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Hot Toys’ Tony Stark (The Mechanic Version)

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Tony Stark The Mechanic 1

Hot Toys has revealed another figure from the Iron Man 3 license. The Tony Stark (The Mechanic Version) sixth-scale figure depicts Tony as he creates homemade weapons to infiltrate The Mandarin’s mansion.

The movie-accurate Tony Stark is specially crafted based on the image of Robert Downey Jr. as the genius billionaire Tony Stark in his battle damaged civilian attire. It features a newly developed head sculpt, an advanced body with light-up chest light and detailed weapons and accessories.

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Tony Stark The Mechanic 6
Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Tony Stark The Mechanic 4
Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Tony Stark The Mechanic 2

The 1/6th scale Tony Stark (The Mechanic Version) features:

• LED light on chest (battery operated)
• Interchangeable metallic gold and red painting on Mark XLII armor parts, including:
• Right forearm armor
• Left leg armor
• Eight interchangeable hands
• White vest
• Pair of dark blue jeans
• Pair of white sneakers
• Black zip hoodie
• Submachine gun
• Nail gun
• Stun gun
• Christmas ball
• Augmented-cognition headset with holographic effect
• Pair of sunglasses
• Watch
• Sling backpack
• Newspaper
• Clamp
• Dart with wire
• Container with syringe
• Figure stand with Tony Stark nameplate and the movie logo
• Homemade Wrist Repulsor (special for selected markets only)

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Tony Stark The Mechanic 5
Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Tony Stark The Mechanic 3

One-Eyed Girl’s Customs

One Eyed Girl Snoodle

Kasey Tararuj a.k.a. One-Eyed Girl has sent us photos of her three newest custom pieces. Each one is a part of the "A Monster's Lullaby" group show that opened on July 19th 2013 at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin.

One Eyed Girl Barbershop

They are (in order of photos):

Snoodle, the daydreamer - 8" Custom Dudebox
Barber Shop Quartet: Squeedle, Irk, Bop, and Doug - Various vinyl toys custom
ZeeZee Snorington, the sleepwalker - Custom Munny/Rooz

One Eyed Girl Zee Zee

BOOK REVIEW: Goin’ Places!

Uglydolls goin places

Goin’ Places! is the first ever Uglydoll comic book (If you don’t count the Free Comic Book Day offering). Husband and wife team David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim are joined by artists James Kochalka, Travis Nichols, Ian McGinty, Phillip Jacobson, and Mike LE Kelly (designer toy collectors know him as Le Merde).

The publication combines several different Uglydoll tales into an 80-page compilation of sorts. Throughout the comic, all of the artists lend their talents to both the artwork and the storytelling of individual stories. There’s cohesiveness, even with eight different minds working on characters that have had somewhat limited background stories.

Several of the short tales are way out there (read: stream-of-consciousness), and it’s interesting to see if you can figure out the single story drawn and told by David and Sun-Min. Hint: look at the title page for all of the story/art credits.

And with that, it almost reminds you of a tribute album. Each individual artist takes a popular song and puts his or her own spin on it. Goin’ Places is the art equivalent of the tribute album. We get to view these characters through the eyes and minds of artists other than their creators. Of course, David and Sun-Min chose these artists, and they wouldn’t leave their Ugly characters in the hands of just anyone.

If you’re a fan of the Uglydoll plush toys and/or like the artwork of David and Sun-Min, Goin’ Places is definitely a “comic book” that you’ll want to pick up. It’s great for any ages, as my three-year-old son can attest to, and it retails around $7.99…which ends up being around 10 cents per page.

Goin' Places is published by VIZ Media

Toy Break Episode 271: Countdown To Catbug!

Scott Tolleson and Ben (of 3DRetro) join Ayleen and George on the Toy Break couch for their annual San Diego Comic Con wrap. So if you didn'tget to SDCC, sit back and tune in to Episode 271: Countdown to Catbug!

