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Monique Motil’s Sartorial Creatures


Some folks might know artist Monique Motil's creations in a fairly roundabout way. Her little creatures (Sartorial Creatures) inspired several characters (the Squirrel People) in a pair of Christopher Moore's books (A Dirty Job and Secondhand Souls). It's easy to see how they would conjure up thoughts of randomly assembled creatures that a should could be thrown into. With various animal pieces and little handmade outfits...they're some of the most unique pieces I've seen.

Monique describes the Sartorial Creatures as follows:

I create dolls because I don’t have enough room in my closets for full-scale costumes. Each animal skull inspires a separate character and period of fashion. I view every creature as a collage since I use pieces of my lifelong collections of strange pods and sparkly bits, fabric scraps, body parts, beads and bones to construct the sculptures. I am very inspired by the colors and texture of the natural world. I respectfully build each piece with the spirit of the animals involved.

Currently, you can pick one up over at her Etsy page, where they're selling anyone from $110 to $440 each.


Hot Toys’ MMS Diecast Series: War Machine


Even though Iron Man 2 was released over five year ago, Hot Toys continues to bring collectors new collectibles from the film license. The latest announcement is a new 1/6th scale War Machine from their MMS Diecast Series. The movie-accurate collectible figure is made of diecast material, and features a newly developed helmeted head sculpt of James Rhodes featuring likeness of Don Cheadle, interchangeable LED light-up helmet, movie-accurate proportion and detailed armor design, metallic black and silver colored armor, interchangeable battle damaged armor parts on head, shoulder, chest, and back, articulated back-mounted machine gun, interchangeable battle damaged back-mounted machine gun barrel, hidden compartments on shoulders to reveal weapons, LED light-up functions, and a specially designed diorama figure stand based on the final showdown with Whiplash Mark II in Iron Man 2. 

Sideshow Collectibles currently has the figure available to pre-order. It's priced at $359.99 and expected to begin shipping in the 3rd quarter of 2016.


The 1/6th scale War Machine figure features the following:

  • Newly developed helmeted head sculpt with authentic likeness of Don Cheadle as James Rhodes
  • Interchangeable helmeted head with LED light-up function
  • Two styles of interchangeable face masks (normal and battle damaged)
  • Two styles of interchangeable right shoulder armor (normal and battle damaged)
  • Two styles of removable chest armor (normal and battle damaged)
  • Two styles of interchangeable articulated back boosters (normal and battle damaged)
  • Two styles of interchangeable shoulder blade armor (normal and battle damaged)
  • Chest armor can be removed to reveal interior mechanical design
  • Shin armor parts can be detached to reveal interior mechanical design
  • LED lighted Arc Reactor on chest
  • Pair of fists
  • Pair of hands with articulated fingers and light-up repulsors
  • Pair of repulsor firing hands
  • Articulated back-mounted machine gun
  • Interchangeable battle damaged back-mounted machine gun barrel
  • Hidden compartment can reveal detachable “Ex-Wife” rocket on left shoulder
  • Hidden compartment can reveal mini missiles on right shoulder
  • Sub-machine guns mounted on the arms
  • Specially-designed diorama figure base

Luke Chueh’s Headspace – Pirate Abe Rotofugi Exclusive


Munky King has produced a series of toy inspired by Luke Chueh's Headspace series of paintings. The Headspace - Pirate Abe Rotofugi Exclusive will be limited to a run of 200 pieces. Each 4.5-inch tall Pirate Abe features a pair of removable heads - a crying bear designed by Luke and the first 3D manifestation of Rotofugi's Pirate Abe mascot (sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider at Shinbone Creative). This version will only be available at Rotofugi and can be purchased for $60.00 each beginning today (December 11th 2015) at 10AM CT.

Nathan Hamill’s Holiday Sale


Artist Nathan Hamill will be running a holiday sale via his online shop. All items are marked 20% OFF with the code HAMILLHOLIDAYS. You'll need to act fast, as the sale will last until 12AM PST on Saturday December 12th 2015.

Bingle Bear Android Release


I guess it's the time of year to start posting about Christmas themed toys. The Bingle Bear Android is by artist Scott Tolleson and will be up for sale on the Dead Zebra Shop starting today (December 10th 2015) at 11AM EST. The 3-inch tall figure features a removable hat and present. They'll start shipping on Monday the 14th, so if US customers want to get them in time for should select USPS Priority Mailto cover yourself.

Argonaut Resins’ Holiday Hunt


It's that time of year again...when Argonaut Resins starts their annual Holiday Hunt. Resin figures will be released at random in their online all hours of the day...from now through Christmas...and all of the way to New Years. This years Holiday Hunt will feature the Tuttz OG 6.5-inch tall cats cast in glittery confetti (and some will glow in the dark). They'll run $75.00 (shipped in the US) and there will be a run of 25 resin cast Tuttz OG cats to complete this series.


Threezero announces the Prophet from Crysis Pre-Order


Threezero is currently taking pre-orders for their 1/6th scale Prophet collectible figure from the science fiction first-person shooter video game Crysis. The figure stands 13.5 inches tall, features soft PVC dermis on the limbs, and comes with exchangeable hands and several weapons. Any Prophet figure purchased at the Threezerostore comes with a Typhoon submachine gun as the exclusive weapon.

You can pre-order one now for $230.00, which includes worldwide shipping. It's estimated that the figure will begin shipping in Q3 of 2016.

The Prophet collectible includes the following:

  • Pair of hands for holding bow
  • Pair of hands for holding gun
  • Pair of fisted hands
  • SCAR MOD2 with Grenade Launcher
  • Predator Bow with Standard spear arrow x3
  • Threezerostore exclusive weapon: Typhoon

2001: A Space Odyssey 1/6th Scale Figures


If you hadn't noticed, Go Hero announced the branding of the Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood figures (produced by Phicen and Executive Replicas) to being officially licensed (by Warner Brothers) 2001: A Space Odyssey 1/6th scale figures. While it probably won't have much of an impact on the figure itself, the figures can now be named after the characters in the film. Dulles played Dr. Dave Bowman and Lockwood played Dr. Frank Poole.

In addition to that tidbit being announced at New York Comic Con 2015, we also got our first peek at an additional spacesuit. The Blue Discovery Astronaut suit is available to pre-order (in addition to the two figures) for $279.99. The figures, which each include their own spacesuit, can be pre-ordered for $379.99 each. Of course, you can use the discount code plasticandplush to get $5.00 off your order from the Go Hero Shop.


“Ronin” Boba Fett Hits Shops



Bluefin has announced that the newest addition to the Meisho Movie Realization Star Wars line by Tamashii Nations will be arriving in time for the holidays. The “Ronin” Boba Fett will be available with an MSRP of $89.99. The Tamashii Nation’s Meisho Movie Realization Star Wars line pays homage to the Samurai aesthetic in a fun new way and artfully reimagines key Empire characters from the iconic films with feudal-style Japanese armor and weaponry. Standing in at 6 3/4 inches tall, the figure will include his EE-3 rifle, restyled as an flint-lock style blaster, the characteristic backpack missile that can be removed/attached, and a moveable helmet mounted scope. In addition to a short ninja-style katana and sheath, numerous ninja-style blade accessories are also included can be subtly attached to shin and forearm area mounting points. I think you had me at Boba Fett plus Samurai.

Today: Daniel Yu Resin Drop


Daniel Yu will be releasing a number of pieces today (December 8th 2015), beginning at 10AM ET. To round off 2015, all of the sculpts Daniel produced this year (and then some) will be making an appearance in this drop. There will be plenty of painted as well as unpainted pieces....retailing between $20.00 and $155.00.