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Surfin’ Slobot


Mike over at just finished a new SLOBOT commission featuring an ocean theme. The base figure is a Hasbro Mighty Mugg. The legs, arms, and surfboard (technically a Prone Paddleboard) were all scratch builds. The surfboard was carved and sanded into shape with foam and then coated with 3 coats per side of Smooth On SmoothCast 300 Resin, sanded smooth, and painted. Mike also molded and cast the hands with Smooth On Mold Star 15 and Smoothcast 300. The finished robot stands about 12″ tall with the surfboard.

Shadows and Ghosts Blindbox Series


Shadoe Delgado will be releasing his first ever self produced resin blindbox series - Shadows and Ghosts. Consisting of six 3-inch characters, there will be color variants of each figure. Individual blind boxes run $24.99 each, while complete sets of the six base figures are $149.99 and complete sets of 6 blank white figures are $99.99.

They're currently available to pre-order. Also, attendees at Designer Con 2014 can check out Booth #1133, where they can pick up some as well.

Goodleg Toys x Troma – Hook the Enforcer


From the Troma Entertainment cult classic - Surf Nazis Must DieGoodleg Toys has announced that the Hook the Enforcer figure is available for pre-order. Their second Surf Nazis Must Die movie resin action figure release, Hook is hand-cast, hand-painted, and features four points of articulation. Each figure comes on a custom made card, including a hand shaped miniature surf board.

The release will be limited to 30 pieces, plus 5 ultra limited Shark Edition pieces (pictured below). They're priced at $75.00 plus shipping ($8 worldwide), with pre-orders beginning today (October 18th 2014) at 6:30PM ET.


The TAG Halloween Show

Toy Art Gallery has announced their 2014 Halloween Show. There are slated to be over 40 spooky artists, bringing their ghoulish talents to unleash a bloodcurdling swarm of monstrously good art. Original toys, sculptures, paintings, drawings, and prints are just the beginning of the abominable delights to be had. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, October 18th 2014 from 7PM to 10PM.

The TAG Halloween Show features the following artists:

Aeron Alfrey, Aidan Monahan, Bob Conge / Plaseebo, Bonethrower, Brandan Styles, Brent Nolasco, Brian Smith, Butch Adams, Bwana Spoons, Devils Headquarters, DEVILROBOTS, Doubleparlour, Draculazer, Ferg, Flyover, Frank Kozik, Frenzy Bros., Galaxy People, Grizlli Atom, Guumon, Itokin Park, James Groman, Jermaine Rogers, Johan Ulrich, Joseph Harmon, Kenth Toy Works, L'Amour Supreme, Liz McGrath, Martin Ontiveros, Michele Guidarini, Mirock Toy, Miscreation Toys, MM Toys, Monsterfoot Creations, Mr. Heggie, Paul Kaiju, Paul Komoda, Phil Guy, Radioactiveuppercut, Rxseven, Scarecrowoven, Sexualyoukai, Shirahama, Splurrt, TKOM, and Trutek

TAG | Toy Art  Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90046 U.S.

Kickstarter: Prismland Plush Toy Series


Prismland is an educational plush series that's goal is to help kids master geometrical shapes via 3D versions of them. They've taken to Kickstarter in order to raise enough funds to produce the plush series. Backers can choose one 6-inch PrismPal at the $30.00 funding level ($25.00 for early bird). There are currently two characters to choose from - Cubert (cube) and Hexter (hexagon) - with others locked as stretch goals.

This project will only be funded if at least $18,000 CAD is pledged by Friday, October 31st 2014 at 9:59 AM ET.

The Brave Ones at Flower Pepper Gallery

Flower Pepper Gallery (Pasadena, CA) will be opening the group exhibition, The Brave Ones, featuring a collection of works inspired by and to benefit animal companions. 10% of the proceeds from The Brave Ones will be donated to Downtown Dog Rescue. The exhibition opens on Friday, October 10th 2014 from 6PM to 10PM and will be on view until November 5th 2014.

Artists include:

Acey Thompson, Corrie Gregory, David Chung, David Natale, Denae Wilkowski, Desiree Fessler, Erich J. Moffitt, Graham Curran, Heather Gross, Jaclyn Alderete, Jaesun Kim, Jeff Pierson, Jel Ena, Jeong Woo-jae, Jon Lau, Jonathan Martinez, Julianna Swaney, Junyi Wu, Kareena Zerefos, Keith Dugas, Kisung Koh, Leonardo Villasenor, Mab Graves, Marcus Gannuscio, Mariam Keurjikian, Marissa Kathleen Quinn, Mike Reynolds, Mimi Yoon, Nathan Anderson, Neil M. Perry, Nicole Bruckman, Olga Ponomarenko, Paul Barnes, Raymond Sanchez, Robert Bowen, Robert Yancy, Roland Tamayo, Ruel Pascual, Shanghee Shin, So Youn Lee, Tory Lin, Valerie Pobjoy, Vanessa Foley, Yejin Oh, Yevgeniya Mikhailik, and more …

Mikie Graham’s October Dunny Monster Releases


Starting on October 1st 2014, Mikie Graham has been releasing a new Dunny Monster custom figure via his web store - one figure a day, every day of the month. He first releases a DIY version of a character for $15.00, then - the next day - he releases a fully painted version of the same design for $45.00.

There will be 15 characters x 2 variations = 30 days of monster madness!

And on October 31st, Mikie will reveal his largest and most in-depth custom to date - a massive 20" Dunny Haunted House playset that all 15 mini monsters can be displayed in.

As an added bonus, for every 3 figures purchased, customers will receive a free "Jack O Lantern Dunny"  only available through multiple purchases. Buy 3 get 1 free, buy 6 get a 2nd, buy 9 and receive another.... and so on. There are 5 total special edition pumpkin styles to collect. Collect all 15 monster customs to uncover what the Mystery pumpkin design will be.