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Mole XL

Kerry Dyer will be releasing her Mole XL figures at ToyConUK this year. They are 4-inch resin figures that are hand-rotocast. They'll be available in 3 colors, including white resin. She will also be releasing Mole XL Chase figures (Molehill), limited to 5 pieces for ToyConUK.

Toy artist David Stevenson is customizing a few Mole XL's for ToyConUK, and Kerry will have new custom vinyl figures and other resin work available at the convention.

Kerry Dyer Mole XL 2

The Jelly Empire at MoCCA Festival

Jelly Empire Gentlebots

Selina Briggs (The Jelly Empire) will have two new collections at the MoCCA Festival - taking place next weekend. The first is a set of 5 pieces of her vey dapper looking Steampunk Gentlebot. Each figure comes with a staff accessory. The second is a set of 4 pieces of her Playbot Bunnies. There are 2 brunettes and 2 blondes...each with their own tray of drinks.  Since this is also a little early Easter release, it will come with little chocolate mini eggs too.

The MoCCA Festival is April 5th and 6th 2014 from 11AM to 6PM at the 69th Regiment Armoury, 68 Lexington Avenue (25th Street) New York. Selina's booth number is C24.

Jelly Empire Playbot Bunnies

Vinyl Stegoforest Release

Stegoforest vinyl

The first vinyl release of Stegoforest from Jesse Narens is now available (shipping by the end of April). Cast in Japanese vinyl, the 7" long and 4" tall figure features an articulated head and front left foot. The included Acorn Warrior mini is 2" long. You can purchase one now for $80.00 painted or $75.00 unpainted plus shipping.

Octopup: Aquapup Edition

Nathan Hamill Aquapup 1

3DRetro has released a new colorway of Nathan Hamill's Octopup sofubi. The Octopup: Aquapup Edition measures in at 2" in height and comes bagged and carded. This version can be picked up for $10.00 each.

Nathan Hamill Aquapup 2

Trouble Boys S00? [NKD] GID

NKD trouble reg multi

The Trouble Boys S00? [NKD] GID from Brandt Peters and FERG will be released today (March 31st 2014) at Noon CT. You can pick one up at the Squadt Store.

There will be a 48 hour open order period for the TB S00? [NKD] GID. The 6" vinyl includes 3 sets of eye lenses, 2.1 and classic arms, grey pajamas with a not so hidden clear katana, bowler hat (not shown), and a removable helmet. This one will sell for $95.00 (includes worldwide shipping).

There will be a 24 hour open order for the TB S00? [NKD] GID and GID Perp Set. In addition to the above figure, the Perp includes 3 set of eye lenses 2.1 and classic arms, blue pajamas with a not so hidden clear-grey sawed off shotty, sKangol hat (not shown), and a removable helmet. It will be available for $175.00 (includes worldwide shipping).

NKD trouble set multi

Toy Break Episode 300 : Time To Eat!

The whole gang returns to the Toy Break couch for the monumental Episode 300: Time to Eat! In this episode, they take a look at the Spider Gremlin, B-KAWZ, Sir Edmund Monroe, and much more.

Adam Greeley’s Falling Leaves

Greeley Falling Leaves

Adam Greeley recently produced a custom piece he calls Falling Leaves. It's a custom 4" Munny painted with cell vinyl and acrylics. It's currently available in his webstore (linked above) for $75.00.  It was a commission piece...but the buyer backed out...their loss, someone's win.

Seymour’s TAG Tri-Kami Release

Seymour Trikami

Toy Art Gallery has announced an exclusive edition of Seymour’s Tri-Kami resin figure. Tri-Kami stands 7" tall and features three rotating sections that create new variations of the character. Each piece is individually hand-cast and painted by Seymour and is limited to an edition of 8 pieces

Also available from Seymour is his new archival giclee print Retinal Reaper. It measures 11" x 16.7" and is printed on textured cotton rag art paper. All prints are signed, numbered with a letter-presses embossed logo. This is an edition of 50 pieces.

The TAG-Exclusive Tri-Kami will be available for $195.00 and the Retinal Reaper print will run $115.00. You can pick one up this Friday March 28th 2014 at Noon PST.

Seymour Print

1’s & 2’s A Toilet Seat Art Show

SubUrban Vinyl Toilet Art Show

SubUrban Vinyl's 1's & 2's A Toilet Seat Art Show opens this coming Friday. Featuring custom toilet seats from a variety of very talented artists, they will also have available a very limited amount of exclusive Blue Ass Wipe from The Sucklord for the show.

The event will be Friday March 28th 2014 from 6PM to 9PM. Make sure to sign up for their mailing list to receive the preview email before the show on Friday.

SubUrban Vinyl
4 Frederick St
Waldwick,NJ 07463

2013 PAPAs: Plastic Toy of the Year

PAPAs 2013 Plastic

Our final Plastic and Plush Awards category is the Plastic Toy of the Year. While the term "plastic" encompasses a whole array of collectibles, we are mainly looking at vinyl toys here. So here are the top five plastic toys of the year 2013...

Oliver Mortimer 3

5. Oliver & Mortimer from Artoyz Originals (Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters)

Released in several colorways, the Oliver & Mortimer figures were released by Paris-based Artoyz. The husband/wife team of Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters each designed a character in this set...both characters easily fitting in with other toys released by the artists.

turboPISTOLA Ion Men

4. Ion Men from AOI and turboPISTOLA

The smoky black sofubi Ion Men feature plenty of interchangeable bits and pieces. Different heads, hands, bodies, etc. And while the quality for these little guys is great, what was also special is a price point around $20.

Monster Worship Mecha Black Greasebat 2

3. Mecha Greasebat from Monster Worship (Jeff Lamm)

We've seen Monster Worship release the Real Fighting Greasebat along with the Mini and Micro Greasebats...but the Mecha Greasebat gave Jeff Lamm's character a little different twist. Looking more like an old school Japanese sofubi, it was just as popular as the other it sold out fast.

Kozik Clockwork Carrot 2

2. A Clockwork Carrot from BlackBook Toy (Frank Kozik)

This was likely the closest race in all of the categories this year. We've seen the influences of A Clockwork Orange in plenty of Frank Kozik's work, but A Clockwork Carrot is a pure homage to the iconic film. If I wasn't such a fan of Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, I likely wouldn't have been so drawn to the vinyl...or maybe I still would have.

T CP Tide Pool Stinky Ginger

**WINNER** 1. Tide Pool Stinky Ginger from Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus (Chris Ryniak)

Another of the T+CP - Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus - collaborations was Chris Ryniak's Stinky Ginger. I reviewed the Tide Pool Stinky Ginger on the site and was thoroughly impressed with the design and execution. It's probably one of the top crafted sofubi vinyl pieces that I've seen - from sculpt to paint. Plus it's an angry chunk of makes me scared to eat sushi.