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REVIEW: Undoboy’s Super Bastard Toys



Undoboy’s first venture into the designer toy world is the Super Bastard line of paper toys.  The line was inspired by old ‘mix and match’ books he would peruse through as a youth.  The toys do their best to combine pop culture icons and imaginary characters like Uncle Sam, Saddam Hussein, a clown, Mother Teresa and George W. Bush.



The line is blind boxed…so you are essentially getting a paper toy inside of a paper box.  The packaging has drawings of the characters you might find inside, which is helpful when purchasing a blind boxed line.


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Happy Tree Friends Trexis

The Happy Tree Friends are cute, cuddly animals whose daily adventures
always end up going horribly wrong.  No matter how innocently their day
begins, it always ends in mayhem.  And Play Imaginative has brought them to life as Trexis.  The Buddhist Monkey (SDCC exclusive) was released last month...and the rest of the line will be released on October 1st

Photos below are in the following order:

Buddhist Monkey, Petunia, Splendid, Mole, Toothy, Giggles


REVIEW: Hachoo and Lollipop Girl



Kaching Brand
and Mizna Wada (Mizna Lens) are fairly new to the designer toy scene…but they have both come out “punching”.  Mizna has designed 2 figures for Kaching – Hachoo Boxing Style Monkey and Lollipop Girl.  They were both recently released at SDCC with exclusive show colorways.  Mizna is known for her goth and Kawaii (cute) art style.



Hachoo’s packaging is a window front box, while Lollipop Girl is packaged in a solid cardboard box.  Both do not have much reading on them, but they do have artwork from Mizna splattered across it.


The Figures

The Hachoo Boxing Style Monkey vinyl figure is 6 ½” tall and has 6 points of articulation (neck, arms, legs and tail).  The red “Kaching” boxing gloves are part of the sculpt.  He comes with a removable yellow crown and a title belt that can be snapped on behind Hachoo’s back.  Look for the figure to retail around $54.99.

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Point Pleasant Mothman…


If you missed picking up the Indrid Cold Mothman from, well, you missed out.  They sold out in 30 minutes.  Which, ironically, is the length of time it takes me to watch Golden Girls on Lifetime.  Maybe if I wasn't entranced with Bea Arthur, I would have picked up the Indrid Cold Mothman figure.  Nevertheless...we all will have a chance to pick up the Point Pleasant Type Mothman next week.  Get to on Wednesday August 23rd at 11am PST (2pm EST) to pick one up.  And remember that these go fast!

Kawadoji from Itokin Park


Itokin Park has produced another amazing handmade figure - Kawadoji.  The creator of some of the most insane handmade creations, Itokin Park has assembled another killer design.  Future Plastik will be getting 3 colorways of the figure (not to exceed 30 of each variant).  The colorways are the FP colorway (mockup pictured above) as well as a blue mono and a gold version.  They are up for pre-order now for £33.95 plus shipping (about $64.42).