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The Nama x Nilla Man-E-Toys Exclusive Mini Figures

Man E Toy

In celebration of their upcoming H.U.S.T.L.E 2-pack (Ed Skworm Vs. Min-E-Face), Man-E-Toys is teaming up with Eric Nilla and Tyler of Nama-Niku for an assortment of exclusive MAN-E-TOYS colorways (blue, along with a few purple chase figures).

Included in this release are the Super Rare M.U.S.C.L.E Can, Manzilla 2, the Meatgrinder vs. Halfbaked Ham Duel Pack, Chibi Meatgrinder and SD Splatterhouse Rick. They'll be released in the Man-E-Toys store today (August 31st 2012) at 9:00PM London Time (4:00PM ET), with prices ranging from $10.00 to $26.00 plus shipping.

Tristan Eaton’s Dreamland Mickey

Tristan Eaton Dreamland Mickey 1

Tristan Eaton, Kidrobot, and Pretty in Plastic are teaming up to produce the Dreamland Mickey resin figure based on the artwork commissioned by musician Everlast. Sculpted and cast by Julie B of Pretty in Plastic, the limited edition run of 20 pieces will be available at the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (September 1-2 2012) for around $1,000.00 (I guess depending on the exchange rate that day).

Tristan Eaton Dreamland Mickey 2

September 2012 NOTM: Magma Ninja

Shawnimals NOTM12 Magma 1

Shawnimals has promised a "real scorcher" for their September 2012 Ninja of the Month. The Magma Ninja will be released on Wednesday September 5th 2012 at 1:00PM CT. While I thought the special feature was snazzy fishnet stocking, it's actually a crackly 'magma' body.

Shawnimals NOTM12 Magma 2

This handmade 7" x 7" plush Ninja is limited to a run of 100 pieces. Each one comes with a signed and numbered fancy hang tag, character sticker and character button. You can pick one up for $30.00.

Shawnimals NOTM12 Magma 3

KR Exclusive Forest Warlord

Kidrobot Bigfoot Warlord 1

Kidrobot has announced an exclusive version of Bigfoot’s 11-inch tall Forest Warlord vinyl. There will only be 50 pieces produced in this color way, which is apparently an homage to trippy black light posters. It will run you $95.00 (or, give or take, 30 bags of Doritos).

Unfortunately, it's classified as "Coming Soon". So I'd probably just take a week or two off from work and get to refreshing your browser.

Kidrobot Bigfoot Warlord 2

Yum Yum Bear

Yum Yum Bears

If you haven't seen the Yum Yum Toy Series 1 yet...what are you waiting for? It's my favorite vinyl release in some time...and, since it wasn't from one of those big toy companies, it sort of floated under the radar.

Well, apparently, they're back at work on a new toy design - this lovely Bear. There are plans for eight different colors, which makes me think blindbox. And looking at them, it doesn't seem like there is one design that I wouldn't like.

NTF + Fawn = Sundae Girls – I Want Candy

NTF Fawn Sundae 1

Six years after unveiling Fawn Gehweiler's first vinyl toy, Necessaries Toy Foundation is ready to release the Sundae Girls. I Want Candy is the first of the Fawn's three Sundae Girls figures sculpted by Dave Pressler. Like everything NTF, this figure is big - standing nearly 14 inches tall with 5 points of articulation.

The figure is a limited edition of 500 figures. Look for I Want Candy to retail around $69.00. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys

NTF Fawn Sundae 2