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Gary Baseman Takes Over Raleigh


Wootini and AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) Raleigh are bringing Gary Baseman to Raleigh, NC (my town) for a lecture on Thursday, March 2nd at the NC Museum of Art.

Tickets are:
$10 for AIGA student members
$20 for AIGA members and student non-members
$30 for non-AIGA members

The lecture will begin at 7:30pm, with a reception starting at 6:30pm, in the education wing of the museum.

Exclusive workshop with Gary Baseman:

Friday, March 3 from 2pm – 4pm

It will be a creative workshop where you can learn more about Gary's techniques or just doodle with him.

$60 - AIGA non-members
$40 - AIGA members and student non-members
$30 - AIGA student members

Gary Baseman Signing:

Friday, March 3 from 7pm - 9pm at Wootini.

And of course, Mr. Baseman will be signing at Carrboro’s Wootini.  Signing begins at 7:00 pm and goes until 9:00 pm.  This timeline will be strict, so if you are concerned about making it in time - be here early.

They'll have lots of things on hand that can be signed by Gary so come on out.

Android 8: Mark Osborne’s More


Here is a sneak look at Android 8 and Mark Osborne's figure - More.  If you haven't seen Osborne's animation revolving around this character, you are missing out.  Android 8 had this prototype on display at NYCC.  I know it's something I am looking forward to being really need to watch the animation to get a true appreciation for this toy.

Treeson Vinyl from Crazy Label


Crazy Label is a Hong Kong based independent toy company founded by Wookie in 2005.  They are currently working on several exciting designer toy projects with artists from the US and Hong Kong.

Crazy Label’s first toy should be released by July, and is called Treeson.  Treeson is the main character in the entertaining and cute "Treeson and Ren" story from Bubi Au Yeung.  He is a kind creature who has been brought up by the trees in the forest, and was discovered by Ren at the beginning of the story.  The tree branch is sticking out from his heart. 

The rotocast vinyl toy will be 5" tall.  Crazy Label has finished the sculpture and they are in the process of fabricating the tooling now.  They hope to launch the toy by this year's Taipei Toy Festival.  I really like the back story with this toy and am looking forward to seeing the figure!


MAD’s Social Pest Tee


SocialPest presents a series of T-shirts designed by a hand picked selection of the world's sharpest graphical talent.

First up is the appropriately named "Sharpest" from one of USA's hottest art toy designers, Jeremy Madl A.K.A MAD .

Gold print on a high quality black 55% hemp / 45% organic cotton T-shirt with the SOCIALPEST insignia embroidered on the sleeve. Available in mens S, M, L, XL & XXL.

Limited edition of 100.

Chat with MAD is his Plastic and Plush forum.

Uglydolls and Giant Robot Help Operation Smile


Giant Robot
, with the help of Uglydoll creators David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, has announced a cross-country fundraiser to help benefit Operation Smile.  Operation smile works to help children who are born with facial deformities, without access to corrective surgery, find a new face with a brighter smile.  Funds will be raised through the sale of raffle tickets that will enable you a shot at owning a limited edition Red Tooth Wedgehead plush Uglydoll (signed by David and Sun Min).

The ever so elusive Red Tooth Wedgehead is limited to only 200 pieces around the country. Giant Robot will make 12 of these rare plushies available to customers through fundraising events at their stores in Los Angeles, New York and their website. On Saturday, February 25th, from 2:00 to 5:00 pm, David and Sun Min will be present at the Giant Robot Silverlake store to pick four raffle winners who will be the lucky recipients of the Red Tooth Wedgehead.  Raffle tickets will cost $3 and all proceeds will go to Operation Smile. Also on the 25th, an online fundraiser will go live on the Giant Robot online store, with four winners selected on March 4th.  East Coast Uglydoll fans will have a shot at the mysterious Ugly with a fundraising event scheduled on Saturday, March 4th from 2:00 to 5:00 pm at Giant Robot New York.

Mr. Bunny Dunny News


For Immediate Release From Wheaty Wheat Studios:

"Kidrobot and Wheaty Wheat have reached an amicable agreement with
respect to the release of the Mr. Bunny Dunny as part of the L.A.
series, and Wheaty Wheat has authorized this release. The terms of the
agreement are confidential. Wheaty Wheat  holds an exclusive license to
make toys from Joe Ledbetter's Mr. Bunny Character."

