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Hot Toys’ Iron Man Red Snapper Figure

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Power Pose Red Snapper 01

Hot Toys has revealed one of the brand new Iron Man 3 armor suits from their Power Pose Series (PPS) – the 1/6th scale Red Snapper Collectible Figure, the disaster rescue suit Mark XXXV.

Slated to begin shipping in the 4th quarter of 2013, Sideshow Collectibles currently has the figure available to pre-order. It's priced at $254.99.

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Power Pose Red Snapper 04
Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Power Pose Red Snapper 02
Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Power Pose Red Snapper 03

The Power Pose Red Snapper figure features:

• Extended arm-length with movable claw-like hands
• LED-lit eyes, RT on chest and claw-like hands
• Figure stand with Red Snapper and the Stark Industries nameplate with transparent pillar

Toy Break Episode 258: This Belongs In A Museum!

Ayleen and George are joined on the Toy Break couch by Ahren, who helps them recap Monsterpalooza. Episode 258: This Belongs In A Museum! takes a closer look at DigesTED, Michonne, and much more.

Hot Toys’ Iron Man 3 Exhibition

Hot Toys Iron Man 1 Holographic
Hot Toys Iron Man 2  Holographic Iron Man

Hot Toys put together an Iron Man 3 Exhibition featuring Hot Toys' Iron Man figure customized by design gurus from all around the world.

Hot Toys Iron Man 3  Mossman
Hot Toys Iron Man 4 Moon Speaker

From Hong Kong
1. Holographic Iron Man (Testing Version 1): Hot Toys Production Team
2. Holographic Iron Man (Testing Version 2): Hot Toys Production Team
3. Mossman: Derek Kwok
4. Moon Speaker Battle Suit: Jason Siu

Hot Toys Iron Man 5 Spring Pattern
Hot Toys Iron Man 6 POWERED SUIT

From Korea
5. Spring Pattern Iron Man: Yoong Young, Lee

Hot Toys Iron Man 7 IRONTAUR
Hot Toys Iron Man 8 ZETMAN

From Japan
6. POWERED SUIT: Tasuku Kiyono
7. IRONTAUR: Daichi Sato
9. The Mix 3: Takeshi Sakuma

Hot Toys Iron Man 9 The Mix
Hot Toys Iron Man 10 VICTORY

From USA
10. VICTORY: Anthony Mestas
11. To Protect: Serve_Bernardo Esquivel
12. Castaway: Heath Hammond
13. Lunch Break: Jesse Lincoln

Hot Toys Iron Man 11 To Protect and Serve
Hot Toys Iron Man 12 Castaway
Hot Toys Iron Man 13 Lunch Break

Obvious Cause of Death Ghosts

OCODG Jason Wuz Here

Toy designer Reis O'Brien has released a series of little glow-in-the-dark ghosts who all have died in different ways. The Obvious Cause of Death Ghosts are all hand-made by the artist. All "deaths" are hand-made limited edition pieces, with each one being signed by Reis.

Each piece runs $10.00 and can be purchased from the OCODG Online Shop.

OCODG Deep Breath


Brobo 01


Brobo is a huggable night-light. In addition to plush toys, Brobo and friends can be seen in cartoons (they have their own YouTube channel) and storybooks. Canadian artists Kim Blair and Jeff Lai have designed the series of five plush characters:

Brobo is a brave red robot from the future. He likes adventures and learning.
Pep is a pink robot sweetheart. She likes cupcakes and sharing.
Trex is a big orange dinosaur robot. He likes pepperoni, Hawaiian, and Chicago deep-dish pizza.
Mumu is a ninja robot mummy. He likes vacations and hip-hop.
Dog is a blue puppy robot. He likes walks in the park and fetch.

For this review, we’re going to be taking a look at the Dog and Trex plush toys.

Brobo Dog 02

The Facts

Manufacturer: Keiji, Inc.
Artists: Kim Blair and Jeff Lai
Material: Plush with night-light
Dimensions: Around 13” tall/long
Designs: Brobo, Dog, Mumu, Pep, and Trex
Pricing: $29.99 ea.

