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Oven Cleaner Fatcap

Patrick Wong Oven Cleaner Fatcap 1

Illustrator Patrick Wong has revealed his contribution to the Art Without Borders 2014 benefit show opening March 22nd 2014 at the Art Whino Gallery. The Oven Cleaner Fatcap is a custom 7" tall Kidrobot Fatcap and is accompanied by 13 hand-cast 1" resin cans.

Wong states:

I think like a lot of people, when I started painting graffiti years ago there wasn't a lot of information out there - there was no art spraypaint brands or fancy tips like there is now. My friends and I would experiment using all sorts of household products with oven cleaner caps as one of them.

Patrick Wong Oven Cleaner Fatcap 2

5PM Unplugged Custom

Creo 5pm 1
Creo 5pm 2

This one-off custom is a collaboration between Creo Design and artist Mark Gmehling. Titled '5pm', this is Creo Design's take on Marks 'unplugged' design. It features a full rust patina to produce a unique rust effect.

The solid resin custom and stands nearly 10" tall on a base. It's priced at £500.00 (around $837) and will be released at 5PM GMT on the March 15th 2014.

Creo 5pm 4
Creo 5pm 3

Star Wars R2D2 Mega Android Custom by Evilos

Evilos R2D2 Android 1

Evilos' latest custom creation makes use of a 9.75" tall Mega Android DIY figure. that is.

He has gone to an all too familiar genre, Star Wars and recreated one of its beloved characters R2-D2. Weeks of painting, the figure is 100% airbrushed using a ton of 3D and masking airbrush techniques. But that's not all, the figure lights up and has sound! R2-D2 comes alive with use of an RF remote as Evilos has once again mashed paint with technology.

The figure will be up for auction via Ebay starting today (Wednesday February 26th 2014) and will run ten days.

Evilos R2D2 Android 2

Misfortune Cat Relic Custom

SoKo Cat Misfortune Cat

SoKo Cat has produced a custom 2.5” Misfortune Cat - the Misfortune Cat Relic. Available to purchase for $50.00, below is the story of this mysterious relic...

Although destroyed and rebuilt many times, the Temple of Meowlin has never been fully discovered! Located deep within Meowlin, the Misfortune Cat Relic has been overlooked for nearly two millennium!

Calligraphic inscriptions on the walls reveal that Misfortune Cat Relic was believed to have protected Meowlin Kung Fu students from misfortune in battle, and warded the monastery from the evil dogs in the nearby city of Dogfang.