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REVIEW: Uglydoll: Eat Dat!

Uglydoll Volume 3 EatDat

The third Uglydoll graphic novel from VIZ is called Uglydoll: Eat Dat!. The 80 page full color comic focuses on a central theme - food. Like the first two, David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim have brought it some guest artists to lend their art and narrative to the Uglyverse.

In Volume 3, they are joined by Travis Nichols, Ian McGinty, Phillip Jacobson, Dave Cooper, Joe Ledbetter, and Michael E. Wiggam. With 16 individual stories ranging from a single page to eight pages, the visual and narrative feel of the comic is constantly changing.

For $7.99, and at 80 pages, Uglydoll: Eat Dat! has more of a graphic novel type feel to it (maybe more of a compilation of graphic novellas). Uglydoll fans will be glad to get their hands on the third book in the series, and collectors/fans of the featured artists will enjoy seeing how they tackle someone else's characters.

Da Bunny Trail Book Set Kickstarter

Muniz Da Bunny Trail

Juan Muniz, who is working on releasing a toy later this year, recently launched a Kickstarter project to try to fund a two art book set based on his work - Da Bunny Trail.

Book One is a limited edition art book with 50 brand new illustration never to be used again after this project. Book Two is a coloring book with the same illustrations as Book One.

There are also a number of other rewards for Kickstarter backers, including original paintings, stickers, t-shirts, the original drawings used for the book, even a trip to Vegas. 

Da Bunny Trail Book Set project will only be funded if at least $12,500 is pledged by Friday February 28th 2014 at 10:45PM ET.

Spheric Dialogues

James Jarvis Spheric Dialogues

Spheric Dialogues is a series of 365 cartoon drawings from artist James Jarvis. Made daily in 2012, the 280 page book explores James' philosophical thoughts concerning art, being, knowledge, logic and skateboarding.

There will be a book signing at Colette on January 18th 2014 from 4PM to 6PM. And the book is now available to purchase for $28.00.


Uglydoll Volume 3 EatDat

Catch up on those Uglydolls in 18 fun food-inspired adventures in the new, full-color original graphic novel release UGLYDOLL: EAT DAT! The Uglydoll creators Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath are joined by Travis Nichols, Ian McGinty, Phillip Jacobson and guest artists Joe Ledbetter and David Cooper.

Look for the graphic novel to run $7.99, with a digital version available for $4.99.

Two Number Twos: Great Showdowns and Crazy4Cult

1988 Crazy4Cult Book 2 1

The Gallery 1988 "Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art 2" Book is a 12.5" tall hardcover book full of 176 pages of artwork from the G1988 show. Featuring an introduction by actor Seth Rogan, the full color book runs $34.95.

1988 Crazy4Cult Book 2 3
1988 Crazy4Cult Book 2 2

Also from Titan Publishing is the second Showdowns book from Scott Campbell. The Great Showdowns: The Return book measures around 6.75" square and features 144 pages of new Showdowns. Featuring a foreword by writer/director Edgar Wright, look for the book to run around $14.95.

Scott C Great Showdowns Return

123KLAN Artbook Deluxe Edition

123KLAN Book

123KLAN will be launching their new Artbook Deluxe Edition at their studio on November 22nd 2013. Published by label 619, this thick book features 304 pages of graffiti, vector design, toy design, street wear and much more. Each copy of the book comes signed and with a double sticker sheet printed in black and gold.

It's currently available to order here for $70.00.

BOOK REVIEW: Goin’ Places!

Uglydolls goin places

Goin’ Places! is the first ever Uglydoll comic book (If you don’t count the Free Comic Book Day offering). Husband and wife team David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim are joined by artists James Kochalka, Travis Nichols, Ian McGinty, Phillip Jacobson, and Mike LE Kelly (designer toy collectors know him as Le Merde).

The publication combines several different Uglydoll tales into an 80-page compilation of sorts. Throughout the comic, all of the artists lend their talents to both the artwork and the storytelling of individual stories. There’s cohesiveness, even with eight different minds working on characters that have had somewhat limited background stories.

Several of the short tales are way out there (read: stream-of-consciousness), and it’s interesting to see if you can figure out the single story drawn and told by David and Sun-Min. Hint: look at the title page for all of the story/art credits.

And with that, it almost reminds you of a tribute album. Each individual artist takes a popular song and puts his or her own spin on it. Goin’ Places is the art equivalent of the tribute album. We get to view these characters through the eyes and minds of artists other than their creators. Of course, David and Sun-Min chose these artists, and they wouldn’t leave their Ugly characters in the hands of just anyone.

If you’re a fan of the Uglydoll plush toys and/or like the artwork of David and Sun-Min, Goin’ Places is definitely a “comic book” that you’ll want to pick up. It’s great for any ages, as my three-year-old son can attest to, and it retails around $7.99…which ends up being around 10 cents per page.

Goin' Places is published by VIZ Media

Gus Fink’s Big Fun Stuff takes on Kickstarter

Artist Gus Fink is using Kickstarter in order to get his first art book produced and published. Named Big Fun Stuff, the book will feature artwork from the past 14 years (supposedly 44 plus pages of it).

Like all Kickstarter projects, there are different funding levels that will get you different rewards. They include original art, toys, shirts, and much more. The book reward starts at the $25.00 level. The project will only be funded if at least $2,333 is pledged by Sunday August 11th 2013 at 7:30PM ET.

Uglydoll: Goin’ Places

Uglydoll Comic Vol01
™® and © 2012, Pretty Ugly, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Uglydoll makes their graphic novel debut today in all new full-color original stories. Uglydoll: Goin' Places "brings the distinctive plush toy characters to life in a colorful journey through the Uglyverse".

The graphic novels feature stories written by Travis Nichols and art by Uglydoll co-creators Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath. Guest artists include Eisner-winner James Kochalka, Mike LM Kelly, Eisner-nominee Jacob Chabot, Peter Fowler, Junko Mizuno, Bwana Spoons and more.

Uglydoll: Goin' Places will be published by VIZ Media, is rated ‘A’ for All Ages, and will run around $7.99.

SDCC13: DKE Toys – Mike Egan Death Goes Pop

DKE SDCC Egan Death Goes Pop

DKE Toys continues their San Diego Comic Con 2013 announcements with the first book from Mike Egan - Death Goes Pop.

This special 100 book edition comes with a signed and numbered letterpressed book plate and hand embellished screen print. The 50 page book will retail for $25.00 and is the counterpart to something else DKE will be revealing shortly.