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CCC – Fidelia and Fidelina

05 November 2012 at 8:34 AM 3 Comments

CCC Fidelia II

It's been a while since we've heard from Charles Stephan (Charles' Creature Cabinet), but he's decided to release Fidelia the Firefly Faerie, which was originally released April 16th 2009, once more.


With the help of his friend Grace from Jpopdolls, the tiny ball-jointed doll will soon be available for pre-order during a limited window. The Fidelia II will be released in a new GID color (lavender/purple) and with a new outfit by Lin Murasaki Design (Charles’ sister). At the same time, they'll also be unveiling Fidelia's younger sibling: Fidelina (Fee-de-leenah) - little faithful one. She'll measure a little over 3" and be cast in pink glow-in-the-dark resin.

CCC Fidelina

3 Responses to “CCC – Fidelia and Fidelina”

  1. Murjani says:

    It will be wonderful in Fairyland to have more of these incredible beautiful Faes. The first release dolls are hughely popular and gave the caretakers a lot of joy and fun.

    Congratulations Charles.


  2. RoseAnn says:

    Thank you Charles….your creations are magical!
    Keep them coming!

  3. Patience says:

    Please release another Fidelia! There are many of us who want one!! :)


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