Freaks, Finks, Spazzes

Radioactive Uppercut has revealed their debut keshi line – Freaks, Finks, Spazzes. These guys have crawled out of the stinkiest sewage (not literally). Drawing inspiration from the Lowbrow likes of Ed … Read More

TAG’s Red Rub Vertebrata Lottery

Toy Art Gallery will be releasing the Red Rub Vertebrata vinyl beginning today (Wednesday August 26th 2015) at Noon PT, with a lottery that runs through Monday August 31st 2015 … Read More

NYCC15: Sofia Margherita by UME Toys

As New York Comic Con 2015 quickly closes in on us, folks are already starting to announce their show releases and exclusives. This Convention Exclusive is from Rich Page of UME Toys and will … Read More

Vinyl Idolz: 1960’s Batman

With the recent passing of Yyvone Craig, it’s somewhat fitting that Vinyl Sugar has announced her inclusion (as Batgirl) in their upcoming Vinyl Idolz: 1960’s Batman Series. In addition to Batgirl, … Read More

Argonaut Resins’ YinYang Tuttz

Argonaut Resins has released a handful of these black and white 8-inch tall YinYang Tuttz cats customs painted by artist Eric Nocella Diaz. This is an edition size of only 10 pieces and there are … Read More

REVIEW: Distressed Baby Sperel

Background It was way back in 2011 when I featured Orion Spellman’s (or Orion Sperelman) Sperel plush in a toy review. At the time, they were touting the “Save The … Read More

GOHST S001.50 Release

This coming Monday (August 24th 2015) at Noon CT, the Project Squadt Store will be taking orders for the GOHST S001.50 collectible figure. This 3.5-inch tall vinyl figure will be an … Read More

UME Toys’ KidWok Release

UME Toys will be releasing the 1.5-inch tall handmade resin KidWok – “the hairy middle child that’s as cute as a button” on Friday August 28th 2015 at 4PM ET. The … Read More

Mopeez: Batman 75th Colorways

Funko is celebrating Batman’s 75th anniversary with an influx of color. Their Mopeez: Batman 75th Colorways will come in a rainbow’s worth of colors. There’s the not-so-Dark Knight transformed into a … Read More

Vampire Hunting Miyu and Lizbeth Pre-Order

3A Toys has announced that the Vampire Hunting Miyu and Lizbeth, from the World of Isobelle Pascha, will go on sale today (Thursday August 20th 2015) at 9PM ET. (yeah…it … Read More

Pop! Heroes: Gotham

One of the surprise hits of this past year’s television season was Fox’s attempt at a Batman sequel – Gotham. Focusing on Detective Jim Gordon (and a much pre-pubescent Bruce … Read More

Kickstarter: Seawater Sweeties

Shelly Rodriguez is looking to Kickstarter to create her third successful crowd-sourced plush project – the Seawater Sweeties. The series will be made up of three characters: Eclair the Sea Otter; Loin … Read More