Brobo Trex 02


Each tag features an illustration of the character as well as a list of his or her likes.

Brobo Trex 01

Our Opinion

So here’s how it works. Each Brobo plush has a black and yellow embroidered circle placed somewhere on it. (The Dog has it on its’ tail and Trex has it on its’ hand) You place that against the light unit to turn it on. You can then cycle through the three different settings (bright mode, dim mode, and off) by touching tapping it against the light.

Brobo Trex 05

The light is pretty bright. It could definitely be used as a night light for your youngsters, and is made of a soft plastic. Also, it has a little vibration pack in there. So every time you change the mode it vibrates. (I’d equate it to a cell phone placed on vibrate)

Brobo Dog 04

Each plush needs 3 AA batteries, which will add some extra weight. I don’t see this being a play toy for kids; it’s more of a functional night-light that they can keep on their bed. I know my 3 year old enjoyed turning the light on and off more than playing with the toy character.

Brobo Dog 05

The characters have a Manga/Anime look to them with those big, sad eyes. While I reviewed the Trex and Dog plush toys, I think the standout (as far as character design) might be Mumu – not often that you see a mummy robot...or a robotic mummy.

To purchase one, check out the following: $29.99 each

Brobo Grades
Brobo Dog 01
Brobo Dog 03
Brobo Dog 06
Brobo Trex 04
Brobo Trex 06
Brobo Trex 07
Brobo Trex 08
Brobo Trex 09
Brobo Trex 03

Ron English’s Count Calorie

Ron English Count Calorie 1

Count Calorie is the latest in Ron English's Cereal Killer Series. Standing in at 8" tall, the good Count is here to suck the blood straight from your clogged arteries.

Look for the figure to retail around $60.00. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

Ron English Count Calorie 2

Living Dead Dolls Presents Universal Monsters: Dracula

Mezco Dracula

The king of the vampires is the latest addition to Mezco's Living Dead Dolls line. From the Universal Monsters license comes the one and only Dracula. The 10-inch tall figure includes full evening dress, his trademark cape, his famous medallion, his red Carnelian stone ring, and his watch chain.

He is available for pre-order online, priced at $32.00, and will be in stores in October 2013.

Pop! Television: MOTU

Funko MOTU He Man

Funko has announced a new series of Pop! Television vinyl figures: Masters Of The Universe. The series consists of five characters: He-Man, Skeletor, Spikor, She-Ra, and Hordak.

Look for the series to be available beginning May 21st 2013.

Funko MOTU Skeletor
Funko MOTU Spikor
Funko MOTU She Ra
Funko MOTU Hordak

Bubu from Stitches and Glue

Stitches and Glue Bubu 2

Stitches and Glue has released a ToyConUK exclusive via their site. So if you couldn't pick it up at the show, or weren't there, Bubu is now available to purchase. Limited to just 6 pieces, the "famous performing monkey" comes complete with cage, circus bunting, magnetized symbols, fez and poseable head.

The 13-inch tall piece features flocked ears and hands, a color cast face with hand painted detail, faux fur, faux suede pillow and beans in his bum to help him sit upright

You can pick one up for £375.00 (around $570) with the cage, or £345.00 (around $525) without it.

Stitches and Glue Bubu 1

Iron Man MARK 42 Life-Size Figure

Sideshow Iron Man MARK 42 1
Sideshow Iron Man MARK 42 2

Sideshow Collectibles introduces the Iron Man MARK 42 Life-Size Figure from Beast Kingdom. If you've ever wanted a real-life Iron Man to keep guard over you as you sleep...or to cuddle in the arms of Tony Stark, you're in luck. Over 7 feet tall, this piece is painted with high gloss automotive paint, and features LED light up eyes, arc reactor, palm and display base.

Currently available for a pre-order at $8,499.99, it's slated to begin shipping in Q2 of 2013. Also, Sideshow Collectibles is offering $500 Flat Rate shipping valid within the contiguous US.

Sideshow Iron Man MARK 42 3