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Tamo Street Art Series


Crazy Label’s Tamo figures were previewed at the TTF this year.  Wookie is now working with an international crew of street artist called ESP visuals.  They will be customizing the first of the Tamo Street Art Series.  It will be a box set of Tamo figures in three hairstyles.

The designs shown in the teaser photos are still preliminary and the final version may vary.  They are looking to drop by the end of this year.

New From Esc-Toy and Erick Scarecrow


ESC-TOY is proud to present the first ever ESC-TOY TEE GUIDE for fall 2006.  This catalog will carry new material in the form of graphic tees for men & women from designer & ESC-TOY founder Erick Scarecrow.  The theme of these limited edition tees range from an old school hip-hop feel along with all new distinctive characters that seem to have jumped from your vinyl collection onto your shirt.

This has been a long time coming.  I have designs from the LIQUIS SERIES, SHITAKES COLLECTION, and some of my other new material.  I wanted to make a nice blend and offer something for everyone.  This is the premiere guide, so I promise you there’s going to be many more.” Said Erick Scarecrow.

They will be distributed by DKE Toys.

REVIEW: 9″ Blank BUD and NADE



Jamungo’s BUDs (Blow Up Dolls) were one of the most popular blind-boxed toy lines of the past year.   The 3.75” line was made up of 10 different designs on the same basic body.  NADEs were made in the same scale as their BUD brethren.  They were initially created in 2 colors – Grey and Orange.

Due to the lines’ popularity, Jamungo decided to create a 9” line of the figures.  They have started off with blanks (white BUDs and NADEs) and will introduce 2 Kozik NADEs in October.



Both figures are packaged in the same military-like window-front box.  There are a few drawings, but this is a figure the collector will want to remove…so he or she can eventually customize it.

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New 12″ Sideshow Figures


Sideshow Toys has introduced 2 new 12" figures to 2 of their most populat licenses - Star Wars and The Terminator.  The 12" Plo Koon figure (from Star Wars) is the latest addition of the Order of the Jedi line.  The Sideshow exclusive version has already sold out.  The Sarah Connor Sideshow Exclusive (from Terminator 2: Judgement Day) is currently available.  The exclusive version includes a black hat.

New From Gary Taxali


  • "The Poker Game" limited edition 6 colour silkscreen print, edition of 95 (22.5" x 22.5" - image area is 17.5" x 17.5").  Price is $300 US
  • "OH NO T-Shirt" - Sizes are Girlie Tee (American Apparel - Classic Girl, M/OS), Men's M, L and XL.   Available in BLACK or WHITE tees. Price is $25 US
  • "Dunny Woo" custom-painted 20" Kidrobot Dunny for charity 'Paint Ball' Show. (All proceeds will go to 'Save the Children')

Upcoming Show:

'The Up-N-Down Show'
Solo show of new paintings at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in LA.
Oct 6 - Oct 29

REVIEW: Underdog Vinyl Figure



There’s no need to fear…Underdog is here!  The Underdog character was brought to life as a shoeshine boy/superhero.  He changes in a phone booth (similar to Superman) and takes his special Underdog Super Energy Vitamin Pill to get his super powers.

Dark Horse has been responsible for bringing a number of retro cartoon characters into the vinyl realm.  They might be trying to get the jump on the rush for Underdog related merchandise as there are plans for an animated film in 2007.



The window-front box is somewhat average. There are a few cartoon drawings of the character inside, but no reading.


The Figure sent the 8” tall figure in for review.  It is made of rotocast vinyl and has 3 points of articulation (arms and neck).  The cape is made from a rubber-like material that can easily bend.

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