Doktor A’s Mandrake Root Release

Toy Art Gallery has announced the release of Doktor A’s Mandrake Root in a putrid flesh-colored vinyl. The 8-inch tall Mandrake Root features seven points of articulation and a little sidekick … Read More

The Iron Giant Deluxe Figure – Shadow Variant

Mondo has introduced the new version of everyone’s favorite big ferrous friend – The Iron Giant Deluxe Figure – Shadow Variant. The figure measures in around 16 inches in height, featuring 30+ points of … Read More

Bruce Wayne with Batsuit and Robin Suit Cosbaby Set

Hot Toys has announced a new Cosbaby series from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie license. The Bruce Wayne with Batsuit and Robin Suit Cosbaby Set includes the dapper Bruce Wayne dressed … Read More

Game of Thrones – Mystery Minis Series 3

Funko has announced that their Game of Thrones – Mystery Minis Series 3 will be hitting store shelves beginning in May 2016. This series will see the characters from all over the Game … Read More

10th Anniversary Plaseebo Custom #6

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Plaseebo, artist Bob Conge has announced releasing a special edition of one of a kind custom sets of the Plaseebo Mummy and Sarcophagus – … Read More

Shogun Young Gohst ‘Sepsis’ and ‘On The Mend’ Variants

The Playge store is currently taking orders for the Shogun Young Gohst ‘Sepsis’ and ‘On The Mend’ Variants from Ferg and Grody Shogun. The ‘Sepsis’ version features red and yellow marbled vinyl with … Read More

Hot Toys’ Scarlet Witch Movie Promo Edition

In Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, after stopping Ultron’s terrifying plan to eradicate mankind on Earth, the Avengers have established a new base with Captain America and Black Widow leading … Read More

REVIEW: One:12 Collective – Mutant Leader

In the pantheon of comic books, The Dark Knight Returns might just be the medium’s Citizen Kane. The four part miniseries was released in 1986, having been written and illustrated … Read More

Errants “Random Clear Glitter” Pre-Order

UHOH Toys has announced that the Errants “Random Clear Glitter” pre-order is now live (running through April 22nd 2016). Each set includes 3 Errants figures in random colors of either Clear Blue, … Read More

Softoy Hobby’s post-ToyCon UK Sale Info

Softoy Hobby will be holding a post-ToyCon UK sale on Wednesday, April 20th 2016 at 9PM London Time (4PM ET). They held back some select stock, along with a few leftovers and … Read More

Kosrobot New Releases

Kosrobot’s new minifigure – the aptly named Kosrobot – has been released. The hand-sculpted and hand-cast resin action figure features the classic 5 points of articulation, magnetic joints, bright colors, and stand in … Read More

Camazotz Death Bat from Tomenosuke

It is the 10th anniversary of the founding of Tomenosuke-syoten in this year, and they’ve been releasing a number of exclusive toys to commemorate this occasion. This one is the Camazotz Death Bat (their … Read More