Lumpy Space Princess Soft Kriture

Kriture Lumpy Space Princess 1

The newest Soft Kriture - Lumpy Space Princess - is available to pre order until July 11th 2013. Limited to only 7 pieces, the 4.3" tall handmade plush actually squeaks. You can pick one up for $40.00. (And the obligatory legalese from Soft Kriture land below)

The original character belongs to Adventure time but the design and techniques are the same used to craft a typical Soft Kriture, It's a fan art piece, I do not own any of the characters in the adventure time franchise.

Kriture Lumpy Space Princess 2

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  1. Hey i was wondering do you still have these and how much ? Beau cause I think they are really cute also dose it come with the magnet and all thanks

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