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Fluffy House x Amanda Visell – Fluffy Clouds

Fluffy House and artist Amanda Visell have teamed up to release a trio of 5-inch tall Fluffy Cloud vinyl collectibles. With distinctive character facial expressions, the best friend icons Mr. White Cloud and Little Raindrop will bring you a collection of weathers and emotional states: Cloudy Day, Black Cloud, and Rain x Shine. Each Cloud includes a little raindrop. Each colorway can be purchased for $45.00 each.

Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin joins the Nendoroid Series

Goodsmile has announced the pre-order availability of their Jasmine Nendoroid from Disney's "Aladdin" animated film. The Princess Jasmine comes with three face plates - standard expression, smiling expression, and angry expression - her namesake flower (a jasmine), a hair ornament, an apple (from the scene when she met Aladdin) and a figure stand. The nearly 4-inch tall Nendoroid is currently available to pre-order for ¥4,364 (around $45). The pre-order window ends on August 29th 2019, with the figure shipping around February 2020. In addition, look for it to be available over at

Living Dead Dolls presents The Shining: Jack Torrance

Mezco Toyz has announced that Jack Torrance - the classic character from Stanley Kubrick's classic film and Stephen King's amazing book - will join the Living Dead Dolls family. Standing at 10 inches in height and featuring five points of articulation, Jack comes outfitted in his signature look from the film - a corduroy jacket, a plaid button-down shirt, jeans, and work boots. Also, he comes equipped with his infamous axe accessory which fits neatly in his right hand.

The figure is currently available to pre-order for $46.00. It's expected to begin shipping between January and March of 2020.

Fools Paradise – XL Size Dokkan Awaken

Fools Paradise is currently taking pre-orders for their XL Size Dokkan Awaken figure. Standing in around 22 inches in height, this vinyl figure is limited to a run of 398 pieces. If it looks familiar, that's because a much smaller version (see below) was announced earlier this year. The XL Version is available to pre-order for $420.00 ($380.00 plus $40.00 worldwide shipping). Look for it to begin shipping around Q1 of 2020.

Super7 announces SuperSports license with USWNTPA

SuperSports by Super7 has announced a new license to produce merchandise featuring members of the United States Women’s National Team Players Association (USWNTPA). Slated to arrive in time to celebrate the 2020 Summer Games, key soccer players of the USWNTPA will be made into 3.75’-inch tall ReAction Figures. 

Featured athletes include team captains Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, and Carli Lloyd as well as goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher, players who recently led the US Women to a 4th world championship. Teammates Julie Ertz, Crystal Dunn, and other top members of the defending world champions will round out this incredible group of athletes featured as ReAction figures.

Look for the to hit shelves next year.

Hench “S.I.T.E.” Glow Edition by Pete Fowler

Superplastic has released their newest collectible - the Hench "S.I.T.E" Glow Edition by artist Pete Fowler. Standing in at 9 inches tall, this version of Fowler's Hench character features glow-in-the-dark soft vinyl, radium-resistant kicks, an electroplated silver grill, and an XXXXL hazmat jumpsuit. This colorway is limited to a run of only 333 pieces, and it's currently available to purchase for $75.00 (shipping now).

Royal Leopard Customs from Argonaut Resins

Argonaut Resins has dropped a pair of new one-off Tuttz collectibles in the Sphinx Royal Cat pose. Both the Onyx Royal Leopard Custom (black) and Golden Metallic Royal Leopard Custom (gold) are produced by artist Eric Nocella Diaz (signed and numbered by him, as well). The Tuttz Sphinx cat was 3D modeled by artist Francis Rivera and 3D printed, cast, molded and painted by Eric Nocella Diaz. You can currently pick up one - or both - of these one-off collectibles, as they're available to purchase for $60.00 each.

Pop! TV – The Office Series

Funko is helping you bring home your favorite colleagues from the hit sitcom  The Office with the Pop! TV - The Office Series. This drop includes Pop! Dwight dressed as an elf,Pop! Michael dressed as a classy Santa, and Pop! Dwight as Belsnickel. There are several exclusives, including Pop! 3 Hole Punch Jim for (Funko Shop), Pop! Prison Mike (Hot Topic), Pop! Dwight as the Hay King (Walmart), Pop! Goldenface Jim (Target), Pop! Andy Bernard (Target), and Pop! Jim as Dwight (Box Lunch).

You can currently grab these Pop! The Office figures over at Plus, they have plenty of additional Pop! The Office characters from previous releases.

Taylored Curiosities – Butterpillars

Taylored Curiosities has released several new Butterpillars into the world. 

Butterpillars are the result of my experimentation using Butterfly DNA. On attempting to give them human intelligence I somehow stopped the development to the 'fly' stage of their life. They do become beautifully patterned but never grow big enough wings, and therefore never become Butterflies, they instead stay as Butterpillars. After an accident in the lab, hundreds escaped and I now spend most of my time trying to locate them and find them good homes.

Limited to an edition of 5 handmade pieces, these little critters have been hand-cast from an original sculpt and each one is hand painted. They measure just under 1-inch tall and 1.5 inches wide. You can pick them up now for£20.00 (about $25.00).

CoreTEQ GID Martian Glow Edition

Clutter has announced the pre-order release of their CoreTEQ GID Martian Glow Edition. The Mega Nano hand (double) cast resin collectible stands 5.5 inches tall. From artist Quiccs, this version is produced with a glow-in-the-dark green internal core robot with a translucent purple exterior. Produced by Clutter Studios, this version is limited to a run of 100 pieces. It's currently available to pre-order for $250.00 and expected to ship by October 31st 2019.