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Shawnimals Pocket Stache


Rotofugi has the new Pocket Stache from Shawnimals for sale...only $6.95.  I saw these at Toy Fair - there is a photo of me wearing one out there - and they are a lifesize moustache.  If you have poor facial hair growth, you could probably just glue it on.

Schamcy Presents UNKL


UNKL founders Jason Bacon and Derek Welch will have a month-long show at Seattle's Schmancy Toys.  The show begins on April 7th and runs until May 4th.  Derek and Jason will be at the April 7th opening (which lasts from 6 until 9 pm).  The shop is located at 1930 2nd Ave.

Motorbot MAD*L Customs


Motorbot sent us a few photos of his wood grain MAD*L customs.  These are for the upcoming show at Missing Link Toys (in Oregon).  I always enjoy a good, hand-painted wood grain pattern.  Nice work on the knots as well.  These are named Clarence (above) and Rupert (below).


The Tourney Field is Down to 8


It's down to the final 8 competitors in our March Madness Toy Artist Tournament.  The votes from the Sweet 16 are in and you have narrowed the field down to Tristan Eaton, Sket One, MAD, Tim Biskup, Michael Lau, Eric So, Huck Gee and Pete Fowler.  Four of these artists will be moving on to the Final 4 and representing their region.  The polls will be updated tonight and voting will last until 12:01 am EST on Thursday April 6th.

Broken Heart Robot Versions


Check out the photo of the Broken Heart Robot - Standard, Glow-in-the-Dark and San Diego Comic Con Exclusive edition.  The Standard and Glow editions will be available soon from your favorite vinyl store, while you'll only be able to pick up the Clear version during the artist signing at SDCC 2006.


Fugitive Toys Giveaway


Fugitive Toys is having a big giveaway where, for every $50 you spend, you receive a Horvath 2-Faced Dunny or a 4" Dalek Ice Bot.  So if you spend $'ll get 3 free toys!  And if you spend $5,000...that means 100 free toys!

Rolitoland Safari Mini Figures


New from Rolito and Toy2R - Green T and Savage Sally.  The 2.5" Rolitoland Safari Mini Figures will be available in mid-April.  I like seeing Toy2R producing these new sculpts.  Considering that this is set A...I wonder what set B will look like.

Nades from Jamungo


Jamungo is releasing the brethren of the uber-popular Blow Up Dolls (BUDs) - Nades.  They are the same size as the BUDs, so the parts are interchangeable.  Each figure is individually blind-bagged.  There are only 1,000 pieces in the edition - 950 Grey and 50 Caution Orange.  So you have a 5% chance of picking up the special chase color.


Ledbetter’s Toxic Swamp Bear Qee


All of you maniacal Joe Ledbetter fans shall rejoice!  Toy2R is releasing Joe's 8" Toxic Swamp Bear Qee.  Look for it around April or May this year (that would be next month).  Since the ad says Green Version...I'm going to guess that there might be some other versions in the works.