Blue Glitterbomb Mara

Devils Head Productions is currently taking pre-orders for their Blue Glitterbomb Mara collectible. With a pre-order window running until August 30th 2020, this piece has clear vinyl that’s been infused with … Read More

Clockwork Pino (Fairy Tales Edition)

Fools Paradise is taking pre-orders for another one of their excellent mashup figures. The Clockwork Pino (Fairy Tales Edition) can currently be pre-ordered with an anticipated shipping date in Q1 … Read More

“Never Cry” SuperJanky by TADO

Superplastic is currently taking pre-orders for their latest SuperJanky figure – the “Never Cry” SuperJanky by TADO.  Limited to a run of 1,500 pieces, the “Never Cry” SuperJanky includes a … Read More

Plaseebo “Shard Night Gamer” Lottery

The “Shard Night Gamer” Lottery is open thru Tuesday August 18th 2020. From Plaseebo, the Shards Night Gamer is a one-of-a-kind custom Plaseebo vinyl Night Gamer head with green inset … Read More

Treason SuperJanky by Bubi Au Yeung

One of my favorite characters – Bubi Au Yeung’s Treeson – has made its way to SuperJanky form. Not the first collaboration between the artist and Superplastic, the Treeson SuperJanky … Read More

Mechasoul Optimus Prime

Mighty Jaxx and artist Clogtwo present the Mechasoul Optimus Prime. Clogtwo lends his iconic Mechasoul style for this licensed interpretation of the leader of the Autobots. The Mechasoul Optimus Prime is … Read More

TAGTOYS presents Wolf Thing Bat Mother

Toy Art Gallery presents WOLF THING BAT MOTHER from Joseph Harmon. This new summer release sees the Wolf Thing Bat Mother in multiple new editions and special homage one-offs. The 5-inch … Read More

Morbus by Deep Grave

Lulubell Toys has announced the pre-order details for their Morbus sofubi by Deep Grave. Morbus is a dinosaur-like creature that ate an infected human, which caused his skin and tail to melt … Read More

Mezco Designer Series IT (1990): Deluxe Pennywise

Mezco Toyz has opened the pre-order for their Mezco Designer Series IT (1990): Deluxe Pennywise. The 6-inch tall figure features 9 points of articulation. Pennywise features an interchangeable head portrait … Read More

Super Fiction 2

Fools Paradise has dropped the pre-order details for their SUPER FICTION 2 collectible figure set. This one mashes up a whole bunch of pop culture references, including Pulp Fiction, Daft … Read More

Ghostbear “Cotton Candy” Edition

Tenacious Toys has announced their next exclusive release from one of their favorite artists – the Ghostbear “Cotton Candy” Edition by Luke Chueh and Munky King. The Ghostbear soft vinyl figure … Read More

Plaseebo “Electro-Krang” Lottery

From Plaseebo, the “Electro-Krang” Lottery is open now thru Thursday August 6th 2020. This one-of-a-kind custom features a clear vinyl Plaseebo Cyclops head on a Octo body with a green inset … Read More