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“Revolt” Mickiv by Patrick Wong

Patrick Wong has revealed a new 8-inch tall commissioned piece. The Revolt Mickiv "continues the theme of riot and rebellion characterized by much of his current artwork". It uses a modified OG colorway of Arkiv Vilmansa's Mickiv figure originally produced by Visual Ark.

The Revolt Mickiv repositions the original figure and poses him to throw a molotov cocktail explosive at some unseen forces. Once again Patrick Wong takes up the iconic Molotov Man motif and reimagines him in combination with a vinyl figure. The piece will join a privately curated collection of artist-interpreted Mickiv figures.

Pickle Fetus by Mikie Graham


Artist Mikie Graham will be taking part in SubUrban Vinyl's "Little Green Men" Show, which opens this weekend Saturday May 16th 2015 at SubUrban Vinyl in New Jersey. For the show, he has created a completely original sculpt named the Pickle Fetus, based on Leecifers "Pickle Baby" character. The sculpt was then molded and rotocast as resin multiples of the sculpt. There will be 8 DIY pieces available at the show for $30.00 each. Also, there will be a pair of hand painted Fetus's that have been "pickled" in mason jars filled with green/clear resin and miniature hand crafted pickle fixins. Each Pickled Fetus will be priced at $200.00 and available at the show.


Warpo x Skinner – Legends of Cthulhu Customs


Warpo, creators of the acclaimed Legends of Cthulhu retro action figure line, announced that artist Skinner has created four custom one-of-a-kind figures that will be available to win exclusively at the C2E2 (April 24th to 26th 2015). Attendees will be able to stop by the Warpo Booth #669 to play a game of Cthulhu Dice for a chance to win one of the four custom Legends of Cthulhu figures. In addition, fans will have the opportunity to meet the Warpo team, and purchase Legends of Cthulhu premiums, including a never-before offered secret accessory, the “Irem Idol”.

Atomic Bunnies Customs


Artist Felix Martinez will be releasing three custom painted Joe Ledbetter Mini Chaos Bunnies - titled "The Atomic Bunnies" - exclusively through Suburban Vinyl.

The concept for the Atomic Bunnies, custom painted Joe Ledbetter Mini Chaos Bunnies, was originally thought up as way to revive a style of art work I worked on years ago. As a way to see what the reception of this style would be, I held a contest to win the original blue and yellow atomic bunny. Having been blown away by the amount of positive feed back, I decided to create 3 more in order to give others a chance to own one of these bad ass bunnies and release them exclusively through Suburban Vinyl.

They will be available Friday April 10th 2015 for $65.00.

Snow Pilot Killa Instinct Custom


Canadian illustrator Patrick Wong presents his latest privately commissioned art toy, entitled Snow Pilot Killa Instinct. The 10-inch tall hand-painted one-off creation "plays off the urban vinyl / graffiti-inspired graphics of the original figure with the addition of the classically styled b-boy Kangol striped hat. Further emphasizing the graffiti and Hip Hop associations, Wong takes up the Pilot marker and snow camouflage military graphic motifs - the Pilot Brand's stripes being the street bomber's weapon of choice and signifying one of the best, sought-after markers in the graffiti canon." 

Clinton Yaws’ Kings Of Atlantis OG Resin Skull Customs



Argonaut Resins and artist Clinton Yaws have teamed up to bring you the first Kings Of Atlantis OG Resin Skull Customs ever. Not many of these skulls were released in the original series a few years ago and there have been requests from new collectors for another run. Clinton Yaws brings his exciting paint style and dynamic concepts to adorn the first 3 pieces in this new release of regular clear tinted and glow in the dark customs.

Those three pieces are the red clear tint Easy Rider, the Blue Ringed Octopus painted over a plain clear tint, and the Dead Scrolls blue clear tint that glows in the dark. These new customs will be available to own in the Argonaut Resins online store today (Friday February 27th 2015) at Noon ET.