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Patrick Wong’s TR-808 Rhythm Composer


Patrick Wong reveals his latest handcrafted 10-inch wide designer toy figure modeled after the popular drum machine synth: the TR-808 Rhythm Composer.

After completing his 13-piece Beats Series that traced a geneology of sampler technology, he now turns his attention to a synthesizer. Best known for it's sub kick drum that has been heard and felt on countless tracks since 1980, the 808 inspired figure will surely appeal to pro audio enthusiasts and beat producers alike.

This figure is available for a short time - until October 22nd 2016. It's a limited edition piece and is priced at $125.00 (expected to ship Mid-November).


Demonic Donny from MonsterPants


Satan’s Subordinates, the Dark Lord’s most vile servants, have their eyes set on world domination! “Demonic Donny” is Lucifer’s most vile and deceitful servant, with three forked tongues and four grabby hands.

Demonic Donny is a 4.5-inch plastic figure that was sculpted, cast, painted and packaged by filmmaker and artist James Felix McKenney aka MonsterPants and comes on a full color card. The figure is limited to a run of only 13 pieces. Demonic Donny goes on sale this Thursday, October 13th 2016 at Noon EST in the MonsterPants Etsy store for $33.66 plus shipping.


The 6th annual DTAs hosted by Stella Chuu



The Designer Toy Awards have announced who will be hosting their 6th Annual event. This year, the special host is renown cosplayer, Stella Chuu. Being an award winning cosplayer and advocate for nerd culture and self-confidence, Stella is a match made in geek heaven for the DTAs. The event will take place on Saturday, October 8th 2016 from 8PM to 11PM EST at Hudson Terrace in New York City.

Deadly Delivery delivers the Necronomicon


Deadly Delivery (the mini-figure mail-order catalog from Retroband and Zectron) has returned with a new horror inspired mini-figure designed and sculpted by Zectron. This month, the new release is based on the iconic Necronomicon. Standing 2 inches tall, it features a demonic face on one side, an ear on the book spine, and a portal to the dark realms on the back. The limited edition figure currently runs $20.00.

Monster Pie Toys – 30% Off Sale


With a whole new project coming up before the end of the year, Monster Pie Toys is having a clearance sale to make way for more exciting work. All of the felted sculptures and accessories are now 30% off until...forever! So if you have been looking to get one for yourself, now is the time.

Pricing: 30% off the original prices (shipping from UK is additional):

Full size sculptures: £77/(currently $99) (was £110)
Mini sculptures: £35/(currently $45) (was £50)
Brooches and hairpins: £17.50/(currently $23) (was £25)

Skelevex Parasites


Well, you didn't think Skelevex was a human skull did you?

These remains clearly display some kind of parasites, which were living within their host's brain.

Skelevex will be releasing the first five one-of-a-kind Skelevex Parasite specimens beginning on Friday September 30th 2016 at 6.30PM BST (1:30PM ET). Measuring 3 inches long, these hand painted polyurethane resin figures are done in DMS' signature anomaly style. You'll be able to pick one up for £15.99 plus shipping (currently $20.83).