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Mikie Graham’s The Lost Blamonaut

Mikie Graham is taking part in the 5th annual Blamo Toys Custom Show happening this weekend in Aspen, Colorado at The BLK MKT pop up. For The Minky Show, Mikie created The Lost Blamonaut. If you're interested in Mikie's Minky custom, or any of the 30+ incredible customs from the show, check out

"After crash landing on an unknown planet the "Lost Blamonaut" ejected from his space ship to wander the barren alien terrain alone. Sliding back his protective face shield to get a better look at his trusty "Guide to the Known Blamoverse," he realizes too late that he may have done so prematurely..."

Idol t1

The Idol t1 resin art toy is hand-sculpted, hand-cast, and airbrushed by Castbreeder and designed by Andy Kurovets. The figure is available to pre-order from Castbreeder for $63.00. It's a limited edition of 50 pieces.The site says that sales start of February 25th 2017, but since they are currently available...maybe they mean shipping takes place then.

Idol t1 was created to break away from the daily treadmill, go back in time of hippie. He took his head from hippie bus. It’s an idol of loves adventures, freedom, nature and relaxation. Take a spirit of happy time and enjoy.


Ichi: Celebrating 10 Years at Lulubell

Ichi (meaning ONE in Japanese) celebrates not only the opening of the Lulubell Toy Bodega new location, but also their 10 year anniversary of bringing lowbrow and toy artists to Arizona. Lulubell will be opening their new back gallery for the first time, with a celebration of toys and art from some of the amazing artists they've worked with over the last ten years.

Artists include: James Groman, Splurrt, Miscreation Toys, Bwana Spoons, Grody Shogun (Japan), Real x Head (Japan), Itokin Park (Japan), Yamomark (Japan), Candie Bolton, Devilshead Productions, Blurble One, Dski One, Aaron Coleman, Mikey Saratt, Mark Matlock, Such Syles, Champ Styles, Evil Dave, Copasquat Toys, Kevin Herdeman, Planet 3 Toys, DoubleParlour, Shirahama Toy (Japan), Kill!, Boon Velvet, Whistling Pony Toys, Josh Carter, DreamRocket (Japan), Wao Toyz (Switzerland) and more!

The exhibit will open Friday, January 13th 2017 at 7PM, and all pieces will be up for sale at that time. Any unsold pieces will go up for sale online on Tuesday, January 17th here.

Lulubell Toy Bodega
126 W. Pepper Place (NEW LOCATION)
Mesa, AZ 85201
(480) 733-5858

Eagle Force Strikes! Limited Edition Metal Cards

With Fresh Monkey Fiction and Remco preparing for the return of 1980s toy line Eagle Force, The Drawn Word is launching a limited run of metal card sets featuring the heroic Captain Eagle and evil Ultimate Thule. Captain Eagle is drawn by Eagle Force creator Paul Kirchner, while R.I.O.T.'s enigmatic new leader Ultima Thule is drawn by new Eagle Force artist Steven Butler. Each card is individually numbered and one-of-a-kind. They will only be printed through this pre-order event, which ends on Sunday, January 8th 2017 at 9PM ET. You can pre-order the set now for $20.00.


Cuphead and Mugman Paper Foldables

StudioMDHR has released papercraft figures based on the main characters from their upcoming video game - Cuphead. The Cuphead and Mugman Paper Foldables are produced by Bryan Green of Paper Foldables. You can download the designs from the StudioMDHR link above.

And if you like cartoons from the 1930's and 40's...just check out the trailer for this game. Cuphead will be coming to Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam (2 of 3 I do not have) beginning in Mid-2017.

P+P Non-Toy Holiday Gift List have less than a day until Christmas. So that means you should have purchased gifts or you should be in the process of getting them. We have some non-toy related items...and if you're like me, that means buying a lot of Pokémon stuff for your kids.

Pokémon The Series XY - Kalos Quest DVD Set Number 2
It features 23 Pokémon Episodes (#23-45). Released on December 13th from VIZ Media
$22.50 at

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl 4-Movie Blu-Ray Collection
It features 4 Pokémon movies: The Rise of Darkrai; Giratina and the Sky Warrior; Arceus and the Jewel of Life; Zoroark: Master of Illusions. Released on December 6th from VIZ Media
$22.50 at

The Pokémon Cookbook by Maki Kudo
The book features 35 (easy to  make) Pokémon-designed recipes. I hope they turn out like the pictures.
$9.27 at

Movie Buff by Golden Games
Not a true movie-trivia game as there are no trivia questions. But you make your own connections based on your own movie knowledge, connecting items like Actor, Movie, Role, Quote, etc.
$24.95 at

Andy Warhol Plush by Kidrobot

Kidrobot has released a new Andy Warhol inspired limited edition plush series based on iconic Warhol pieces. This line of high end plush will give any home a little pop of pop culture and makes a perfect holiday gift for the pop culture lover on your list. There's the Banana XL Plush ($150.00), Medium Yellow Banana ($19.99), Campbell's Can XL ($150.00), Medium White Brillo Box ($19.99), Revolver XL Plush ($150.00), Medium Campbell's Can ($19.99), Medium Revolver Plush ($19.99), and Medium Pink Banana Plush ($19.99).