Sideshow: G.I. Joe – Baroness

Sideshow GI Joe Baroness 1

Sideshow Collectibles has revealed the latest addition to their G.I. Joe series of sixth-scale figures. The Baroness is priced at $179.99, with an anticipated shipping date in January 2014.

Sideshow GI Joe Baroness 4
Sideshow GI Joe Baroness 2

The Sideshow Exclusive version of the Baroness Sixth Scale Figure includes an additional head with alternate hairstyle and glasses. The main (or only?) female COBRA operative includes the following:

• Detailed Body Armor and holsters
• Tailored Fabric Body-Suit
• High-heeled Boots
• Bull pup Assault Rifle
• Knife
• Sub-machine pistol
• Multiple gloved hands
• Sideshow Exclusive: Additional head with alternate hairstyle and glasses

Sideshow GI Joe Baroness 5
Sideshow GI Joe Baroness 3

Paul Kaiju’s Luftkaiser Painted Red Edition

TAG Paul Kaiju Luftkaiser

Toy Art Gallery has announced a new edition of Paul Kaiju’s Luftkaiser. The 4" tall Painted Red Edition features teal, gold, yellow, and black sprays over yellow soft vinyl. (Made in Japan and painted by Shirahama)

The Luftkaiser Painted Red Edition will be available from Toy Art Gallery (linked above) this Wednesday, July 31st 2013 at 12PM PT for $55.00.

Alien ReAction Figures Pre-Order

Super7 Alien REaction Set

This Thursday, August 1st 2013, at Noon PT, Super7 will begin accepting pre-orders for their Alien ReAction Figures. The set of 5 figures can be pre-ordered for $100.00 and will begin shipping in late October 2013.

The five ReAction Figures include:

The Alien ("Big Chap") – removable transparent dome, extendable jaws and glow-in-the-dark head
Ripley – Flame Thrower
Ash – Motion Detector
Dallas - Flame Thrower
Kane in Nostromo Spacesuit - removable helmet and transparent visor

Here are some additional details about this unique line:

In 1979, prototypes for 3 ¾” action figures for the ALIEN film were developed but never manufactured. Through our network of industry and collector contacts, Super7 has unearthed reference material and original 34-year-old prototypes and will now make these “lost toys” a reality.

Under authorization from 20th Century Fox, Super7 will produce the full series of ALIEN toys as part of our ReAction Figure Series (Retro-Action). Each is stylized exactly as items from the “golden age” of action figures with approximately five points of articulation, accessories, and period-authentic blister card packaging.

QuakeCon Vinyl Toy Exclusive Announced

Symbiote Quake Con Vinyl

Symbiote Studios has announced their QuakeCon Exclusive figure, the space marine Phobos from Quake III. Phobos stands 3.5-inches tall includes two accessories. QuakeCon is being held in Dallas, TX from August 1-4, 2013.

Robot Art Show: The Jelly Empire

Jelly Empire Candyskull 1

Selina Briggs (The Jelly Empire) will have a couple of pieces included in a new exhibit - the Robot Art Show - at the Art Of Toys Gallery in Sacramento, CA.

Her two pieces are Candyskull Jellybot 2.0s and will be available to purchase at the gallery ($35.00 each).

Jelly Empire Candyskull 2

The show will go on for the month of August (2013).

Art Of Toys
1126 18th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

The Sucklord’s Cracky Smurf Bootleg

Sucklord Cracky Smurf Package

The Sucklord has a new bootleg figure available...and as we've learned, nothing is sacred. Apparently, Gargamel's constant harassing has gotten to some of the Smurfs...most notably - Cracky Smurf. The Cracky Smurf Bootleg is a 3" tall resin figure with an edition size of 50 pieces. Cracky Smurf comes with his own Crack Pipe and Hat. You can pick one up for the kids for $125.00.

Sucklord Cracky Smurf Figure