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Charles Creature Cabinet – Babi Jempol Thumb Piglet

Charles Creature Cabinet is currently taking pre-orders for their Babi Jempol Thumb Piglet - a tribute to Charles' dear friend and biggest pig lover that I know: Donata van der Goorbergh and to the piglet 'Dotbig' who started it all. The 2.25-inch by 1-inch micro ball-jointed doll is limited to five different color ways: Pink w/ spotsWhite w/ spotsFudge Tan w/ spotsChoco TanBlack. The figures include a face painting, card of authenticity, glass eyes (color can not be chosen), and special pillow pouch.

For two days, you can pre-order one for €219.00 (about $257). After that, they will be priced at €239.00 (about $280).

Kaeru from Fakir Design

Fakir Design will be releasing his latest small run custom figure - Kaeru - on October 1st 2018 at 8AM ET. Limited to an edition of only 5 pieces, the custom, hand-painted Bearbrick 400% measures approximately 11 inches in height. The piece will only be available for one hour and will run 650€ plus shipping (about $765).

Threezero Game of Thrones Brienne of Tarth Teaser

Threezero has teased their next 1/6th scale figure from the Game of Thrones license. Based on the award-winning HBO series, the next figure will be Brienne of Tarth. Featuring the likeness of Gwendoline Christie, we're sure there will be pre-order release details forthcoming. And I, for one, can't wait.

Cuphead Blind Bag Keychain, Plush, Vynl. and Pop!

Funko has announced a fairly large release of Cuphead related collectibles - Cuphead Blind Bag Keychain, Plush, Vynl. and Pop! - from the top selling video game.

They've announced the 18-piece blind bag keychain plush series celebrating Cuphead. Travel the Inkwell Isles, helping Cuphead and Mugman reclaim their souls from the Devil. Additional characters include Beppi the Clown, Cagney Carnation, Cala Maria, Captain Brineybeard, and Rumor Honeybottoms — with rarities carrying from 2/18 to 3/18.

Also, there will be new Cuphead characters coming to Funko Plush. In addition to the seven new plush characters, you'll be able to grab the Ms. Chalice Plush only at GameStop.

From their Vynl. line, Funko will be releasing the Cuphead and Mugman duo.

And from the ever-popular Pop! line, you'll see some new faces added to the Cuphead Pop! Series. There's the Pop! Aeroplane CupheadMs. Chalice, Cala Maria, Sally Stageplay, and Little Cuppet. In addition, Mr. Chimes will be a GameStop exclusive. Also, the Evil Cuphead is a Hot Topic exclusive.

You can currently pre-order a number of these from - as well as pick up some of the already released Cuphead products.

NightCry, Scissorwalker 1/6 Scale Statue

Scissorwalker, the brutal killer who stalks and terrifies players in the horror adventure game "NightCry" has been recreated by Gecco as a 1/6 scale statue. The creation of this nearly 11-inch tall statue was supervised by the original designer, Masahiro Ito, who is also known for the art director of "Silent Hill."

Both the sharp blade and heavy blunt edge of the giant scissors are faithfully sculpted, and the detailed bloodstain paint enhances the cruelty of the murder weapon used for cutting a human body in half in one attack.The mysterious body surface appears like a mixture of hair and dirt with other fine details. The texture of the sinister decayed hood is realistically captured. The thin objects around the neck, which seem to be made of hardwood's skin is sculpted to give the impression of a hard material. The eye of the pitiless murderer is painted in a mysterious glossy black hue adding to the horrified look.

The figure is currently available to pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles. It's available for $299.99 and will begin shipping in Q2 of 2019. (The decapitated head with the mask of mysterious cult is included as a bonus with the pre-order.)

Pop! Football – English Premier League

Arsenal? Liverpool? Chelsea? Whichever Premier League club you happen to be a fan of, Funko has squad of players that everyone would be envious of. (unless you're a Newcastle United fan, like myself)

The Pop! Football – English Premier League Series will include Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino and the goal scoring machine Mohamed Salah. Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang also make their first Pop! appearance. And Chelsea fans can build a powerful team collection starting with their midfield magician and fan favorite, Eden Hazard, scorer of the winning goal in the Emirates FA Cup Final
against Manchester United last season. Centre-back Gary Cahill and his defensive partner, Brazilian defender David Luiz, complete the Chelsea collection.

