Fossil Pods Primal Pink Edition

Toy Art Gallery has announced a new edition of James Groman’s Fossil Pods – the Primal Pink Edition. Each Fossil Pod mashes up a bug and a dinosaur into a roughly … Read More

Yum-Mee Crispy Chocolate Plush Bars

Kidrobot has released their Yummy World Yum-Mee Crispy Chocolate Plush Bars. From Yummy World, the Yum-Mee crispy chocolate plush bars are named Kitt, Katt, Tim, and Tam. you can remove … Read More

Masters Of The Universe William Stout Collection

Super7 has announced that their The Masters of the Universe Collector’s Choice Series continues with the William Stout Collection. Based on the legendary 1987 MOTU production art created by William … Read More

Destiny 2 Titan 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

Bungie, Threezero, and 3A Toys have announced the pre-order their Destiny 2 Titan 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure from the video game Destiny 2. The Titan is available in three editions, … Read More

Captain Marvel, Goose, and Movbi Cosbaby Sets

Following the launch of the Captain Marvel Cosbaby collection, Hot Toys has announced that they’ll further expand this Cosbaby series with some brand new collectible sets featuring Captain Marvel, Goose, … Read More

Custom Danger Dogs from SoKo Cat

SoKo Cat has teamed up with the folks at Tenacious Toys to release a series of Custom Danger Dogs. (Yes…it’s a cat customizing a dog) Inspired by traditional pit bull colors, these … Read More

Mondo’s The Predator Tiki Mug

Mondo has announced the pre-order availability of their The Predator Tiki Mug. Featuring a tiki-ized Predator on one side and Major “Dutch” Schaefer on the other, the mug holds approximately … Read More

SPLURRT’s “Rotten Lime” Collection

SPLURRT and Lulubell Toys has announced the Rotten Lime Collection. The signature hot green and black SPLURRT brand colors – with a swirl of milky vinyl tossed in for good … Read More

JankyFörtress SuperJanky

Superplastic has announced their newest SuperJanky release. Set to ship in Spring of 2019, the JankyFörtress SuperJanky figure is the second colorway to the extremely limited JankyTrooper SuperJanky collection, which … Read More

Plaseebo Customs for The Glow Show

Bob Conge and Plaseebo has been invited to send some custom pieces for THE GLOW SHOW at Clutter Gallery opening this Saturday March 9th 2019. Blobrainopus And The Coolie Ogre … Read More