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Oh My! Yokai Legendary Beasts – Emerald Dynasty

Toy Art Gallery has announced a new set of Candie Bolton's Oh My! Yokai Legendary Beasts. The Oh My! Yokai Legendary Beasts - Emerald Dynasty features sprays of green, blue, purple - and a gold rub - on green soft vinyl. The Legendary Beasts stand 2 inches tall, including five different characters - Kirin, Baku, Hakutaku, Nue, and Shiisaa.

This new edition will be available this Wednesday - November 6th 2019 - for $60.00 for the set.

Haunted Collection from Miscreation Toys

Lulubell Toys has announced the Haunted Collection from Miscreation Toys. Coming in early November 2019, the series is inspired by everyone's favorite haunted mansion. This special micro run collection features AZSB, Gergle, and FrankenMerrick available in both Blank Ghostly Tiffany Blue and Marbled Haunted Black, GID, Tiffany Blue.

The AutopsyBabies will run $90.00 for the blank version and $115.00 for the marbled version. The FrankenMerricks will run $125.00 for the blank version and $150.00 for the marbled version. The Haunted Collection drops online Saturday, November 9th 2019 at 9AM PT over at Lulubell.

Gruesome Glow Gloomy SuperJanky by Mori Chack

Superplastic and has announced the pre-order of their Gruesome Glow Gloomy SuperJanky by artist Mori Chack. This is legendary Japanese street artist Mori Chack’s 3rd Gloomy. The 8-inch tall SuperJanky features glow-in-the-dark soft vinyl. You can currently pre-order this figure for $75.00, with shipping in December 2019 (guaranteed Xmas delivery).

New Japan Pro Wrestling Ultimates Figure Series from Super7

Super7 has announced the New Japan Pro Wrestling Ultimates Figure Series. These 7-inch tall super-articulated deluxe action figures are available to pre-order through Saturday, November 30th 2019. Each figure can be pre-ordered for $45.00.

The figures include the following:

Kazuchika Okada
Accessories include: Alternate Heads; Necklace; Stack of Cash; Heavyweight Title Belt; Cloth Entrance Robe

Tomihiro Ishii
Accessories include: Alternate Heads; Folding Chair; Heavyweight Championship Belt; Cloth T-Shirt

Hiroshi Tanahashi
Accessories include: Alternate Heads; Guitar; Championship Title Belt; Cloth Long Jacket

Will Ospreay
Accessories include: Alternate Head; Sword; JR Trophy; IWGP JR Heavyweight Championship Belt; Cloth Sleeveless Hooded Sweatshirt

Pop! Movies – Terminator: Dark Fate Series

For 35 years, the Terminator franchise has enraptured and terrified fans with its vision of an apocalyptic future dominated by cyborg assassins. The adventure continues with Terminator: Dark Fate, reuniting Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton in their iconic roles. With that, Funko has announced the Pop! Movies - Terminator: Dark Fate Series, including Pop! T-800, Pop! Rev-9, and Pop! Sarah Connor with a Chase. Also, a Pop! Battle T-800 is a Funko Shop Exclusive.

You can currently pre-order these over at for $10.99 each.
(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Ratchet & Clank Blindbag Series

Insomniac Games is currently taking pre-orders for their Ratchet & Clank Blindbag Series. This is a collaboration between ESC Toy x Erick Scarecrow x Insomniac Games x Playstation with over 120 figures and accessories. Figures range in height from 1 inch to 4 inches in height. Each blind bag includes one random vinyl figure plus two random accessories. You can currently pre-order these from Insomniac for $16.00 each, with them expected to begin shipping in Late-December 2019.

Mechasoul: Anti-Virus

adFunture has announced that they're currently taking pre-orders for the Mechasoul: Anti-Virus vinyl sculpture. From Singaporean artist Clogtwo, this piece has a diameter of approximately 25cm (about 10 inches). The piece includes a display base. With the first batch slated to ship out on November 22nd 2019, you can currently pre-order one for $195.00.

Pop! Rocks – Def Leppard Series

Funko has announced a new series of Pop! figures based on a popular 80’s band. The Pop! Rocks - Def Leppard series brings that new wave British heavy metal sound to your Pop! collection. You’ll be Armageddon It with Pop! lead singer Joe Elliott, Pop! drummer Rick Allen, Pop! bassist Rick Savage, Pop! guitarist Phil Collen, and Pop! guitarist Vivian Campbell.

Look for these figures to be available to purchase over at
(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Bag of Worry Beans – Autumn and Samhain Editions

Taylored Curiosities has released a pair of new Worry Bean Editions. The Bag of Worry Beans - Autumn Edition includes three Worry Beans in Autumn colors, an Acorn Worry Bean with real acorn cups, and a real acorn for you to plant. The Bag of Worry Beans - Samhain Edition includes three Worry Beans. Each edition is available to purchase in limited quantities at £20.00 (about $26).

They Live ReAction Figures

"You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You think they're people just like you. You're wrong. Dead wrong."

From John Carpenter's classic 1988 film - They Live - Super7 has announced a pair of They Live ReAction Figures. The 3.75-inch figures include a Male Ghoul (with spy drone and newspaper) and Female Ghoul (spy drone and purse) on cardbacks with new original artwork. You can pick up both figures for $18.00 each.