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Cartoon Network TITANS

Cartoon Network and Titan Merchandise have announced the second wave of blindbox TITAN Vinyl Figures. The Cartoon Network Collection includes characters from old school and new, such as Over The Garden Wall, Ed, Edd & Eddy, Adventure Time, Clarence and more. Plus, returning to the blindbox format are Johnny Bravo in a fancy tuxedo and a starry eyed Steven Universe

Look for this 3-inch tall blind boxed series to begin shipping in May 2017.

The Woodcutter from Pocketwatch Toys

Artist Aidan Booker of Pocketwatch Toys has released his newest resin figure - The Woodcutter. "This wondrous creature wanders through whatever woodland he can find, occasionally chopping off branches from dead trees and feeding them into his stove to fuel himself." The 4-inch tall pieces is hand-cast in polyurethane resin. It has some dead branches on its' back, an axe attached to its' side, and a furnace in the front. You can pick up this limited edition figure for £39.00 (about $49).

REVENGE! Fly Catcher

The Sucklord has released the next figure from The Bootleg BUGMEN Series. The REVENGE! Fly Catcher figure is a hand-cast, hand-painted 3.75-inch bootleg resin on a 8.5-inch by 6.5-inch blister card. Limited to a run of 12 pieces, you can pick one up for $75.00.

Pop! Animation: Seraph of the End

The latest additions to the Pop! vinyl family are the children of the hit anime and manga series Seraph of the End. Funko has announced their Pop! Animation: Seraph of the End series, featuring Yuichiro and his fellow orphans Mikaela and Shinoa, as well as Ferid, the vampire responsible for killing Yuichiro’s family. There will also be exclusive figures, like Demon Yuichiro (available only at Hot Topic) and Shinoa with her weapon (only at GameStop).

If you're interested in pre-ordering these Pop! figures, you can check out

3A’s Steel Age Arctic Batman

3A Toys will be releasing a limited edition run of pre-made Arctic Batman 1/6th scale figures. These will go up for sale beginning on February 10th 2017 (check the night of the 9th if you're in the US). The figure will be available at Bambaland for $240.00 (includes worldwide shipping).

TLS – Gudetama The Lazy Egg

The Loyal Subjects have announced Gudetama. Your favorite Lazy Egg will be available at Hot Topic in this exclusive blind box series. There will be rare chase items included in the series. The Hot Topic Gudetama exclusives also includes collector cards, accessories and display stands for some of the figures.

Darth Edition by Ale Giorgini

K.Olin tribu has announced their first collabortion with Ale Giorgini in Aluminium Cut. The 23-inch tall by 13-inch wide mural work entitled DARTH is print on a 3mm aluminum plate. This will be limited to a run of only 12 pieces. Signed and numbered by the artist, you can pick one up for 233.33€ (about $250).

Monogram’s DC Comics 2.75-inch PVC Figures

Monogram International has announced the DC Comics 2.75" PVC Figures are available now. With the release of DC Comics' Justice League movie hitting theaters later this year, you can pick up Justice League characters such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. Other characters offered include Robin and the Joker.

Pop! Animation: Steven Universe

More Crystal Gems are coming to Funko Pop! vinyl. The Pop! Animation: Steven Universe collection will be adding some new characters, including Steven’s best friend Connie; Rose Quartz, founder of the Crystal Gems; Lion, the magical pink lion; as well as Peridot and Lapis. And there is a Flocked Lion that's only available at Hot Topic.

You can head on over to check out Series 1 and pre-order this series.

The Worst Glow Patrol

Super7 has released The Worst Glow Patrol. The most sinister, evil, nasty, vile villains in the known universe have returned to haunt the night! Hidden by darkness, the Glow Patrol will hasten your dreadful fate. Capture them now, before it's too late!

The Worst Glow Patrol includes glow-in-the-dark versions of Robot Reaper, Gas Phantom, Snake Tut, X-2 (the unknown), Black Falcon, and Batula. You can pick up the set of six figures for $90.00.