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Now at Frozen Empire


In stock and shipping NOW at Frozen Empire Toys:

SHITIKO in Brown and Black by Superdeux / Strangeco - $24.99

ORANGE HEENIE by Nathan Jurevicius / Strangeco - $49.99

MR. SHIVERS 3" Dunny by Sket-One / Kidrobot - $8.50

NOSFERATU by Futura - Green and Beige Camo Variants - $78.00 / $88.00

SQUBES by Jamungo - $35.00

ZLIKS - Sepia Variant by Andrew Bell / Wheaty Wheat - $60.00

This and lots more will be added to the mailorder and shipping
soon, including Moofia Mini Figures by Tokidoki, Mellow by Christopher
, UniPo Series 2 by Unklbrand and the new Dot Dot Dash Book, to name
a few.

Be sure to get your orders in by December 18th for guaranteed US delivery before the 25th.

Hey Ugly! Books


Chronicle Books is set to release 4 Uglydoll related publications in mid-March.  There will be a Fold and Mail Stationary set - Just write, moisten, fold, and stamp—voila, little monsters are on their way to your friends and family.  If you prefer postcards, you can pick up a box set of 30 Ugly Postcards!  Oooo...there will also be an Ice Bat and an Ox journal where you can keep all of drawings or write about that annoying kid who flicks your ear in homeroom.


Busy Times For STRANGEco


Tonight at 7:30 PM (only a few hours from now), Jim Crawford and Gregory Blum, from STRANGEco, and Attaboy (Hi-Fructose) will be at Moe's Books to discuss designer toys and their impact on popular culture.

December 13 - 7:30 PM
2476 Telegraph Ave.
Berkeley, CA


This coming Saturday, Jim Woodring will be in his hometown of Seattle (at OKOK Gallery) to launch his newest, beautifully crafted figure - Mr. Bumper.  Plus, STRANGEco has produced 2 color variants that will be revealed (and available in limited quantities) at the event.

Saturday, December 16, 2006
OKOK Gallery
5107 Ballard Ave. NW
Seattle, WA 98107

Full Vinyl: The Subversive Art of Designer Toys


As the Designer Toy scene continues to row, as do the number of companion reading material.  Ivan Vartanian has written a new title - Full Vinyl: The Subversive Art of Designer Toys - published by HarperCollins.  Look for it to hit your local bookstore on January 2nd...and read more about the title below:

approximately 400 figures from the world’s leading figure creators, Full Vinyl
presents an omnibus survey of this burgeoning field. Geared toward garage kits,
character figures, subculture figures, limited editions, and extreme figures by
master creators, this book satisfies the appetite of the figure aficionado with
a continuous stream of figures and vast and comprehensive selection. Full Vinyl
covers mass-produced popular favorites (such as Homies), sub-culture figures,
Anime-inspired figures (such as Bome), category-defining “thingies”, Hong Kong
luminaries (such as Eric So and Michael Lau), figures based on the work of
hugely popular artists (such as Gary Baseman or Yoshitomo Nara), and artists
that take figure making to the next level (such as Shinichi

Amanda Visell @ Gallery 1988


Kick off the new year at Gallery 1988 with Amanda Visell's first solo show in LA.  This is going to be one big celebration!  There are plans for a "dixieland band" and Amanda will be there releasing some new products.  She'll have her toy prototype on display (from STRANGEco)...and be sure to pick up the lunch box Amanda designed (from Dark Horse).  Make it out for the opening reception on January 4th from 7 pm until 10 pm.

January 4th 7-10 pm
7020 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

SHOW: Uglycon at Giant Robot


O my!  Uglycon was a smashing success.  Folks were lined up outside of Giant Robot (GR2 in LA) at 5 am for a 6 pm show opening (lounging in their lawn chairs).  Hundreds of people walked through the doors, and there is word that both David and Sun-Min have carpel tunnel issues from all of the signing they had to endure.  Eric Nakamura's blog is bound to have a number of photos popping up from what has become the Woodstock for Uglydoll fans.


REVIEW: 12″ Sideshow Angel



Buffy the Vampire Slayer
fans will always remember Angel (played by David Boreanaz) as the former vampire Angelus, not to mention the love interest of Buffy Summers.  He was a cursed demon who had to leave happiness, and Sunnydale, or risk returning to his evil vampire form. 

Once in Los Angeles (and on his own spin-off show), Angel formed Angel Investigations with a staff of human demon fighters.  The group was dedicated to fighting evil, while Angel attempted to make up for the sins of his past.

This is the 3rd 12” Angel figure that Sideshow Toys has produced.  However, it’s the first of their Angel line, based on the episode – City of Angels



It’s tough to find any complaints with the packaging for Sideshow’s 12” collectible figure line.  The box is loaded with a number of product photos, plenty of background reading, and live-action photos from the Angel television show.  The front panel opens to reveal the figure and accessories behind a plastic window, giving collectors a choice in displaying options.

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