New Works from turboPISTOLA

Artist Daniel Smith aka turboPISTOLA returned from Designer Con 2015 and still has a number of pieces available to purchase…including a slew of Ion Men customs, a run of Microman-inspired figures with … Read More

Goodleg Toys’ Krampus Release

Goodleg Toys has their Krampus action figure release set for Krampus Night – December 5th 2015 at Noon ET. This release will be limited to 13 pieces, including three Badleg Krampus figures … Read More

Edward Scissorhands TITANS: The “I’m Not Finished” Collection

Titan Merchandise has announced the upcoming Edward Scissorhands TITANS: The “I’m Not Finished” Collection, featuring a boatload of characters from Tim Burton’s 1990 hit film featuring Johnny Depp. This series … Read More

Lady Liberty Shadow Edition Special

This month marks the 10th anniversary for and they’re offering up the Little Liberty Shadow Edition by Erick Scarecrow at a special price of $20.00 over at the ESC Shop. This pricing … Read More

Toy Break Episode 377: The Out Of Order One

Corwin and Geoff Webb are on the Toy Break couch for this week’s episode of the show. Episode 377: The Out Of Order One features closer looks at Loot Crate, … Read More

Kickstarter: Dream BIG Friends’ Yuna from David + Sun-Min

A trio of toy industry vets – Klim Kozinevich (Bigshot Toyworks) and David Horvath + Sun Min (Uglydolls) – have teamed up for a new project they are launching through Kickstarter … Read More

Shadoe Delgado’s Koog Resin Figure

Shadoe Delgado has released a new original resin figure named Koog. Koog is a 3-inch tall resin figure that joins the world of the Shadowlings. This is Kooglyberry, Koog for short. He obsessively … Read More

Celebrate a PHUNNY Christmas with Kidrobot

Kidrobot has announced five new PHUNNY plush toys that will get you in the mood for the upcoming Christmas holidays…regardless of your favorite holiday film. Those five characters that can now … Read More

McFarlane’s Medieval Spawn Statue

McFarlane Toys founder and legendary artist Todd McFarlane and crew have announced a new limited edition, hand-crafted cold-cast resin statue featuring Medieval Spawn. Standing in at over 17 inches tall, the piece shows … Read More

Plaseebo’s Delirious Night Gamer

On Wednesday, November 25th 2015, Plaseebo (Bob Conge) will be offering up the Delirious Night Gamer, a one of a kind custom that’s been hand-painted with a variety of monster Kolor paints … Read More

I won’t be a Hero, Tim

The newest art piece from Fools Paradise is named I won’t be a Hero, Tim. This made-to-order vinyl and PVC figure is currently available to pre-order for $269.00 plus $20.00 … Read More

The Mythicals: Freddie

Monster Factory has announced an addition to The Mythicals series of plush toys. The limited edition Freddie, apparently one of Santa’s elves, measures in at 6.5″x 11.0″ x 7.0″. “Freddie is trying … Read More