Cometdebris’ Halloween Unlucky Bags


Cometdebris will be releasing their Halloween Unlucky Bags this Sunday - October 18th 2014 - at 1:00AM ET. As with previous bags, this year's bags will include one of a kind customs, signed and numbered limited editions, test shots (never released test vinyl), and unpainted figures. In addition, select bags will also include new figures and Gargamel Zagorans.

The bags are available in 3 sizes:

  • Small - includes 2 different figures: 1 mini and 1 medium. $111.00
  • Medium - includes 4 different figures: 2 minis and 2 mediums. $222.00
  • Large - includes 5 different figures: 2 minis, 2 mediums, and 1 Zagoran. $333.00

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