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CONTEST: Win a MAD*L Artist Series Set


We are again teaming up with Wheaty Wheat Studios to run a contest…this time giving away a set of the red-hot MAD*L Artist Series figures.  Designs by: Kozik, MAD, Sket One, TADO, Christopher Lee and Mimic.

The Rules:

  • This is your time to get creative and photograph MAD*L figures in interesting, funny, etc. situations.  (If you need any inspiration, check out Brian McCarty’s work)
  • Contest ends on July 1st.
  • Submit as many entries as you would like.

Rosie Red Encore Blythe

Rosie Red Encore, the popular Neo Blythe, was originally released in 2001. She now returns as Superior Blythe with SBL face mold! The original 2001 version had bold ruby red lipstick and solid make up on her matte skin. The Superior version, on the other hand, has a more of a mature look.. The Superior version also comes with a black fur jacket, a pair of stockings and other items that did not come with the original.


CONTEST: Win a Custom Terminator Gray Bear


This super rare gray edition IWG gray bear features these accessories and details:

  • Highly detailed 1/6th scale HK PSG1 Sniper Rifle
  • Custom I.W.G. Deathshead Skull Chest Graphic
  • Highly Detailed 1/6th scale 3 day assault pack in woodland camo
  • Tactical field watch
  • 2 hand grenades
  • One dead human skull with bullet hole
  • Bear is Serial #36
  • Also included is a full color IWG embroidered patch
  • Does not come in a box
  • Will be signed by the artist (Patrick Ma) on the bottom of the paw


  • Contest ends July 1st
  • Submit photo composed in any way as long an IWG toy is featured somewhere in the photograph
  • Submit as many entries as you’d like
  • The bear will be shipped for free anywhere in the CONUS, international or outside of CONUS, winner must pay for shipping
  • Post your entries under our discussion board thread.