Enterbay’s Sixth Scale Blake Griffin

Enterbay Blake Griffin 1

Enterbay has released the Real Masterpiece: NBA CollectionBlake Griffin sixth scale collectible figure. Each figure includes two head sculpts, each with a different facial expression. It also features their newly developed NBA-BG body with 40 points of articulation. And the height is based Griffin’s actual height, so instead of the usual 12" tall sixth scale figurine...it's more like 13" tall. IT runs HK$1,588, which is around $205.00.

Enterbay Blake Griffin 6 Enterbay Blake Griffin 4

The figure includes the following:

• Accurate Official NBA Los Angeles Clippers Home Team Jerseys with shorts and a pair of white socks
• 5 pairs of interchangeable hands, including two pairs with magnets on them to hold the basketball
• Set of white elbow pad and a pair of white basketball tights
• Sixth scale Spalding basketball with magnet inside
• Figure stand with Official NBA Los Angeles Clippers logo

Enterbay Blake Griffin 2 Enterbay Blake Griffin 3 Enterbay Blake Griffin 5

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