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Wootini – Unnatural History


Firday February 10th will bring Bloo and Nakanari to Carrboro NC's Wootini.  Stop by the Carr Mill Mall to visit with the artists and to check out some very cool paintings, one-off toys and customs.  Festivities begin at 7 pm and will last into the night.  We'll be there to cover all of the events and report back to you.

REVIEW: NTF’s Camille Rose Garcia Dolls


One of the most controversial toys – if you can call a toy controversial – released in the past few months is the Camille Rose Garcia set from Necessaries Toy Foundation.  It seems like everyone has strong opinions, one way or the other, about the CRG girls.  Personally, I bestowed the 2005 Toy Line of the Year upon the set of four 14-inch tall rotocast vinyl figures.  However, they have had their detractors.


At 14 inches in height, NTF continues their creed of bigger is better.  This might actually be their smallest endeavor, as Antoinette, Enid and BunnyDuck are all imposing vinyl pieces.  With the height, there have been some complaints about the ability of these figures to balance.  Personally, I have found that two of my figures - Katie and Sadie and Cherry Girl - have balancing problems.  Lulu and Patch both appear to have weights in their feet.  I am not sure if the problem was realized and then rectified, but they have been stable for over a month now.

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Little Uglys Bop N Beep now available!


Bop N Beep has been released in his true colors, and way ahead of
schedule comes the Little Ugly version.  Available now on

Bop n' Beep are
best friends...with you. They want to take you to lunch!!! It's just
hard to reach their wallet... They left it in their back pocket. So
would it be OK if you took them out this time? They promise to return
the favor...oh wait...Well, Beep does. Anyway, hug?

Plush Week! at Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight


Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight — voted 2005’s Art Gallery of the Year in a Vapors Magazine readers poll — will forgo oil, watercolor, and acrylic for a different kind of canvas come this Valentine’s Day.

During PLUSH WEEK!, opening on February 7 and running until February 14, hundreds of one-of-a-kind stuffed creations will adorn the gallery’s walls, all handcrafted by some of the world’s most talented plush artists. “Stuffed animals are something that everyone remembers from childhood, but there’s a whole other genre of plush out there for those of us who outgrew Care Bears but still love the idea of having artful decorations relaxing on your couch or hanging on the wall,” said Jon M. Gibson, co-curator of PLUSH WEEK!, as well as last April’s wildly successful old-school videogame-themed show, I AM 8-BIT, also at Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight. “The plush artists we’ve assembled are just as gifted as today’s most popular painters, only their medium involves needles, thread, and a hell of a lot of fabric.”


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Orlando’s FX Show


It's a weekend of fun for the whole family: The
Florida eXtravanganza
.  FX (for short) has been a central Florida
attraction every January for 17 years.  The show will feature some popular new urban vinyl toys. 
FX is a unique show, combining what amounts to the largest indoor Toy show
in the world, a Comic Book convention, Doll and Bear show, Horror Fan show,
Sci-Fi show, Anime and Gaming.

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Blow Up Dolls by Jamungo


Check out the new BLOW UP DOLLS (aka BUDS)
from Jamungo . The collective brainchild of artists FERG and TVM.
These 3 3/4"  tall figures come individually blind boxed. Ten
different designs make up the set with one of the chase (Bud Trooper), designed
by KOZIK.  There will only be 8,000 units produced and not all figures are produced equal - so be sure to check out the ratios.  Pop Thirteen has them up for Pre-Order - Only $9.99 each.


My Beating Heart Plush Pillows


Who doesn't need something to help them relax?  I surely know I do!  If you're like me, after a long day of work, you probably come home and crash.  Well, artist Yury Gitman has designed My Beating Heart.  It's a heart-shaped pillow - made from several different materials - that has a heartbeat inside.  Look for a review in the next few weeks...we'll let you know how it works!

The New Perfect Petite Series

Three new Perfect Petite Series Blythe Dolls will be launched by CWC. "Asian Butterfly","Paisley Star" and "Cosmo Afternoon" Petites return with sleepy eyes and movable bodies!  All three types will go on sale on January 27, 2006.


Perfect Asian Butterfly
She is a lovely Asian beauty wearing blue hair with a matching pink hair accessory. 
Includes: Doll (1), blouse, skirt, paper fan, stand


Perfect Paisley Star
Petite in a retro, paisley pattern, A-line one piece dress.
Includes: Doll (1), one-piece dress, cell, a set of hair accessory, stand


Perfect Cosmo Afternoon
Petite Blythe popping out from the 60's retro future world. Her short hair cut is so cute!
Doll (1), jacket, one-piece dress, head dress, stand

Jeff Soto’s Terrarium Keeper Egg Qee


Look for Toy2R to drop Jeff Soto's Terrarium Keeper - 8-inch Qee Gumivore Egg.  This 8-inch Qee is limited to only 500 pieces.  Look for this figure to launch in February of this year.

P&P Exclusive!! Target Has Retired!



...or rather, gone on a 1000 year long vacation. The regular size Target is the first Uglydoll to head out on this 1000 year long lunch break. His latest variations, know as Red eye Target and big tooth Target, have shipped and all production on Target has ended to make room for 4 all new characters shipping in 2006. Fear not! Target still appears in Little Uglys form. Uh, for now.