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From the Island of Misfit Toys


Elizabeth Berdann (blu), Deborah Brown, Nathan Cabrera,  Jonathan
Callan, Jeroen de Vries, Dan Goodsell, Kelly Heaton, Walter Martin
& Paloma Muñoz, Anne Walsh, and 8 Bit Weapon

Opening: Friday, February 10, 7-10pm Reception for the artists with live music by 8 Bit Weapon, model car dancing performance by Jeroen de Vries (Jevries), and special guests Mr. Toast from The Imaginary World and Santa Claus.

From the Island of Misfit Toys looks at how fine artists are manipulating toys to create sculpture, video, and music that push the boundaries physically, emotionally, or conceptually to address larger themes of consumerism, the surrogate, and death. Through exaggeration of scale, excessive  use of material, and do-it-yourself methods, this exhibition introduces a set of artists who are blurring the lines between creative fields and taking toys to humorous, thoughtful, and poignant places.


Whaleboy Prototype


Cranky Studios has introduced their first prototype of Patrick Morgan's Whaleboy.  The plan is to turn this into a limited edition vinyl piece with a changeable face and detachable Sucka (the fish on the back of his head).  I'm really enjoying this figure.  It's nice to see new companies getting into the designer toy realm and producing solid products.

Choco is Loco!


Someone leaked this paint test photo of David and Sun-Min's Choco character to us.  We'll never implicate who it was!  Toy2R is really putting together a nice line of Horvath figures...Minty, Choco and Little Yoya.  This one might be my favorite of the lot.  We'll be bringing you more photos from Toy Fair, as the figure will be on display with other Toy2R products.  Look for Choco to launch this March.

Toy Fair ’06: An All New Uglydoll


Plastic and Plush has some exclusive news: The Uglydoll Booth (#1353) will be displaying a brand new Uglydoll.  That means we get to add a new character to the existing group of Uglys.  The name and appearance of this new Uglydoll is now a mystery, so you'll need to check back on Sunday (Toy Fair).

REVIEW: My Beating Heart


One of the most interesting plush pieces we have come across is more than a simple, stuffed heart.  My Beating Heart “is a soft huggable heart with a soothing heartbeat you can really feel”.   It’s something you’d want hold onto…and it probably wouldn’t set on your display shelf.

So how does it work, you ask?  Well, for me to break down the inner-workings of My Beating Heart might get a little technical – and do we REALLY care anyway?  Basically, there is a battery-operated system within the plush heart.   This system creates a heartbeat that changes gradually and is, algorithmically, modeled on the human heart – in a meditative state.  Theoretically speaking – your heart should then sync up with the My Beating Heart’s heartbeat, when hugged.


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Friends With You @ Genius Jones


Part 2 of the country wide tour from Friends With You brings them back to Miami - and Genius Jones.

Friends With You invites you to join them on February 9th
from 4 to 7 PM
for some fun and a
little bit of well as the launch of ther new plush lines.  They've
found the softer of pleather, the cuddliest of characters and the most quality ingredients of magic - all to share
with you!  Come get stickers and surprises!

And if you like Friends With You - check out their new forum in our Discussion Board...


Unnatural History Giveaway


To celebrate this Friday's opening of the Unnatural History show at Wootini (Carrboro, NC), we are giving away the opportunity to win a one of a kind Custom Funny Club figure done up by the one and only - Nakanari.   The winner will receive the black, custom bunny to the far right in the above photo, as well as the accompanying Misfits pin sets.

Here's how you enter: Be a member of our mailing list (sign up under our favorite links - to the right --->) and send an email to saying that you want to enter the Unnatural History Contest.

The winner will be chosen at random and will last from today through March 6th (the last day of the Wootini show).

Tony aka Nakanari will also be signing 50 of the FX show Exclusive Naka figures at opening night.  Come out and get one!


Big Puff Maki Hitting Toy Fair ’06


Well, our Toy Fair 2006 coverage is starting to come together.  I actually had a dream about being attacked by My Little Ponies at Toy Fair - so I know it's getting close.

The Toy Tokyo booth will be displaying Enjin Factory's Big Puff Maki figures.  There are three versions of this sweet toy.  I've seen them up close, so I know just how cool they are.  Big and sturdy!  So check out our coverage to see photo's of the first figure from the Instant Sapien line.

Red Tooth Wedgehead Contest


You’ve heard about the rare “RED TOOTH WEDGEHEAD” Ugly Doll. Would you
like to win one?? Here’s how you can; being that February is the month of
love, Meltdown Comics come up with the perfect contest. It’s the “Love Letter To Mel” Contest.

The best love letter to Mel will win you the rare “Red Tooth
Wedgehead”. All entries must be submitted by Feb. 13th. Winner
will be announced February 14th (Valentine’s Day).

Send your love letters to

Kuggs: Get Yer Fix


Next weekend's Toy Fair will introduce us to some new lines of figures.  Kuggs are a new line from a new company - Blackwater Toys.  Kuggs are cute, little beings who are being oppressed by the "Bagless" - who control their lives.

Each 6” Kugg comes packaged with a 7/8” Kugg and one stackable display train. The large Kugg can hold both the small Kugg and the display train.  Also, there will be two different box styles.  When you put together the two boxes they form one half of a subway train.  More info – such as price, quantity – should be available in the near future.