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New Club Grayskull Figures from Super7

The Super7 Masters of the Universe collection continues with a number of items currently available for pre-order. These items are available through November 15th 2018.

Masters of the Universe Ultimates Club Grayskull He-Man - $35.00
He-Man comes packaged with his Power Sword, Concept Art Battle Axe, and Shield accessories, as well as three additional heads - Standard He-Man, Laughing He-Man, Robot He-Man, and Faker with glowing eyes.

Masters of the Universe Ultimates Club Grayskull Skeletor - $35.00
Skeletor is packaged with his Havoc Staff, Skeletor Sword, Skeletor Axe, and the Diamond Ray of Disappearance accessories. You can also re-enact Skeletor’s mocking laughter with the additional Laughing Skeletor Head. 

In addition, Wave Three is currently available to pre-order individually ($35.00 each) or as a set of four ($140.00)

Masters of the Universe Club Grayskull Fisto 
The Heroic Hand-to-Hand Fighter comes with oversized right hand and sword.

Masters of the Universe Club Grayskull Grizzlor
This Hairy Henchman of the Horde is on the offensive with Energy Baton and Shield.

Masters of the Universe Club Grayskull Mantenna
The Evil Spy with Pop-Out Eyes features four legs, alternate hands, blaster and extra head featuring extended eyes.

Masters of the Universe Club Grayskull She-Ra
The Princess of Power is packaged with Sword of Protection, Shield and Boomerang.

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