Troy Martin’s Slasher Custom

Troy Martin has released his latest custom – an 8″ Dunny titled Slasher. This custom piece also includes a spear accessory. And he’s currently available via Troy’s online store for … Read More

Horror Classics Mystery Minis

On August 15th 2013, Funko will be releasing their Horror Classics Mystery Mini series. These 2.5″ tall vinyl figures feature some of film’s most iconic horror characters.

Hot Toys’ The Mandarin Collectible Figure

If you haven’t heard, the villain in Marvel’s Iron Man 3 is The Mandarin. And as Hot Toys has been produced a litany of Iron Man figures, they have announced … Read More

Custom Boo Mario Toy by Howie Green

Howie Green got his hands on one of the Boo ghost vinyl figures from the Nintendo Super Mario Galaxy 2 series. While it’s not sold as a DIY toy, Howie … Read More

The Basics of Beer

Amanda Visell has released a new poster for all of you beer connoisseurs or home brewers. The Basics of Beer is on 16″ x 20″ archival poster paper. It takes you … Read More

Plaseebo’s Works for the Creatures Show

Bob Conge will be taking part in the Creatures five artist show, which opens tonight (August 9th 2013) from 6PM to 9PM at FOE Gallery in Northampton, MA. There are … Read More

Heisenberg Blues and Ewing’s Sweat Crummy Gummys

Crummy Gummy and Manny X will be releasing two resin toys this Friday, August 9th 2013 via the Crummy Gummy Shop. “Heisenberg Blues” and “Ewing’s Sweat” will be available in … Read More

Kickstart Dan Goodsell’s Vince the Videocassette

Dan Goodsell, the artist behind Mr Toast, has started a Kickstarter campaign to produce the next Mr Toast doll. The new guy is Vince the videocassette. The main perk of … Read More

Button Lab Artist Series Blind Packs

Button Lab has announced a new series of pinback buttons featuring 13 established and emerging artists from the underground art and toy world. The “Button Lab Artist Series” button packs … Read More

Devil Head Productions Releases Two New Alavakas

Devils Head Productions will be releasing two versions of their Alavaka vinyl figure. The Black 5 will be available at Lulubell Toys beginning on August 10th 2013 at 3:33PM PT … Read More

Trio of Releases from Dead Hand Toys

The Dead Hand Toys Store is stocked with some new resin releases. The pink/smoke swirl standard Nex is limited to 2 pieces. And there is a one of a kind … Read More