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Hot Toys’ The Avengers – Nick Fury

Hot Toys Nick Fury 1

Hot Toys has revealed the first limited edition collectible figure from the upcoming superhero movie The Avengers. Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., features the authorized likeness of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. This sixth-scale piece is slated to be released in Q2 of 2012.

Hot Toys Nick Fury 3
Hot Toys Nick Fury 2

Accessories include:

• 8 interchangeable gloved hands
• Pistol
• Rocket gun
• Headset
• Silver suitcase with light-up Tesseract (Cosmic Cube) and patterns inside (battery operated)
• Figure stand with Nick Fury nameplate and the movie logo

Hot Toys Nick Fury 5
Hot Toys Nick Fury 4

2011 PAPAs: Best Toy Line

While we already recognized some of our favorite new toy lines of 2011, there's still our overall toy lines to go over. So here are five toy lines that 

5. Uglydolls (Pretty Ugly)

Toy Line uglydoll vinyl

In addition to the popular Uglydoll plushies, Pretty Ugly released Series 3 of their Uglydoll Action Figure vinyls. Plus, there were the Lucky Uckys and a vinyl collaboration with Funko. And 2011 was one of Pretty Ugly's biggest in terms of apparel.

4. Glyos System Series (Onell Design)

Toy Line onell glyan

The introduction of the Glyan character highlighted Onell's Glyos line in 2011. There were customizers and artists who added their own spin on the Glyos various collaborations with companies like Real x Head.

3. Iron Man (Hot Toys)

Toy Line ht iron man bust

One of Hot Toys' most popular lines of 2011 was their Iron Man license. Makes sense with the release of Iron Man 2 was released the year before. In addition to the bust shown above, there were a number of new sixth-scale figures released from the film (Whiplash, War Machine, Iron Man, Black Widow).

2. WWRp (3A Toys)

Toy Line 3A large martins

Ashley Wood's World War Robot Portable line is a little smaller than the non-portable version. That means it's a little smaller hit to the wallet when purchasing one of them. Nonetheless, 3A Toys puts the same quality and care into these smaller pieces.

1. Sixth-Scale Star Wars (Sideshow Collectibles)

Toy Line sideshow gartogg

Sideshow really stepped up their game with the sixth-scale Star Wars license. Rather than the army of Clone Troopers that we've seen over the past few years, Sideshow released a treasure trove of new Star Wars characters with unique body/face sculpts.

2011 PAPAs: Biggest Disappointment

Even though we saw a number of toy releases in 2011 that we loved...there were a few disappointments. Here are five of those that disappointed us...for various reason:

5. MINDstyle's NBA Vinyl Line (MINDstyle)

Dis mindstyle kobe

The rise and fall of MINDstyle in the designer toy scene was quick. But the NBA line designed by CoolRain looks an awful lot like a Michael Lau or Eric So figure.

4. Smell Me Marshalls (64 Colors - Rotofugi)

Dis Smell Me Marshall

The lone disappointment with the Smell Me Marshall scented vinyls is that they lose their smell within a few days of being opened. Since that's the main attraction of the line, it's a little disappointing.

3. 4-LOM (Medicom)

Dis medicom 4 lom

The colors on Medicom's 4-LOM figure just seem a little off. But it might not be that bad if this figure didn't run just under $250.00.

2. Yankee Pig Dog Labbit (Kidrobot)

Dis kidrobot kronk labbit

Apparently, Kidrobot received a number of poorly produced Yankee Pig Dog instead of getting them reproduced to the company's standards, they lowered the price by 31%.

1. The Walking Dead (McFarlane Toys)

Dis mcfarlane daryl dixon

One of my most anticipated lines of the year was McFarlane's The Walking Dead (both the television and comic book series). Unfortunately, it looks like these were sculpted as traditional McFarlane statues...and the articulation was added later (just look at the legs above).

REVIEW: 481 Universe – Anomalies

Nistuff Anomalies 01


There are a number of artists, customizers and sculptors who take Onell Design's Glyos universe and expand upon it. Whether they create new Glyos-compatible parts/figures or complementary characters, it's one of the more collaborative communities in the designer toy realm.

One of those artists is Ni, from and 481 Universe. He has released a six figure series of Glyos style figures that go by the name of the Anomalies. While they aren't compatible with the interlocking joint system of Onell's figures, we'll show you just how they complement them.

Nistuff Anomalies 05

The Facts

Series: Anomalies Minifigure Series
Manufacturer: 481 Universe
Artist/Sculpted by: Ni (
Material: PVC
Dimensions: Between 2” and 3.25” tall
Points of Articulation: Zero
Designs: Adaman; Ancient Astronaut; Laion; SEG; Slir; Strugg
Pricing: $15.00 set of 6

Nistuff Anomalies 02


The six Anomalies comes bagged with a header card. The header card has one of six different illustrations by artist Cpresti. The card is actually a sticker, so it's easy to peel it back, take out the toys, and then re-stick it.

Nistuff Anomalies 07

Our Opinion

The Anomalies figures are actually produced at the same factory that manufactures Onell Design's Glyos figures. So they are made of the same PVC material, making them fit in perfectly (they smell just like them too).

Nistuff Anomalies 09

The sculpting on the Anomalies is interesting. Even though there are similarities between the six characters, they're all unique. The Ancient Astronaut is a chunky sculpt that reminds me a little of Samus of Metroid fame. Adaman, the smallest figure, has a steampunk feel to it. The Strugg might be the closest to resembling a Glyos figure – just check out the leg and foot. Laion is the tallest figure and looks like he'd fit in perfectly with the old Mars-1 Invisible Plan mini-figures. SEG Construct looks like it's made up on a thousand little bricks. And, finally, Slir looks to be constructed of long strands of clay.

Nistuff Anomalies 11

Each Anomaly is sculpted really well, especially for being so small. This version doesn't have any paintwork or washes on the PVC figures, although I'm sure you could give it a shot yourself.

Nistuff Anomalies 13

Overall, I really like the series. It's a good thing when fans and collectors feel such a connection to a line that they sculpt and create an expanded universe of new toys and characters. Ni (through his NiStuff and 481 Universe) has really thrown down the gauntlet for other Glyos fans and customizers.

Six figures for the total price of $15.00 is a great deal ($2.50 each). Plus, Ni throws in a free Glyos compatible Subject head that you can swap onto any of your Onell mini figures.

Nistuff Anomalies 15

You can pick these up at the following:

481 Universe: $15.00 set

Nistuff Anomalies Grades
Nistuff Anomalies 23
Nistuff Anomalies 22
Nistuff Anomalies 21
Nistuff Anomalies 20
Nistuff Anomalies 19
Nistuff Anomalies 18
Nistuff Anomalies 17
Nistuff Anomalies 16
Nistuff Anomalies 14
Nistuff Anomalies 12
Nistuff Anomalies 10
Nistuff Anomalies 08
Nistuff Anomalies 06
Nistuff Anomalies 04
Nistuff Anomalies 03

481 Universe Drop – TONIGHT!

Ni Stuff Drop 2

Today (Monday February 20th 2012) at 8:00PM EST, 481 Universe will be adding a number of new figures to their store page. If you're a fan of the Glyos series, you'll definitely want to check out looks like some customs plus Anomalies.

**A bit of warning though, this is one of the more photo intensive drops that we’ve done so be sure to refresh the store page and scroll all the way down to see all the newly added figures.**

Ni Stuff Drop 1