Bigmantoys’ Puppet Master Tribute

Dropping on Saturday March 19th 2016 at Midnight London Time (I think 8PM ET on March 18th), Bigmantoy's unoffical trbute to Puppet Master movies and kinnikuman figures are back for a second round. Blade and Tunneler have returned in fully handpainted resin, and purple glitter variants, and they are joined by Pinhead and Leech Woman in the standard flesh keshi, fully handpainted, purple glitter, and metallic variants. These are sculpted in Z-Brush, printed in the highest possible Shapeways resolution, and re-cast by hand.

The rubber figures are $16.00 each or $28.00 for a two-pack. The limited edition purple glitter figures (10 of each) run $15.00 each. And the fully handprinted figures run $20.00 each. Each figure comes packaged in a polybag with a glossy header card.

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