Threezero: Breaking Bad – 1/6th scale Saul Goodman

Threezero has announced the pre-order release details surrounding their 1/6th scale Breaking Bad Saul Goodman collectible figure. It will be available for pre-order for a limited time from threezero, beginning … Read More

Jeremy Dillon unboxes Ashy Slashy

The folks from NECA have sent actor Jeremy Dillon, from Ash vs Evil Dead, their replica Ashy Slashy puppet. In the above video, you can check out the man who … Read More

REVIEW: Aaron Judge Ballers

Aaron Judge had a pretty solid rookie season. In addition to winning the AL Rookie of the Year award, he was second in the AL MVP voting. Plus, he led … Read More

Threezero: 1/6th Scale Wu Kong (悟空) Pre-Order

Threezero has announced release details for the 1/6th Scale Wu Kong (悟空). The collectible figure is available for pre-order for $178.00. Also, they’re offering a Limited Edition Deluxe version – … Read More

Pop! Games: Minecraft

Funko is excited to announce the blocky video game Minecraft is coming to Pop! The Pop! Games: Minecraft features characters Steve and Alex, an adorable Ocelot, and Skeleton and Creeper. There will be several … Read More

Osoroshi Jaws Kai Hammer (Terror Jaws Kai Hammer)

Lulubell Toys has announced a special lottery for purchase of this limited edition handpainted Osoroshi Jaws Kai Hammer release. Osoroshi Jaws Kai Hammer (Terror Jaws Kai Hammer) stands in at … Read More

Tara McPherson’s Pink Skull Flower

ToyQube has announced a pair of pre-orders from artist Tara McPherson. The Skull Flower (Pink) will be available in both 5-inch and 12-inch tall varieties. The 5-inch tall version, retailing … Read More

2018 3AA Membership

3A Toys has announced that their 3AA Membership opens up on January 15th 2018. This is the 10th year of the membership, which will include the long awaited FUTURE MORT 13. … Read More

Subject 8 by Emilio Subirá

Emilio Subirá has announced a brand resin. His name is “Subject 8”, a 9-inch tall two headed humanoid with a big hole that goes through his body. If you look, … Read More

The Scarecrow – Mono Version

“The Scarecrow” by Jim Mckenzie makes a long-awaited return with a new colorway. ToyQube will be releasing the Mono version of The Scarecrow, beginning on December 18th 2017 at Noon … Read More

Ashy Slashy from NECA

If you’ve watched Season 2 of Ash vs. Evil Dead, then you’ve probably seen this little Ashy Slashy puppet. And you’ve likely wanted one (non-possessed) version for yourself. Say “thank … Read More

Hubot Figurine from GitHub

GitHub and Dead Zebra have teamed up for Hubot – your friendly robot sidekick. The 6-inch tall vinyl figurine from Dead Zebra can currently be picked up from the GitHub … Read More