If you're interested in pre-ording any of these figures, head on over to And look for them to be released later this year.

Glampyre Pitch Black Edition

Toy Art Gallery will release a new edition of Martin Ontiveros' Glampyre figure. This bloodsucker is ready to rock out in his best shoulder pads and platform shoes! The Glampyre Pitch Black Edition stands 8 inches tall, features articulation at the head, arms, wrists, waist, and boots, and a detailed sculpt in Martin Ontiveros' signature style. This version is cast in a smooth black soft vinyl!

The Glampyre Pitch Black Edition will be available Friday, September 28th 2018 at Noon PT for $65.00.

Pop! Movies Die Hard Series

You can finally watch your favorite Christmas movie with the toughest NYPD detective ever to foil an elaborate German terrorist plot...because Funko has introduced the Pop! Movies Die Hard Series. The John McClane Pop! looks somewhat the worse for wear with blood on his hand and shirt, but that won’t stop him from stopping mastermind Hans Gruber whose Pop! is in surprising good condition considering everything that goes down that fateful Christmas Eve. Tony Vreski looks downright festive wearing a Santa hat and more than a little blood. Sergeant Al Powell has his priorities well in order with a handful of Twinkies. And there's a Hans Gruber wearing a dapper suit is available as a GameStop exclusive.

These figures are currently available to pre-order from for $10.99 each. They're expected to begin shipping in November 2018.

Tuttz Sphinx Cats Release

The opening wave of the all new Tuttz resin cast Sphinx cats are now available in the Argonaut Resins online store. The new styled ancient Egyptian inspired pose was 3D sculpted by artist Francis Rivera, 3D printed, cast, molded and painted by Eric Nocella Diaz. There will be more styles and colors being developed and will follow this first wave with reveal announcements on the Argonaut Resins Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram pages. These new hand cast resin Sphinx Tuttz will retail for $60.00 shipped in the US.

NYCC18: DKE Toys Drop #2

We continue showing off some of the exclusives that you'll be able to grab at the DKE Toys Booth #575 during New York Comic Con 2018.


The Great Showdowns by Scott C
The Great Showdowns are a series of paintings, art shows, and books depicting classic pop culture good guys and bad guys. This figure was sculpted by George Gaspar of Double G toys who helped bring Scott C's characters to life. You get two hand cast and hand painted resin figures on each card featuring Scott C's signature.
Limited to 50 pieces 
$100.00 each 
Cinematron by UHOH Toys
UH OH toys posted an image of this colorway of their 6.5-inch tall Japanese vinyl on Instagram asking what they should do with it. We know what to do with it? Make a NYCC edition for DKE!!!
Limited edition of 15 pieces
$65.00 each
Crumb-BFT by Dead Greedy
Dead Greedy's follow up to his ever popular Beastie Droids three pack is Crumb-BFT. All hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figures.
Limited edition of 20 pieces
$110.00 each set
Bruce Campbell-Wayne by Mr Blank Toys
Mr Blank Toys, who brought us the now sold out No Toys 4 Us, is back for NYCC with this hand cast and painted 6-inch tall Bruce Campbell-Wayne carded figure.
Limited edition of 25 pieces
$65.00 each
Scarfield by Viktor's Vintage
A hand cast and painted 3.75-inch scale carded figure - obviously a mashup of Garfield and Scarface.
Limited edition of 20 pieces
$45.00 each
Master Natural by Buzzard Guts
You'll never be able to unsee this... It's a 3.75-inch scale carded figure, no really.
Limited edition of 30 pieces
$45.00 each
Geno Cyber by Nekosatsu Toys
Meet Cyanoid. The next figure in the Geno Cyber line by Nekosatsu Toys. Hand cast and painted 3.75" scale carded figure. Limited edition of 22 pieces
$45.00 each