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Mikie Graham’s Dunny Haunted House


Mikie Graham unveiled his Dunny Haunted House at his Designer Con booth this past year. And now it's available for you to purchase from for $2,500.00.


The custom comes with one full set of 18 hand-painted Dunny mini-Monster figures. It features custom lighting effects wired to a custom programed Arduino board, with candle flicker, strobe lights, black lights, and normal LED. There's Black Lagoon Lake featuring a removable clear resin "water" top.  Also, it has a chain driven mechanism that pulls "Frank's" platform up and through the opening in the roof.

All of the monsters have magnets that allow them to easily attach to dozens of bases built throughout the house. A removable front door allows you to see inside the bowels of the haunted house. And it has custom made stained glass windows featuring holographic "haunted eyeballs". Both Vlad and Eric's rooms feature removable walls and doors for multiple display options, and Vlad's pile of skulls features menacing red glowing eyes. All of that on a carved antique wooden base.


Four New Variants from BigManToys


Four new figures will be released over at BigManToys today (January 15th 2015) at 7PM ET. They're ringing in the new year with a cacophony of resurrected 5.5" resin chaos. 

Treegarr is back, with re-tooled joints, in 2 new color ways. Limited to 3 pieces of each - Bloodbound (clear resin coated with clear red high gloss paint), and Totally Toxic (neon green with purple accents, black washes, and Treegarr's classic glowing yellow eyes). They'll run $75.00 each.

The Golden-Axe inspired Chicken Leg mount is back, with it's first alternative colorway - Slime Green. This is limited to 3 pieces and will sell for $55.00 each. Moribund is back due to popular demand - after selling out in its original colorways of creepy green and bone white - in neon Punk Pink. It's limited to 3 pieces and priced at $60.00.

Master(s) of the Underworld


Goodleg Toys has teamed up with Steve Seeley to bring you the Master(s) of the Underworld - a new fangled Skeletor bootleg. The figure will be released in run of 5 single colored and 5 two colored blank versions. They will be one-offs and all will be bagged. There will also be 5 skull-white and 5 skeletor blue hand painted and carded versions.

All of the Master(s) of the Underworld figures will drop on Thursday, January 15th 2015 at 6PM ET via the above link. The bagged figures will run $40.00, while the carded figures will cost you $65.00.

40 x 400 curated by Mark Todd


Flower Pepper Gallery is getting ready for their first exhibition of 2015, 40 x 400 curated by Mark Todd. 40 x 400 is a collection of 8” x 10” works by a diverse roster of 40 acclaimed artists. Each piece will be priced at $400.00, giving new and seasoned collectors alike an opportunity to add highly desirable pieces from sought after artists such as Jim Houser and Shark Toof to their collection.

The exhibition opens on Saturday, January 10th 2015 with a reception running from 6:30PM - 9:30PM. It will be on view through February 3rd 2015. 


Day of the Slug


Intelligent slugs are not new to Earth. They're just small enough for us to not know about them. From the telekinetic deep sea nudibranch elders, to the hard-mantled terrestrial gastropod mollusc, their secrets are finally revealed - forcing them out into the open to live alongside, or battle mankind!!

That's from the new minifigure series releasing today called the Day of the Slug. Available at BigManToys, there are four Slug figures in each wave...with four waves planned. Available as rubber figures (although resin will apparently be available as well), each Slug will run $10.00 plus shipping. There's also a trading card option that will run $1.00 additional for the card of your selected Slug. You can also pick up a 4-pack for $30.00.


Bacon & Eggs Purridge Plush


Furry Feline Creatives is offering up a tasty breakfast treat to celebrate the new year. The Bacon & Eggs Purridge (Porridge) Plush is a limited edition white cat that's been 100% handmade with fleece, felt, and polyfill. And, of course, it features fake eggs as eyes and a nice bacon scarf. The Purridge Bacon & Eggs stands in 12" x 12" and will be slightly more than your average breakfast, priced at $40.00.

Okami from Fakir Design


Their newest small run custom figure - Okami - will be available from the Fakir Design store on Monday January 5th 2015 at 1PM GMT (8AM ET). There will be 10 pieces available, each one being signed and numbered and running 150€ each (about $183) plus shipping. The figure comes with a signed and numbered print (5.5“x5.5“), and a sticker. And the date of delivery is estimated to be somewhere near the end of January 2015.