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Taylored Curiosities Feelings – Depression

Depression is the newest member of the Feelings family from Taylored Curiosities

Some days are harder than others. You feel physically, mentally and emotionally overwhelmed, exhausted and under the weather. It’s as if the entire ocean is smothering you and you can’t breathe. Silent tears. Loud tears. Hurt. Sadness. Darkness.
The only thing you really want to do, is to curl up and disappear for a while.....

On those days, talk to your Depression talisman. Tell it how you feel. Off load. Even if you need to yell it at it, Depression won’t mind. It will sit, it will listen and it will understand. Because it has a bad day every day. And most importantly remember; you are not alone. Reach out.

Each 1.5-inch tall Depression figure is accompanied by two mini (.6 inch tall) Depressions. These are hand cast and painted from an original sculpt. There are only 6 sets available, selling for £20.00 each (about $26.00).

Bao Bao Benny from Okedoki

Okedoki wanted to show the "evolution of Benny the Dreamer to a heightened state of consciousness in this new resin figure". So...welcome Bao Bao Benny. "Bao Bao means dumpling and also precious one in Chinese. Life is very precious and Okedoki wanted Bao Bao Benny to embody this philosophy."

The 5.25-inch tall Bao Bao Benny resin and metal figure is currently available to pre-order in two unique colorways. The Bao Bao Benny - Bliss Edition (White) is an edition of 15 pieces, while the Bao Bao Benny - Midnight Edition (Black) is an edition of 8 pieces. Each figure is signed and numbered by Okedoki and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and custom designed bag.

These are priced at $280.00 each and slated to ship around December 2018/January 2019.

Yummy World – Nicole the Ramen Bowl Plush

Kidrobot has added a new character to your plush comfort food collection. From the folks at Yummy World comes Nicole - the Ramen Bowl Plush. This plush bowl includes removable plush chop sticks, two plush hard boiled eggs, felted sliced pork, and dried seaweed. Measuring in at 12 inches (I'm assuming the bowl's diameter), you can currently pick up one for yourself (or to share) for $29.99.

DCON18: Joe Ledbetter Releases

Joe Ledbetter will be in attendance at Designer Con 2018 this coming weekend. He will be at Booth #2211 with a number of new releases (most of them will also be available online today - November 16th - at 3PM PT).

Big Kahuna Print
This 35-inch x 44-inch hand-pulled serigraph on coventry rag paper is the largest print Joe has ever produced. Printed by the folks at Serio Press, this one is signed, numbered, and watermarked de-bossed for authenticity. Limited edition of 35 prints.

Joe's first edition of resin figures will be making its debut in Spring 2019. But they are bringing the painted prototype to DesignerCon for you to see for yourself! This piece measures 10.5 inches tall and will be a limited edition of 150 pieces. It's produced by Joe Ledbetter in conjunction with Bigshot Toyworks, final sculpt by Dave Bondi. Pre-orders will launch today.

Spitter - Official Jurassic Park Release 
A special exhibition and a toy capsule will premier, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park, at the Convention. The Dilophosaurus aka "Spitter" is Joe's love letter to the franchise. This 6-inch tall limited edition of 250 pieces will be available during Designer Con. 

Batman - Official DC Print
Visit DC Collectibles Booth #1500 to have a chance to get the exclusive print. A limited edition of 50 prints, these 11-inch X 17-inch print is on heavy stock paper. Joe's Batman pins will also be available from the DC Collectibles booth. 

Monster Series Pins
Finally, the new Chaos Bunnies pins will be available online and at the convention.


Nintendo Puppets from Hashtag Collectibles

The folks at Hashtag Collectibles have revealed their latest collaboration with Nintendo - a whole new collection of puppets based on their favorite characters. So far, the series includes 14 different characters from the Nintendo universe. Most of the puppets run $19.99 each, with the exception of the Gigantic Piranha Plant ($39.99) and Piranha Plant Beanie ($15.99). 

The available puppets include the following:

Link (The Legend of Zelda)
Princess Zelda (The Legend of Zelda)
Donkey Kong
Piranha Plant
Gigantic Piranha Plant
Bowser Jr.
Super Mario
Princess Peach
Piranha Plant Beanie

Positive Thoughts: Root Chakra Edition

Taylored Curiosities is releasing Positive Thoughts into the world, and this variation is specifically designed to help with Root Chakra healing. Each Positive Thought is handmade and completed with tiny, clear wings. They measure roughly an inch tall and no two will be identical due to their handmade nature. You can currently pick them up for £6.00 each (about $8).

Positive thoughts flutter all around us, but often it can be really difficult to actually see them. Our worries, anxieties and stresses in life cause a dark fog to surround us and in these times, finding that little positive thought is too hard.

But they are out there. I promise you!

I’ve been on a mission to find them and I’ve captured some beautifully bright thoughts. In earthy colours and with bright little eyes. These special thoughts are also adorned with a real, red garnet. This is the perfect healing stone for your root chakra.