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Dark Horse gets Direct

Dark Horse Comics has announce its newest business venture - Dark Horse Direct. A newly established division, Dark Horse Direct is focused on bringing high-end, limited production collectibles directly to consumers.

The first Dark Horse Direct offering available is the Game of Thrones: Tormund Giantsbane Figure. Available for pre-order now, Tormund retails for $40.00 and is due to ship to website customers in early August 2018. As a bonus, 300 of the figures will also be available for purchase in the Dark Horse retail booth #2615 at San Diego Comic Con.

The inaugural DH Direct lineup continues with the Umbrella Academy: Spaceboy Maquette. The 14-inch tall by 19-inch wide piece retails for $299.99 and is now available for pre-order. And the Game of Thrones: Iron Throne 18-inch Replica retails for $499.99 and will ship later this year, opening for pre-order in the coming weeks.

SDCC18: BurgerCat KeylimeCat Edition

Nathan Hamill will be signing with War Machine Marketing (Booth #1415) at San Diego Comic Con 2018 for the debut of his new BurgerCat colorway - the BurgerCat KeylimeCat Edition ($25.00). The signing will take place on Saturday July 21st 2018 at 3PM. There will be other vinyl figures available, and Nathan will be randomly placing a few Octopups into the BurgerCats to make things a little more fun.

Pop! Disney: Christopher Robin

The Hundred Acre Woods is getting a live action makeover and the world will never be the same. The honey-loving bear, the mopey donkey and boisterous tiger are all available as Pop! vinyl figures thanks to Funko. From Disney's Christopher Robin film come the Pop! Disney: Christopher Robin figures. You'll be able to pick up Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, and Tigger. And look for a flocked version of Winnie the Pooh holding a red balloon at BoxLunch. currently has the series available for pre-order. They are priced at $10.99 each and slated to begin shipping on August 7th 2018.

One:12 Collective Thor Ragnarok Hela

Mezco Toyz has announced their newest One:12 Collective figure - from the Marvel film Thor Ragnarok - Ragnarok Hela. Presented in a film-accurate fitted suit with metallic accents and chest plate armor, Hela comes equipped with two Necroswords – made from obsidian and used to decimate the Einjerjar, the elite warriors of Asgard.

You can currently pre-order the figures, estimated to begin shipping in Q1 of 2019, for $80.00.

The One:12 Collective Ragnarok Hela figure features the following:

  • Two head portraits
  • Set of fists
  • Two sets of posing hands
  • Set of sword holding hands
  • Fitted suit with chest armor
  • Wrist gauntlets
  • Knee-high boots
  • Two Necroswords
  • One:12 Collective display base with logo
  • One:12 Collective adjustable display post

Pop! Television: Friends S2

The TV sitcom Friends is back as a new wave of Funko Pop! figures. The Pop! Television: Friends S2 features Rachel, Ross, and Chandler from the hilarious 80’s flashback episodes. Also, the series includes Phoebe dressed as Supergirl, Monica with braids (her frizzy hair is featured as a 1-in-6 chase), and Joey in all of Chandler’s clothes. And there will be a Target Exclusive - the moment Monica won over Chandler - shown with a Turkey on her head.

You can either pre-order these or pick up the previously released series of Friends Pop! figures over at

Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years – 1/6th scale Captain America

Hot Toys has unveiled its first Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years 1/6th scale collectible figure, based on Marvel Studios’ Head of Visual Development, Ryan Meinderding’s concept art of Captain America from Captain America: Civil War. This figure features a monochromatic suit that brings out the hidden details, textures, and shapes,.

The 1/6th scale Captain America Collectible Figure is crafted based on the appearance of Chris Evans as Captain America/Steve Rogers in the concept art of Captain America: Civil War. It includes a newly painted helmeted head sculpt with two interchangeable lower faces capturing Chris Evan’s facial expressions, a newly developed body, a brand new Captain America battle suit in black with scale pattern and silver Avengers’ logo on the chest, Cap’s ironic circular shield, a black and white heater shield, and a specially designed Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years themed figure stand.

The figure can currently be pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles for $251.00. It's expected to begin shipping curing Q4 of 2018.

The 1/6th scale Captain America (Concept Art Version) Collectible Figure features the following:

  • Captain America helmeted head sculpt
  • Two interchangeable lower part of faces (neutral and angry expression)
  • Pair of fists
  • Pair of shield holding hands
  • Shield throwing right hand
  • Shield catching left hand
  • Finger pointing right hand
  • Black-colored Captain America suit with scale pattern and silver-colored Avengers emblem
  • Pair of newly tailored black-colored embossed patterned pants with pouches, knee pads
  • Pair of fabric coated elbow pads
  • Pair of fabric coated knee pads
  • Black-colored leather-like back shield holder and body strap
  • Black-colored leather-like belt with pouches
  • Pair of black boots
  • Metallic grey, silver and black Captain America circular shield with weathering effects
  • Black and white-colored heater shaped shield with weathering effects
  • Specially designed Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years themed figure stand with Captain America nameplate