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CCC’s Fidelia and Fidelina Pre-Order

CCC Fidelia Fidelina

JPopDolls is releasing CCC's (Charles' Creature Cabinet) Fidelia Firefly Faerie 2nd Edition and Fidelina Firefly Faerie 1st Edition for pr-order. The pre-order window runs through April 7th 2013, with an anticipated delivery date in July/August 2013.

Both Fidelia and Fidelina are glow-in-the-dark BJD (blue GID). They include random 10mm glass eyes, a wooden CCC box, soft resin goggles (pink) and wings (aqua). Fidelia measures 12cm in height, while Fidelina is 8cm. Each one can be pre-ordered for $296.00.

Mr. Toast at WonderCon

Mr Toast Midnight Super Toast

Dan Goodsell will be bringing a few exclusives to his WonderCon Booth #1168 (March 29th - 31st 2013) - one plastic and one plush.

The Midnight Super Toast (pictured above) is limited to a run of 200 pieces. Each 7" tall plush includes a handmade numbered tag. It will be available for $10.00 each.

The Shaky Bacon Resin Figure (pictured below) stands in at 5" tall. The hand painted edition by Dan Goodsell (sculpted by Pretty in Plastic) is limited to 45 pieces. You can pick one up for $45.00.

Mr Toast Shaky Bacon Resin

Stephen Singer’s ROYGBIV Surinama

Whistling Pony Suriname 1

Stephen Singer formed Whistling Pony Toys in 2009 with the goal of creating art plastic meant for both the retail and gallery setting. Stephen’s first two figures, Death Light Monster (DLM) and Kachina Seijin, were produced in resin, and he is now exploring the possibilities of the vinyl medium.

Surinama is Stephen’s first sofubi figure and was inspired by the Surinama toad that gives birth to live baby toads which emerge out of its back. The figure stands 6” tall with a 12” horn span and has five points of articulation (neck, arms and horns) and interchangeable appendages.

Stephen designed and sculpted Surinama out of Sculpey. The figure was then tooled and molded by Luke Rook of Grody Shogun in Japan, and had an initial casting in clear, black, and GID. He is currently producing custom limited runs, including collaboration with several top customizers. The most recent release is a collaboration with artist Topheroy.

Cast in clear vinyl and painted with Monster Kolor, this rainbow version is known as ROYGBIV and is limited to 10 pieces, running $85.00 each.

Whistling Pony Suriname 2

EASTER – Chicks Gone Wild

Just in time for the Holiday this coming weekend, Bob Conge has announced a new 8" resin will be coming on Sunday March 31st 2013 from Plaseebo.

Plaseebo Easter Chicks Gone Wild

© Bob Conge 2013

Remember all those yellow baby balls of fuzz and feathers taken from their mothers at three days old and offered for sale at Easter from the five and dime or Agway stores ? Quasi parents would offer them to their mauling offspring as cute and cuddly temporal pets to go peeping through the next three weeks or so until the malnourished and exhausted chicks lost their novelty and outgrew their cuteness.

A few were fortunate enough to be dropped off at local farms as orphans to live out life at the bottom of the pecking order. The majority however met a much less desirable end. By mid April the annual country wide genocide was in full swing at the hands of unfeeling nazified mothers and fathers. A flush of the toilet and they were done till next March. Thus annually reenforcing the unspoken lesson for their children, "If you are not cute, you are worthless !"

Well as chicken karma would have it, in 1958 some of the besieged chicks were dumped one night on a dirt road near an abandoned farm in Alamagordo New Mexico. The empty farm sat on the fringe of the Nevada Proving Ground for atmospheric atomic testing and the lost chicks found endless fields of irradiated corn and ponds filled with water that would glow green at night.

Only two years later they were thirty-eight feet tall and were eating everything they could pick apart with their razor sharp beaks. Throwbacks to their dinosaur ancestors, they began attacking cars on lonely night highways and eating the tasty humans inside the metal eggs.

How cute.

Paper + Plastick Skull Head

Paper Plastick Skull 1

Paper + Plastick Records (a record label and visual art company) has partnered up with Jonathan Dubose to create some limited edition toys.

The familiar Paper + Plastick Skull Head gets a hand-poured resin treatment to match the white and black vinyl variations of After The Fall's Unkind LP. There are 20 pieces available for $30.00 each.

