“Fatty” Fiberglass Prop Replica (Caveman 1981)

Tomenosuke has teamed up High Bros. Production to release this prop replica model of the dinosaur - named Fatty - from the 1981 film Caveman (starring Ringo Starr - and where he met his wife Barbara Bach). Similar to the Blade Runner blaster, Shinji and Tomenosuke had trouble trying to track down the license holder. So, due to ambiguous ownership rights, they had to produce Fatty without any reference to the film Caveman.

Nonetheless, they have released a limited edition of 12 pieces of the Fatty fiberglass prop replica. Each piece measures 13 inches tall by 20 inches long. They are slated to begin shipping out in July 2019.

You can currently order them at Tomenosuke's Japan Shop for ¥129,600 or Tomenosuke's International Shop for (around) $1,160.00.

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