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McFarlane Toys 2006 Lines


Were you wondering what lines McFarlane Toys will be putting out in 2006?  Well, there are a number of lines you might be interested in.  Of course, I'm sure they will be adding new licenses to this list, but this is the preliminary list.

February 2006
Corpse Bride Poster 2-Pack

March 2006
Simpsons Box Set - Ironic Punishment
Wallace & Gromit 6" Asst.
Wallace & Gromit 3" Asst.
Wallace & Gromit - Gromit 12" Plush
Wallace & Gromit - Wererabbit 18" Plush

April 2006
Napoleon Dynamite Asst. w/sound
Napoleon Dynamite Box Set w/sound

May 2006
Simpsons Box Set - Family Couch Gag

Monsters That Scare Me Roundup


Rocket World Gallery exhibited the work of SEEN in the opening of Monsters That Scare Me on October 29th.  You can now view and purchase any of the 42 hand painted canvases through the Rocket World website.

Instant Sapien

Coming to Free Bento in February...


INSTANT SAPIEN: Blaxploitation meets Cyber-Punk in the wildly outrageous INSTANT SAPIEN designer-figure.
"Big Puff Maki" (Blackanese-Disco-Elvis) stars in the first
limited-edition set of hand-carved, faux-anime, molded
characters. (production is made by machine of course)



Height - 8.5 Inches

Width - 4.5 Inches

The Instant Sapien line is created by En Jin Factory

Chumpy’s Specials – Taxali Show


"Chumpy's Specials"
20 new works by Gary Taxali

OX-OP Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

(612) 259-0085

Show runs from Nov 5 - Dec 2

Artist's Reception: 

Saturday, November 5th, 7 pm onwards.

If you wish to pre-order, you may click here to see the show.

In Plush We Trust


is a group art exhibition featuring plush creations by some of the most
talented plush artists from around the world. Curated by Shawnimal
Smith and Rotofugi, it brings 25 similar and not-so-similar plush
artists together to display the plush-based by-product of a set
material list and simple instructions. Each artist included in this
group exhibition was sent a package consisting of the same supplies
with which they can create whatever they want + one optional
artist-chosen material.

Who’s participating?
APAK, Jen Brody, Luisa Castellanos (Pocket Pals), Chompsters, Cupco,
DOMA, Fatty & Humper (Mr Pickles), FunFun, Laura Granlund, Krissy
Harris (Bigger Krissy), Boris Hoppek, Jamous, KOA, Joshua Longo
(Longo-Land), John Murphy (Stupid Creatures), Oddbabies, Peskimo, Maria
Samuelson (Blobbies), Jen Rarey, Skwak, Sok Mungke, Spasmodica,
Wonderfarms and myself (Shawnimal).

Friday, November 18, 2005
Rotofugi, 1953 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL USA - 312.491.9501
Music by Tobias (

More info is available on  the IPWT mini site:

Melto-Fu Has Arrived!


After years of negotiations the first collaboration between TO-FU OYAKO
creators Devilrobots, Inc. and Meltdown Comics & Collectibles
is ready to invade the specialty toy boutique world
for retail worldwide.

The figure is based on the Devilrobots design using Meltdown's 10th
anniversary Classic Meldown LOGO MAN, MEL. MEL was created back in 1996 for
Meltdown by Oscar nominated Cartoonist extraordinaire DAN CLOWES. Ghost World,
Art School Confidential.
MELTO-FU has been brought to life as a three dimensional 13 inch figurine
by the very mysterious Japanese sculptor Monster5.  Edition size is 300 Blue and 700 Green.  Suggested Retail Price $40.


Little Lulu and Tubby Vinyl Figures


With the popularity of Dark Horse's release of the complete library of classic Little Lulu comics, Dark Horse is releasing Little Lulu and her sidekick Tubby as 8" vinyl figures. From her first appearance in The Saturday Evening Post in the 1930s as a single panel gag strip, Little Lulu has gone on to become a beloved cultural icon all over the world. Tubby was alternately Little Lulu's closest companion and biggest nemesis--forever getting into mischief and hatching schemes. Tubby and his club, the Junior Paratroopers often found themselves matching wits with Lulu, with often disastrous results.


These figures are set to be released on November 2nd and will retail for $17.99 each.

To Space and Back


Oh sacrilege!  It's Astronaut Jesus in his yellow spacesuit.  Collectors have been waiting for adFunture to release their Jesus Astronaut ever since it premiered at last February's International Toy Fair

The figure has been designed by Argentinian design crew, DOMA.  This yellow colorway is the original color scheme - look for more to be released.  It is made of rotocast vinyl and is over 9 inches in height.  Limited edition of 500 pieces.

Neth Creatures – Now Available! I have been waiting for this since Comic Con.  Neth Creatures are now available!  If you missed them in San Diego (like I did), you'll now be able to purchase these ultra cool figures straight from the NC website store.  The website has launched and Series 1 has's a good day!


Mimobot Joins Cut and Paste Competition


Some of New York’s hottest graphic artists and designers will converge on the M1-5 bar at 52 Walker St. in Greenwich Village the evening of November 19th to participate in the first ever live graphic design battle—think digital design meets Iron Chef—the Cut and Paste Design Competition.  Some of those designers will be judging, and others will be putting their reputations on the line. 

Mimoco is amped to be part of the event and has upped the stakes: all semi-finalists will go home with a substantial prize package that will include the new 2GB Mimobot, the biggest ever made!

The new 2GB Mimobot designer-toy USB flash drives are also available for preorder now and will be shipping in early November. Mimoco says, “now our little data-bots are hungrier than ever!

The Cut and Paste Design Competition Event Details:

What:             Live design contest: see New York’s hottest graphic artists in action

When:            Saturday, November 19th: doors at 9 pm, competition at 10, party 12-4 am

Where:           M1-5: 52 Walker St, between Broadway and Church

Who               The judges are:

                      Tristan Eaton, of KidRobot Dunny and founder of Thunderdog Studios
                      Kendrick Reid, Vice President of On-Air Design at Comedy Central
                      Doug Jaeger, Creative Director of thehappycorp global
                      Jeff Staple, founder of Staple Design