Paper Plastick Skull 2

Flat Bonnie & Friends WonderCon Exclusives

FlatBonnie WonderCon Shelbun

Flat Bonnie & Friends will be attending WonderCon 2013 in Anaheim (March 29th to 31st 2013). They'll be at Booth #1076, with a few of WonderCon Exclusives:

The 12" tall handmade Shelbun (pictured above) is a Flat Bonnie in the costume of her favorite T.V. scientist. It's an edition of 20 pieces, running $25.00 each.

And the 13" tall handmade Woolly Mammoth (pictured below) is an edition of 10 pieces, running $60.00 each.

FlatBonnie WonderCon Woolly

OMFG! Series 3 on Kickstarter

OMFG Series 3

October Toys has announced that OMFG! Series 3 has hit Kickstarter. This series consists of five figures, including:

Pugnacious designed by Bill MacKay and sculpted by George Gaspar

Barbarianaut designed and sculpted by Charles Marsh

Dr. Decay designed by Jonathan Wojcik and sculpted by George Gaspar

Fruit Punch designed by Scott Tolleson and sculpted by George Gaspar

TenCan concept by Richard Brown, designed by Nikolos Sardos, and sculpted by Bryan Fulk

As with other Kickstarter projects, there are various support levels with different rewards. The OMFG! Series 3 project will only be funded if at least $15,000 is pledged by Friday April 19th 2013 at 6:00am EDT.

The Riddler Mimobot

Mimoco Riddler Mimobot

Mimoco has announced the release of The Riddler Mimobot, the newest DC Comics villain character to be transformed into a Mimobot USB flash drive. The Riddler Mimobot is now available in a limited edition of 2,000 hand-numbered pieces. It can be purchased in 8GB to 128GB capacities, ranging in price from $19.99 to $129.99.   

March Releases from ESC-Toy

ESC Love Crawler

Love Crawlers by Erick Scarecrow

These 2" clear hand painted resin figures are also magical charms! Who would've known? Love Crawlers have a variety of spells...we mean uses. These will be available on March 23rd 2013 at 11AM ET in the ESC Shop for $15.00 (plus $7.00 shipping in USA).

ESC Armora and Dragovo Knights Nite

Armora Knight's Nite by Erick Scarecrow

This release includes one 18" Armora and one 6.5" Dragovo hand painted resin figure. Packed in hand cut styrofoam and signed and numbered by artist Erick Scarecrow, the Amora Knight's Nite is an edition size of 5 pieces worldwide. This figure will also be available on March 23rd 2013 at 11AM ET in the ESC Shop for $500.00 (plus $1.00 shipping in USA, $5.00 worldwide).

ESC Tunic Gray

Tunic Kami x Sama Gray colorway by Erick Scarecrow x Frombies

There will be only 20 pieces released of this colorway. Each 3" hand made resin figure will be signed and numbered by Erick Scarecrow. It will be released on March 23rd 2013 at 11AM ET in the ESC Shop for $30.00 (plus $6.00 shipping in USA, $15.00 worldwide).

ESC Serving Papa Sama

Serving Papa Sama poster by Erick Scarecrow

These thick gloss 11" x 17" posters come packed in a protective sleeves and are shipped flat. They will be released on March 23rd 2013 at 11AM ET in the ESC Shop for $6.00 (plus $1.00 shipping in USA).

ESC Chelly Blood Sisters

Chelly Chainsaw Blood Sisters by Erick Scarecrow

These 10" resin figures are limited to 2 pieces worldwide. Each hand painted resin figure is signed, numbered and packed in hand-cut styrofoam. These figures will be released on March 23rd 2013 at 11AM ET in the ESC Shop for $250.00 (plus $1.00 shipping in USA, $50.00 worldwide).

ESC Pinnola Gelee

There are also a few items that are low in stock, including the Pinnola Gelee by Erick Scarecrow (5 pieces at $225.00 plus shipping). And there are the Clear Blueberry Mini Soopa Jr figures by Erick Scarecrow. Each 4" hand made clear resin figure retails for $20.00 (plus $7.00 for USA shipping).

ESC Blue Coin Up

Nathan Hamill’s Kammu Metal Figure – Gun Metal Edition

Nathan Hamill Kammu Gun Metal 3
Nathan Hamill Kammu Gun Metal 1

Today (Friday March 22nd 2013) at Noon PT, 3DRetro will be releasing Nathan Hamill's Kammu Metal Figure. This is the 3.25"tall Gun Metal Edition, which is limited to 30 pieces and will sell for $75.00.

Nathan Hamill Kammu Gun Metal 4
Nathan Hamill Kammu Gun Metal 2