Hi Fructose Vol. 3 Peek


With Issue 2 currently out on newsstands, Hi Fructose has sent along a sneak peek at Volume 3 of Attaboy and Annie Owens' counter culture magazine.

Hi Fructose will returns this summer...featuring:

* Mark Ryden: Interview, gallery, and photos of his bizarre curio collection
* Jim Woodring: His art, toys and an interview
* Chris Ware's hand made mechanical wonders and art feature
* A mind blending Pixel Art feature
* Designer toy Exposes
* Another specially created D.I.Y. paper pattern

PLUS! A special Viewmaster® Photo Reel featuring the latest toy photos from photographer Brian McCarty (in 3-D) will be included in each magazine (Shots include Sam Flores' new Vinyl figure "Fatima," Jeremy Fish's "Turtle Camper"and more.)

2006 Toy Fair: STRANGEco Part 1

double booth was a fairly happening place as usual.  They had a number
of new products on display – both on their production and distribution


Mars-1 Invisible Plan
was released in a special Comic Con version last July.  Well, the
“real” version is out now in a red and a green colorway.  Plus, they
have added 6 additional characters to up the line to 12 figures.


Scarygirl creator Nathan Jurevicius has a brand-spanking newline of super detailed vinyl figures. The characters include Seoop, Arkski, Bennzi, Heenie and Naal
and each figure includes accessories that allow for 2 versions of the
same character.  Look for these to release about 2-3 months apart from
each other.


One of the most talked about figures at the show was Jim Woodring’s Mr. Bumper.  The top segment of the figure is removable, and it brings back memories of figures of yesteryear.


Last year Jeremy Fish gave us Bunnyvan – think a pink rabbit and a caravan mated.  The next figure from Mr. Fish is his Turtle Camper.  It’s the same premise and has movable legs, head and tail.


Dean Bradley has been well known for his Mainframe
character and now it is finally coming to vinyl form.  It’s a
super-poseable figure, toting a keyboard for one hand and an axe in the
other.  Look for camo versions coming out in the near future.






2006 Toy Fair: STRANGEco Part 2


Superfun Company is following up their Toxic Teddies Ramones set with a set of the Misfits.  They also have a brand new Toxic Teddies line based on classic horror films.  It looks like The Shining, Jaws, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Planet of the Apes to me.


Ron English’s Cathy Cowgirl might
have been one of the more shocking figures at Toy Fair (well maybe not
as shocking as devil baby dolls).  The figure is statuesque and made of
resin.  Some might call it udder-ly ridiculous (bad, bad joke).


Will Sweeney's comic, Tales from Greenfuzz, has introduced us to a number of wild characters. Next up is The Kebab Henchmen (Kleptikos and Periwinkle).  They are the skewered sidekicks of Helmut the Hot Dog Man…remember the hot dog with a tommy gun?


Rocket World's updated version of their Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo Rocket Ship was on display.  The rocket will be able house the mini line of figures and their accessories.  The full sized Henson the Polar Bear and Septimius the Black Bear were also on display.


James Jarvis’ Vortigern’s Machine graphic novel has given us Mr. Vortigern, Harvey and Jubs.  Amos now introduces us to Rusty & Dworkin, Wiggs, Mr. Waverley and The Witch Doctor.  They will also be releasing the Mr. Vortigern and the Great Sage of Wisdom comic book.


Superdeux’s new Shikito figure was on display.  It looks like a multi-colored, smiley-faced Hershey Kiss (…or maybe a turd).  Wootini and Jermaine Rogers’ second figure – Squire – was also being shown off.  This figure might be the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen!   


The Circus Punks guys are doing their second series of mini punks.  (Designs by: Tara McPherson, Jermaine Rogers, Reuben Rude, Jeremyville, tokidoki, Craola, Joe Ledbetter and Peter Bagge).  Playbeast was showing off their Monsterism Island line as well as the Cardboy Sneakers figures.  And the guys from Friends With You had a bunch of new plushies on display including their Malfis.


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Fugitive Toys – BUDs Pre-Order


Fugitive Toys has the all-new Blow Up Dolls (BUDs) up for pre-order.  They should be in this week which means that they'll be shipping as soon as they are in.  This blind-box assortment will cost $8.59 each.