

All of the descriptions below are from the artist.


Dorkosaurus "Dorko" Rex and Neandersloth are my prehistoric pet and owner.  Dorko is a custom Raaar and Neandersloth is made from some random micro munnyworld figure.  I'm obsessed with dinosaurs so I'm really excited about them, especially Dorko's dumb looking smile.


Bizmo and Buddy are a Custom 7" and Micro Munny.  A personal favorite.


Porcey the Horsie is a Custom Tokidoki Unicorno.  I've been itching to make a carousel horse for years so I'm stoked to have finally done so.


Camo Cameron is a 4" Custom Foomi, my silly little chameleon.


Neddy Needlenose is a 4" Custom Rooz, my cute little chubby hummingbird.

8 Bit and Beyond 2 Customs from One-Eyed Girl

One Eyed Girl Duck Hunter

Kasey Tararuj a.k.a. One-Eyed Girl has produced two customs for the "8 Bit and Beyond 2" show curated by Chogrin and taking place now at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

The Duck Hunter (above) is a 4" custom Bub "inspired by the great game of Duck Hunt and the cute but annoying dog everyone loves to hate".

And the Yosh and Baby (below) are a 4" vinyl custom "inspired by my personal favorite Mario game, Yoshi's Island. I grew up on that game and it will forever be my favorite!"

One Eyed Girl Yoshi and Baby

Molotov Man Optimus Prime

Molotov Man Optimus Patrick Wong Detail

Opening this Friday, August 1st 2014, at Guzu Gallery in Austin, Texas, the "Children of the 80's" art show celebrates pieces inspired by the cartoon and toy franchises of the decade. For the exhibition, Patrick Wong submitted his Transformers-based design entitled Molotov Man Optimus Prime. The custom uses the new 8" DIY figure from The Loyal Subjects as the base figure.

"Children of the 80's" will run until August 30th at 5000 N Lamar Blvd in Austin, Texas. Wong's one of a kind custom piece is available via the gallery for $300.00.

Molotov Man Optimus Patrick Wong Main
Molotov Man Optimus Patrick Wong Back

SDCC14: DKE Toys – AD-AT: Custom


What will likely be the largest figure at the DKE Toys' San Diego Comic Con 2014 booth, the AD-AT 3 3/4" scale by Bill McMullen measures in at over two feet tall. It includes a carded 3 3/4" Joystick AD-AT Driver figure and comes in a signed custom storage box. The limited edition of 10 pieces will be available to purchase for $650.00. And you might need to buy an additional airplane seat for the return flight home.

Squibpool and SquibKidPool Pre-Order

Squibpool Pre Order

Squids Kid Ink will be opening up a pre-order window for their Squibpool and SquibKidPool customs beginning at midnight on June 12th 2014 through midnight on June 13th 2014.

The 3" tall Squibpool will run $45.00, while the 5" tall SquibKidPool will run $100.00. The combo set will cost you $125.00.

There will be 10 sets available for Anime Expo on July 4th 2014. The Pre-Orders will be in addition to those 10 sets.

Squibpool Combo

One-Eyed Girl’s POPcade Works

One Eyed Girl Bowsy

Kasey Tararuj a.k.a. One-Eyed Girl took part in the POPcade Show going on Popzilla Gallery. She contributed two pieces, each one still available to purchase.

The Bowsy (pictured above) is a 4" custom Bub. He's for sale here for $175.00. And the Piranha Pipe Invasion is a 3D painting sculpted with Magic Sculpt, painted with acrylics, and completed with a glass eye. It's available to purchase here for $225.00.

One Eyed Girl Piranha Pipe Invasion