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Plague Oracle, Wilbur, and Jiangshi Acolyte from Daniel Yu

trio august 2015 Daniel Yu

Daniel Yu has released a number of new figures, including the Plague Oracle, Wilbur, and Jiangshi Acolyte in pastel colors. They're all available via Daniel's webstore.


plague august 2015 Daniel Yu

The Plague Oracle (pastel pink) Includes three interchangeable accessories. The 3-inch tall resin figure cast in a washed out skin tone. It's an edition of 10 pieces and available for $22.00 each.

wilbur august 2015 Daniel Yu

Wilbur (pastel green) is a 4-inch tall hand cast resin figure. It's also an edition of 10 pieces and can be purchased for $30.00.

jiangshi august 2015 Daniel Yu

The Jiangshi Acolyte (pastel purple) is a 3-inch tall hand cast resin figure. It's a limited edition of 10 pieces. You can purchase one now for $20.00.

JINX’s Iron Golem Minecraft Plush


JINX has released a new Minecraft plush. The 13.5-inch tall Iron Golem plush will likely tower over your other Minecraft collectibles. "The peaceful Iron Golem is happiest when protecting villagers and picking flowers. But just because he is made of iron, does not mean he should be harvested for it. So please, treat these gentle giants well, because you never want an angry Iron Golem on your hands." You can order your own - for lots of Iron Golem cuddling - for $34.99.


NYCC15: Sofia Margherita by UME Toys

Sofia Margherita-Front

As New York Comic Con 2015 quickly closes in on us, folks are already starting to announce their show releases and exclusives. This Convention Exclusive is from Rich Page of UME Toys and will be available via the guys at Big Kev's Geek Stuff. Named Sofia Margherita, this dripping slice of pizza will be limited to 10 slices only and can be purchased at the Big Kev's Geek Stuff Booth #129 for $40.00. It's not a stretch saying that this will likely be the tastiest piece of pizza sold within the confines of the Davits Center. Likely the least stale as well.

Sofia Margherita-Back

REVIEW: Distressed Baby Sperel



It was way back in 2011 when I featured Orion Spellman’s (or Orion Sperelman) Sperel plush in a toy review. At the time, they were touting the “Save The Sperels” campaign…which went something like – “adopt one of these endangered Sperels and give it a good home”.

Well, those original Sperels appear to be entirely adopted out. And the last four years must have been filled with copious amounts of Sperel breeding (there’s no National Geographic footage of this, luckily), as Orion is back with a new line of Baby Sperels.


The Baby Sperel plushie flock #002 consists of baby Sperels with three distinct personality types: Sadness, Distress, and Stubbornness. How can you tell which is which? Well, it’s all in the eyes. But be careful, because sadness and distress look very similar (there is a slight difference, though). We're looking at the Distressed Baby Sperel in this review.


Measuring in at 6-inches in height, the babies are 3-inches shorter than the original. They’re also a little slimmer, as they haven’t hit Sperel puberty. And, of course, the wings are much larger.

Those wings can actually wrap around the Sperel, and there’s a button that will fasten the two wings together. So you have the option of either secure, pupal-like Sperel or his unfurled, bat-like brethren.


My kids actually thought the Sperel plush was supposed to be a bat. It makes sense. The little blue guy with the crazy red hair looks like the lovechild of Skull the Troll (from Scott Kurtz’s PvP), a vampire bat, and a wild-haired troll doll.

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Kickstarter: Seawater Sweeties


Shelly Rodriguez is looking to Kickstarter to create her third successful crowd-sourced plush project - the Seawater Sweeties. The series will be made up of three characters: Eclair the Sea Otter; Loin Shark; Mint Chocoturtle. Each one is based on an animal that is currently endangered, with the goal to raise awareness as to the plight of the real life animals. This trio of plush toys are the newest members to join the inki-drop crew. Each plush measures around 10-inches and is individually available at the $39.00 funding level.

This project will only be funded if at least $26,000 is pledged by Monday, September 7th 2015 at 6:59PM ET.

Designer Toy Creation with Professor Rich Page


Rich Page of UME Toys has announced that beginning in October 2015, he will be teaching a class at entitled Designer Toy Creation. He'll be producing an interactive online class for those who are interested in learning how to create their own designer toys. Designer Toy Creation will be offered via Mold3D Academy, an online resource for designers interested in digital fabrication that has been focusing on educational programs for the past several years. This is a one of a kind class that promises to teach you how to design, sculpt, cast, mold and finish your custom toy. Alongside this, Richard will explain how to market and grow your toy brand.

Registration begins (via the above link) on August 31st 2015, and the 10-week course runs from October 5th through December 13th. The course will run $750, with an early registration discounted amount of $699 available until September 7th 2015.


Two New Skelevex Releases – Today

DMS is releasing a pair of Skelevex figures today. Now available, you can pick up the Skelevex Spectrum: Series One Episode Three. SE01E03: Magenta. The third release of twelve in the new monthly series of mini Skelevex, this one features a weathered effect paint job over a premium quality spray paint base coat. The resin figure measures 2-inches tall and is priced at $15.99 plus shipping.

Also, this one-off custom full sized custom Skelevex by RunDMB (David Bishop) - Green Eyed Monster - features his multi layered abstract graffiti style,with multiple face details within the intricate maze of shapes and colors. The 5-inch tall Skelevex can be purchased for $345.00 plus shipping.