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Microbusters: Wave 1


Playful Gorilla and DadsCartoons have collaborated on a new line of hand-painted resin collectibles based on the Hulkbuster Iron Man suit from Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Microbusters: Wave 1 features a stylized take on the Hulkbuster suit. These stand in at 1.75 inches in height. 

Wave 1 is set to include six different colorways (all shown above). From the classic Iron Man suit colors to the War Machine colorway, they will each run $20.00 (includes free worldwide shipping).

Beats Series: Maschine Studio


Patrick Wong has announced the pre-order details for the final installment in his Beats Series resin figure series. The Maschine Studio, named after the popular beat production controller from Native Instruments, is a 3-inch tall resin that carries a silver laptop under one arm. The figure is currently available to pre-order, through February 9th 2016, in both Black or White version. They run $40.00 each plus shipping.

The genealogy of samplers referenced in the Beats Series mark the beginning, evolution, and the end of a certain way of making music that roughly spans 30 years. "The last piece of the Beat Series was planned from the beginning and it's clearly a different type of technology from the standalone units. I was interested in this idea around the history of beat machines because I saw a turning point when Maschine came on the scene in 2009. It's not that long ago, but my in view the German-based music production gear took over a field dominated by the Japanese for decades," said Wong.


January 2016 Releases from Daniel Yu


Tomorrow, Friday January 29th 2016, at 10AM EST, Daniel Yu will be releasing a trio of new figure styles. 


The Lunar Creep Deadspace Corps (pictured above) will be available in an OG Red and an Alt. Grey Suit. Each hand-painted colorway of the 3.25-inch tall hand-painted resin figure is an edition of 10 pieces. They will sell for $80.00 each.


Also available will be hand-painted editions of Darwin, Zuco Banana, Porkins, Plague Oracle, and Jiangshi Acolyte. Each 3-inch tall resin figure will run $65.00.


Finally, there will be a number of Unpainted Blanks including the brick red and army green versions of PorkinsZuco Banana, and Lil' Jefe. Each 3-inch tall figure is cast in resin and available to purchase for $20.00.

The Dreary One Centurion Edition


Kosrobot has released a new Dreary One variant. The Dreary One Centurion Edition is a new, brighter color variation with beady red eyes. The 6-inch tall soft resin figures is hand-painted and features 5 points of articulation. Each one comes bagged with a header card and includes two vinyl stickers. You can pick one up at the Kosrobot Shop for $50.00 plus shipping ($10.00 standard, $20.00 express - worldwide).

Patrick Wong’s Sticker of the Month Club


Patrick Wong has launched a new subscription Sticker of the Month Club on the crowdfunding site Patreon based on characters from his portfolio. The first three characters have been designed and the vinyl stickers will be 3 1/2" packaged with in a clear bag and header. For as little as $4.00 a month, you can get a diecut vinyl sticker mailed to you anywhere in the world, access to patrons-only posts that will include posts like timelapses and process work, and the goodwill for helping to support his art practice through the Patreon site.

The first sticker packs will be billed on February 1st 2016 and mailed out shortly after. The proceeds go to developing new characters, equipment upgrades, and time to work on new sculpts, art toys, illustrations and of course producing diecut vinyl stickers. You can join via the above link.


IG-77 Bootleg from SkipBro Toys and ChaingunArt


SkipBro Toys and David Withers (aka Chaingun) have announced the IG-77 handmade bootleg figure. Featuring card art by David Withers, the IG-77 is hand cast and painted figure on a card back. The 3.75-inch tall action figure has 5 points of articulation. Of course, it appears to be a kit bash of the classic Kenner IG-88 and C-3PO toys.

You can pick one up for $45.00 plus $5.00 to most U.S. destinations and $15.00 to everywhere else.


Rey Custom Fonzo by Patrick Wong


For the upcoming HERoes show atP!Q Products, Patrick Wong has revealed his latest custom - entitled "Rey" - on the original 6-inch tall Fonzo World DIY vinyl designer toy. The HERoes show highlights the female heroes in popular culture and Wong's choice of "Rey" from new Star Wars movie is a perfect choice in a leading woman who saves the day. The piece comes with an accessory BB8 droid measuring approximately 4" and can be viewed at P!Q Products at their Grand Central Terminal location opening January 23rd 2016.

Miss Monster’s Hawgmaw – Gray Edition

Artist Melita Curphy (aka Miss Monster) is currently taking pre-orders for her Hawgmaw - Blank Version.  The 7-inch tall figure is cast in solid urethane. It will be cast in gray and unpainted (there will be other color versions available). You can pre-order one now for $65.00.

Hawgmaw. What do you think of when you hear that word? If it's wrinkly, scaley, portly porcine trouble then you are on the right track. Hawgmaws are like a cross between a boar, an alligator, a bunny and a rude old uncle. They tell dirty jokes in front of polite company ( perfect for shaking up a holiday encounter with uptight relatives ) they don't bathe, and they eat whatever they want, when they want. Are you still working on that plate of fries? Well, forget it because your Hawgmaw will polish them off without asking. If you can handle a little chaos, Hawgmaws are also great pals to have around. Having no understanding of social boundaries doesnt mean they can't be great friends too! Open your home to a Hawgmaw today and well....hide your valuables first.


Day Of The Slug – Wave 4 Release


Wave 4 of the Day of the Slug minis will be released tomorrow (January 1st 2016) at 23:00 GMT (6PM ET). This wave is the result of a Martian crash landing that happened in the 50's. All four of the figures (Beholda, Martian Mollusck, V-H8 Engine, and Slimarelli) give a nod to some element of 1950's style sic fi, with inspiration taken from Mel Birnkrant's Animax, Hell Raiser, Mars Attacks, and Mini Boglins. The resin figures will be available as both unpainted ($8.00 each) and handprinted ($12.00 each) pieces. They can be purchased over at the BigManToys Store.