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Kozik’s Sho-Po Plops


Kozik's Sho-Po Plops just arrived at DKE Toys and are
ready to ship to retailers. Each individual blind box piece is approx 2 inches tall. There are 6 different styles, White, Black, Glow in the
Dark, Pink, Murder and Rare Chase not pictured. The Chase is 1/20
so generally a complete set comes in a box. The best part of
these smoking plops is that they are to scale with Kid Robot's 10"
Smorkin' Labbits
and come in similar colors.  Look for them to retail around $6 each.


A Better Tomorrow from Trexi and Coca-Cola


Play Imaginative and The Coca-Cola Company are embarking
on their 2nd licensing program themed "A Better
.  This program features a worlwide online design contest
using PI's designer toy 'trexi' as a canvas. 

Revolving around Coca-Cola's global brand campaign "Coke
Side of Life"
and the manifesto that Coca-Cola is much more than a
beverage; it reflects the simple, optimistic moments in life  -- the
companies are calling for designers who can express their passion for design and
for the Coca-Cola brand by way of their art.  Using 'trexi' as a 3D medium,
the challenge is to depict their own personal definition of happiness
creatively, and show the world what their vision of "A Better Tomorrow" looks

Comprising 25 designs in total, the top 15 designs will be
chosen by way of the public's votes to join 10 other internationally
renowned character artists in the new "A Better Tomorrow" trexi series. 
The series will be launched in May 2007

Submissions are open from November 16 (2006) to January 15th (2007).

The Brine Queen by Attaboy


Attaboy's "The Brine Queen" print is limited to a run of 50 pieces.  It is a 7.625" x 10.25" two color print on the fanciest torn edge paper from the master printers - Pressure Printing.  The Brine Queen is available separately or as part of the "A Curious Show"
portfolio print set with prints from Dave Cooper, Scott Muskrove, Tim Biskup, KRK Ryden, Mark Mothersbough, Alex Gross, Jim Woodring, Coop, and Glenn

Mutts Vinyl Figures


One of today's most popular newspaper strips is Patrick McDonnell's beloved feature Mutts.

Dark Horse
is excited to continue their line of new figural versions of
these adorable critters with vinyl figures representing two of our
favorite characters: Mooch and Earl.

Working directly with
Patrick McDonnell and the sculptors at Yoe! Studio, we have created
eight-inch vinyl figures which delightfully capture the essence and
attitude of this irrepressible cat and dog.

REVIEW: Evil Icecream Plushies



If the name Kerry Horvath sounds familiar to you…it’s because she is Uglydoll creator David Horvath’s sister.  Kerry, along with fellow LA based artist Darth Rimmer, have created a line of ice cream inspired characters known as Evil Icecream.  Both artists enjoy eating ice cream (who doesn’t?), but they believe it’s inherently evil.  I blame it for the love handles!

Kerry and Darth have hooked up with Lazysmash to bring collectors a line of plush dairy delights.  Evil Icecream (the orange creamsicle looking character) and Ice Clown (maybe pistachio ice cream in a cone??) are the first two characters released.



No packaging with these plush figures, but they do have tags that list all of the characters in the Evil Ice Cream line.

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Nathan Jurevicius Signing and Toy Release


If you're in Chicago this Saturday (November 18th), you'll want to make it out to the Heenie release party taking place at Rotofugi.  Artist Nathan Jurevicius will be there in person to sign and chat with you!

and STRANGEco are proud to be hosting artist Nathan Jurevicius in
Chicago for the release of Heenie, the 3rd vinyl figure from the
Minitreehouse series. Heenie is 2 toys in one - Stunt Driver and
Turntable Master - and comes packaged with a very cool old-school
phonograph turntable.

This Saturday, November 18, 2006 at Rotofugi Designer Toy Store and Gallery, Chicago, IL

Shows In The Bay Area…


Aaron Burtch, formerly of the band Grandaddy (currently in The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit), sent word of a few shows his artwork will be in.  Hmm...the opening receptions for each of the shows will be on November 18th.  With one in Oakland and one in San least they are somewhat in the same proximity.  To see some cool artwork, check out either Giant Robot San Francisco or The Gallery of Urban Art this coming weekend.