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Modern Brick Warfare’s World War 2 Snipers

Modern Brick Warfare has released a pair of new custom military LEGO figures. The World War 2 American Sniper comes with a custom printed torso, custom printed cape, M2 Helmet, overmold scoped M1 Garand rifle and .45 pistol. The World War 2 German Sniper comes with a custom printed torso, custom printed cape, Stalheim, overmold scoped Gewer rifle and Luger pistol. They're each available to purchase for $11.99.

Iron Man Deep Space Edition Custom

Artist Adam Greeley has started producing what will amount to nine weeks of Marvel Legend Customs. The firs custom is currently available to bid for on eBay. The Iron Man Deep Space Edition is painted with Dupli-color automotive, Tamiya, and glow in the dark paint.

Week 1: Iron Man Deep Space Edition
Week 2: Winter Soldier Communist Edition (w/ alternate head)
Week 3: Black Ops Captain America
Week 4: Doctor Strange (new body classic colors)
Week 5: Hot Rod Iron Man
Week 6: Kraven Night Hunter Edition
Week 7: Iron Fist in Bruce Lee Yellow Track Suit
Week 8: Daredevil Yellow
Week 9: Green Hulkbuster BAF

Rey Custom Fonzo by Patrick Wong


For the upcoming HERoes show atP!Q Products, Patrick Wong has revealed his latest custom - entitled "Rey" - on the original 6-inch tall Fonzo World DIY vinyl designer toy. The HERoes show highlights the female heroes in popular culture and Wong's choice of "Rey" from new Star Wars movie is a perfect choice in a leading woman who saves the day. The piece comes with an accessory BB8 droid measuring approximately 4" and can be viewed at P!Q Products at their Grand Central Terminal location opening January 23rd 2016.

DrilOne and Slobot Custom Collaborations

DrilOne and (Mike) Slobot recently collaborated on three pieces. Mike sculpted and assembled the 3 Slobots – two small robots and one large robot - and shipped them off to allow Dril to work his magic on them. One has sold already (The Domonator), one is currently available via DrilOne’s Shop (above right) and one is still a work in progress. That remaining piece was a 10” Zakkamono Miao that Mike disassembled and reconstructed into a Slobot. A teaser image of that work in progress can be seen below.


New Works from turboPISTOLA


Artist Daniel Smith aka turboPISTOLA returned from Designer Con 2015 and still has a number of pieces available to purchase...including a slew of Ion Men customs, a run of Microman-inspired figures with custom decals, and the Elephantos: Gold Edition resin figure. He also has new pins, some patches, stickers, and shirts...and balls (Mania Balls).

Everything shown is available now at Just in case you were like me and didn't get out to DCon '15. 

Space Crab Wars at Designer Con

Martian Toys will be hosting Space Crab Wars at Booth #603 at this year's Designer Con. The custom show features two "teams" of about 40 artists each - one from North America and one from Europe. We've received several customs from artists that will be competing in the show.

One Ugly Crustacean (shown above) is the custom entry from artist Mike Strick. Mike will be on Team Europe.

Also, Infinite Rabbits, who will be competing for Team North America, will contribute a piece entitled, "4... 3... 2... 1..."

And KC Tararuj is showing off three custom pieces (Crab Tyson, Crabedelic, and Crab Armstrong), although only one of these will be in the competition for Team North America.  

A Trio of Halloween Releases from DMS

DMS has announced a trio of new releases that will take place just in time for Halloween. The Skelevex Undead (pictured above) is a 2-inch tall pressure resin cast skull. It's limited to 20 pieces and will be released via the above link on Friday October 30th 2015 at 1:30PM GMT (that's 9:30AM ET) It's priced at $29.99 each.

The Teavil Dead is a custom Lunartik Mini Tea Series figure. It's limited to only 20 pieces and will be released on October 30th at 1PM GMT (9AM ET). You'll be able to grab one for $37.99.

And the Dead Dismal will go on sale Friday 30th October at 6PM GMT (2PM ET) from You can read all about it below. But the little undead hand will run £4.99 ($7.55).

On the back of the bemusing popularity of the vulgar cash cow that is the Dismalhand, comes the predictable Halloween gimmick version: Dead Dismal. Impress your friends and family by how easily you are parted with your hard earned money. Dead Dismal (and Dismalhand) are the ideal shape for scratching your head in disbelief at what you just purchased. The scariest thing about this blatant Halloween cash in, is how unimaginative this 'art piece' really is. [Insert clever zombie reference] Only the Walking Dead would be vacant enough upstairs to be taken in by this. Unimaginatively regurgitating the (un)original version [can't be arsed, copy & paste] Intended solely as an unauthorised art drop at the Dismaland Bemusement Park in Weston-Super-Mare by the uninvited "artist" DMS. This unauthorised art bombing took place on 28th August 2015. Measuring at around a disappointing 4cm, it's still not big and it's not even as clever as the first one. Badly hand painted resin, comes in a cheap plastic bag with a hastily home printed header. Comes with a scribbled certificate of non-authenticity, I hope you hate it. [Insert subtle Halloween reference] Blah, blah, zombies, bats, witches, pumpkins and other sh*t. Unsuitable for those under 15 years, unnecessary for those over 15 years. Limited to an uncertain amount. May contain imperfections, may contain nuts, dissatisfaction guaranteed* *Not guaranteed. Please allow ages for delivery, they will hopefully arrive damaged. Please note: may appear slightly different to the photographs due to the hand made nature of the item and shoddy workmanship. A pathetic percentage will possibly be given to charity.

New Slobots – Big and Small

Mike Slobot has released a number of new custom Slobots, ranging in size from 4 to 12 inches in height. The Scuba Steve Mk2 (pictured above) is a 12-inch custom that's a close cousin of the original Scuba Steve and part of the Mariner series. The piece features moveable arms and a yellow glass eye. It's available to purchase for $300.00. Did I mention he defends humans against shark attacks and also speaks most dialects of shark and dolphin?


The second is a series called the A19 Fleet Mechanics, a team of 5 Slobots that fix the cars and spaceships around Slobot nation. They stand about 4 inches tall, have blue glitter glow in the dark eyes, and run $45.00 each.