Bob Conge’s Monster Mayhem Customs

plaseebo moleortise plaseebo versace nitegamer

With Bob Conge (Plaseebo) being invited back to this year's Monster Mayhem show at FOE Gallery, he has hacked up some pieces for the show opening taking place this Friday, May 11th 2012.

plaseebo braineniac plaseebo braineniac led

The custom pieces include (in ordered of pictured):

• "Moleortise" resin
• "Verace Night Gamer" vinyl
• "Braineniac" vinyl with LED unit
• "Braineniac" vinyl with LED unit on
• "Custom GID Daigomi" vinyl with LED unit
• "Custom GID Daigomi" vinyl with LED unit on
• "Cotton Candy Molezilla" vinyl

plaseebo gid  daigomi plaseebo gid  daigomi led plaseebo cottoncandy molezilla

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