DARK SOULS (Kurokishi) 1/6th Scale Statue

Gecco has announced their newest 1/6th scale statue. It’s Kurokishi – also known as Black Knight – from the video game Dark Souls. Black Knight (Kurokishi) is the formidable enemy that’s … Read More

Beam Kirby joins the Nendoroid Lineup

From the popular “Kirby” video game series, GoodSmile has announced the new Beam Kirby Nendoroid. The Nendoroid makes use of a number of magnets for posing, making Kirby’s movements look … Read More

Vynl.: Star Wars: Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader

Following their lightsaber duel aboard the Death Star II at the goading of Emperor Palpatine, Luke’s appeal to his father awakened something within the defeated Darth Vader that brought about the return … Read More

Babyabyss by DaBomb Toys

Focus that all seeing eye on this Saturday, because Lulubell Toy Bodega (still one of my favorite shop names) has three elusive one-off’s of the “Babyabyss” by DaBomb Toys. Painted … Read More

Slime Rancher Plushies – Round 3

For Fans By Fans has announced the pre-order release of their Slime Rancher Plushies – Round 3. From the hit video game (Slime Rancher), and standing approximately 4 inches tall, … Read More

Pop! Movies: How to Train Your Dragon

With the third film in the How To Train Your Dragon series slated to hit theaters next month (February 2019), Funko has announced a few new figures from the Pop! … Read More

Tonner Doll Company Closes Up Shop

Tonner Doll Company was one of those toy companies that, since the start of Plastic and Plush, I have always reported on. We followed them at the height of their … Read More

Candie Bolton’s OH MY! YOKAI Gacha Series – Legendary Beasts

Toy Art Gallery has announced the release of the new set of Candie Bolton’s OH MY! YOKAI Gacha Series – the Legendary Beasts. The Legendary Beasts lineup ​stand 2 inches … Read More

Blue Sky Edition Gergle

Miscreation Toys has brewed up a new Gergle to start off 2019 right. The “Blue Sky Edition Gergle” is cast in crystal clear blue vinyl, a tribute to Breaking Bad’s 10 … Read More

Plaseebo’s “Franken On Ice” Lottery

Time is running out to enter the Plaseebo Lottery for the Plaseebo custom “Franken On Ice” – a one of a kind, 9 inch tall, hand cast piece that weighs in at … Read More