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My Cult Canvas – Four New Prints

MCC Superman drinking

Phil Gibson over at My Cult Canvas has released several new prints that will harken you back to the 80's, 90's...and maybe even the 2000's. If you're a fan of classic films, specifically cult classics, you should appreciate these (except the De La Sole is a music tie-in).

MCC this is an adventure

"5 o clock on Krypton" (12"x 16") $22.00

"This is an Adventure" (8.5" x 18") $28.00

"Hotel Chevalier" (10" x 16") $26.00

"De La Sole" (12" x 16") $24.00

MCC Hotel  Chevalier
MCC De La Soul

What’s New from Stitches and Glue

SandG Wing Commander

Paul over at Stitches and Glue has been one busy person. Now available through their online shop, the Wing Commander Wallis stands in at 15" tall. The piece "comes complete with its very own mahogany plinth inscribed with the caption 'Man's Quest for Flight'." If you're interested, you can purchase it for £1,500.00 (about $2,393).

The second character is "the curious cabbage cruncher" called Patch. Limited to only 3 pieces this monster stands in at 14" tall with an arm span of 30" wide (he's fully poseable)...and he comes with a cabbage leaf. Pick one up for £180.00 (around $287).

SandG Patch