Leecifer in cahoots with Plaseebo

12 March 2012 at 10:36 AM 0 Comments

plaseebo leecifer nitegmer 1 plaseebo leecifer nitegmer 2

Plaseebo is pleased to announce "The Greater Tropical Night Gamer" custom edition by Leecifer. Bob Conge and Lee Gajda have joined forces on this 7-inch tall vinyl Night Gamer. This is a hand painted and embellished edition of eight pieces with glass eye inserts and a motion activated LED unit inside the head as well as Black Light action.

Six pieces will be made available from the Plaseebo web shop on Wednesday March 14th 2012 for $250.00 each.

plaseebo leecifer nitegmer 4 plaseebo leecifer nitegmer 3

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