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MC Serch Legends Alarm Clock


Ecko, the folks who brought us the Flava Flav and Biz Markie alarm clocks, are set to introduce the 3rd character in their Legends alarm clock line.  The latest talking alarm clock is of former 3rd Bass member - MC Serch.  The clock is available in 2 versions - the red version has 8 alarm phases, while the more limited (500 piece) black version has two extra phases.  And when I say "phase", I mean different lines that the alarm wakes you up with.


Creature Co-op Plushies


Creature Co-op is the creative cooperation between Rachel Chow, Jason Carpenter, and their friends and family.  Creature Co-op was started in 2004 as a hobby to create cute yet dark plush friends with strong personalities. Some of the creatures are very dumb and bump into things a lot. Some of them are crazy. Some are dumb and crazy, but very, very sweet.  They all want to be your friend so you can take naps, eat snacks, and cause mischief together.

All Creature Co-op products are proudly handmade in the USA. The fabrics are all 100% polyester. They believe in using fabrics to their utmost potential to bring you the most huggable and well-made products possible. They use use polar fleece, fake fur, and synthetic felt. The stuffing is all new 100% polyester fiber.  The eyes consist of plastic buttons.


CWC and Gallery LELE present Scary Girl


The creator of the famous character Scary Girl, Nathan Jurevicius is having his first exhibition in Japan!

CWC Tokyo presents original Scary Girl paintings and
figures. The Australian artist, who now lives in
Toronto, is coming to Gallery LELE for the opening.  The signing session
will be held on the opening night. There will be several Exclusive Flocked Bunniguru figures available for the event.  Everyone is welcome!

opening party will be held on Friday January 20th from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm.
The signing session starts from 7:00 pm. Come visit the artist!

REVIEW: Samedi Marche Blythe


The winner of our Best Toy Line for the Females was everyone’s favorite
fashion doll – Blythe.  As you probably know, Blythe is a joint
production between, CWC, Hasbro and Takara.  They are referred to as
Neo-Blythes, since they are not the original line – released in the


The Samedi Marche Encore Doll was originally released in Asia in June
of 2004.  Hasbro has now made a limited number of figures available
through their online store - $89.99 apiece.  If you’re located in Asia
or Japan, you probably know that CWC’s online shop has a number of
dolls and accessories to choose from.

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Android 8 Exclusive: Astronaut Jesus


Not only will Android 8 be selling the black Opera Dude exclusive, but they also have an exclusive colorway of Doma's Astronaut Jesus.  This figure is produced by adFunture and has already been released in several different exclusive colors.  However, I believe this version is my favorite of the lot. I'm not really feeling the flocked versions, and this color scheme seems just right.  It'll be selling for $50 + shipping through the site...although, it's not up there email Glen at

Android 8 Exclusive: Black Opera Dude


Android 8 has a few new exclusives in stock.  We're all familiar with Tokyo Plastic's Opera Dude figure.  The white version was released during this past summer at Comic Con.  Android 8 has the black version available.  Opera Dude has poseable antennae and a swiveling eyeball.  And if you haven't seen the Sundance Award Winning animation, check it out here.  The figure will be selling for $30 + shipping.  You can contact to purchase one - until they get up on the site.