SDCC13: Monster Worship

MW SDCC Cannibal Fuckface

Monster Worship has announced their San Diego Comic Con schedule. Today (Friday July 19th 2013) from 2PM to 4PM, you can gather 'round the Dragatomi Booth #5350. (You can pick up a ticket before then, as random #'s will be chosen for your ordering priority)

While not all releases have available photos (apparently a lot of these items are hot off the presses...or assembly line...or whatever), all of the details can be found below.

black heksen - Glow In The Dark painted vinyl
Cast in GID vinyl with grey, red and black paint accents. The Black Heksen figure, a collaboration between Monster Worship and Dwid Hellion. It includes dagger and staff accessories. $70.00

Cannibal Fuckface - Hawaiian Colorway
(Pictured above) Johnny Ryan's figure includes a slorge accessory. The colorway is done in pink vinyl with metallic purple, red, yellow, & silver paint accents. MW's bastardization of the classic Hawaiian colorway. $85.00

Rottweiler Herpes - Hawaiian Colorway
(Pictured below) Another Johnny Ryan piece, features the same color scheme as the Hawaiian Cannibal Fuckface. $85.00

MECHA Greasebat
The mecha version of Greasebat from Jeff Lamm and Monster Worship, first painted version. It includes switchable right fists (non-firing rocket & spikeball). $95.00

Colorway and Price: TBA

Colorway: TBA

Semi Korosiya
Colorway and Price: TBA
Monster Worship will be teaming up with Cop a Squat Toys to release a MW colorway of Semi Korosiya.

MW SDCC Rottweiler Herpes

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