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LRT Action Figure from Futurist

Futurist LRT

Futurist has announced the release of their LRT Action Figure. Complete with a swiveling head, the LRT figure has a removable Futurist brand Hat and LRT skateboard (that actually rolls). The figure stands in at 3 3/4″ tall on the skateboard. Figures start shipping in April 2013 and can be purchased for $59.00 (shipping Included).

2012 PAPAs: Sixth Scale Toy of the Year

PAPAs Sixth Scale

We're back, taking a look at the final four categories in our 2012 Plastic and Plush Awards. Today, I'm taking a look at the best sixth scale (or highly articulated) figures from last year.

Go Hero The Shadow

5. The Shadow (Go Hero)

After being teased for a few years, we saw the pulp character, originally appearing in 1930's, released by Go Hero. They did a really good job transitioning the comic book mainstay into a sixth-scale piece.

Sideshow GIJoe Hawk

4. General Hawk - G.I. Joe (Sideshow Collectibles)

Sideshow's G.I. Joe line has been one of their standout licenses over the past several years. Their General Hawk figure is a good example of just how many accessories and extras they include with each figure.

Hot Toys Batman 1989

3. Batman - 1989 (Hot Toys)

A little over 22 years after the movie hit theaters, Hot Toys released both a Batman and Joker sixth-scale figures from the 1989 Batman film. Featuring three swap-out face pieces and a number of accessories, it's sure to please fans who preferred Tim Burton's take on the Batman story.

Hot Toys Captain America

2. Captain America - The First Avenger (Hot Toys)

The Number 2 figure might be my favorite on this list...mainly due to the retro look this Captain America figure. He didn't include the number of accessories some of the other figures on this list did, so ultimately, that might have pumped Steve Rogers to the #2 spot.

Hot Toys POTC Jack Sparrow

1. Captain Jack Sparrow DX (Hot Toys)

Hot Toys' produced a number of figures based on Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean film license. Their sculpting work of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow was amazing. The figure included a pair of interchangeable heads with their PERS moveable eyes system. And the accessories, including a sixth-scale weathered ship's wheel, were overwhelming.

VISEone Comic Stripped Customs

VISEone Hulk 1
VISEone Hulk 2

In the latest newsletter from VISEone, he showed off a pair of custom commissions from his Comic Stripped series. These, of course, are an Incredible Hulk MAD*L and a Captain America Munny. Unfortunately, also mentioned in the newsletter is that he will no longer be taking commissions...but he'll still be customizing.

VISEone Captain America 1
VISEone Captain America 2

My Little Pony x Mimobot

Mimobot My Little Pony

Bronies rejoice! Mimoco has unveiled the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic X Mimobot Series of flash drives, available in up to 128GB as well as USB3.0 speeds. The three piece collection showcases Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Dash. Each My Little Pony Mimobot comes preloaded with extra digital goodies, including wallpapers, icons, and avatars, exclusive MimoByte® sound software, as well as an entire digital issue of the My Little Pony comic-book, videos, and a preview of the new watercolor Pony adventure book “My Little Pony: Under the Sparkling Sea” by award-winning illustrator Mary Jane Begin!

A Sculptural Tribute to Ian Curtis of Joy Division

Joy Division Kickstarter 2

Independent design studio Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons' Kickstarter campaign for DIGITAL 18:05:80 // A Sculptural Tribute to Ian Curtis of Joy Division has a little over a day left for funding. They're making this piece available in cold-cast porcelain and aluminum at the $250.00 and $600.00 funding tiers. Check out the Kickstarter page here.

Elephantos – Skella and Breakbeat MK2

Turbo Pistola skellagroup

Daniel (turboPISTOLA) posted up a new round of Elephantos resin figures. The first is the Skella Edition, "inspired by Skeletor", and 2nd is the Breakbeat MK2 Edition, "kind of an updated version of one of the first colorways a few years back". These will run $25.00 each and come in a block print box.