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The Sucklord on “The MonsterPants Are On!”

Monster Pants

Don't miss The Sucklord on "The MonsterPants Are On!" internet radio show this Saturday, February 25th 2012 at The Sucklord "talks about his past and future work, the effect STAR WARS had on his life and how he REALLY feels about The Lord of the Rings."

Each week on "The MonsterPants Are On!" things get nerdy as writer-director James Felix McKenney (AUTOMATONS, SATAN HATES YOU) chats with filmmakers and other creative types about their processes and the movies that have influenced their work.

Check it out beginning at 3:00PM EST.

2011 PAPAs: Sixth Scale/Articulated Toy of the Year

It seems like we reviewed more Sixth-Scale/highly articulated figures over the past year. Companies have definitely stepped up their games producing better sculpted, more accessorized, and higher quality pieces. So here are our top five picks of 2011:

5. Jayne Cobb TCF (Tonner Doll Company)

6th Scale firefly jayne

One of Tonner's better male facial sculpts, this version of Adam Baldwin as Jayne Cobb from the cult show Firefly. Including that hat gets this piece into our top five favorites of 2011. ( wouldn't have been the same without it)

4. G.I. Joe - Stalker (Sideshow Collectibles)

6th Scale sideshow stalker

Sideshow's G.I. Joe line is one of the best accessorized series of figures out there. It brings a retro feel, from Hasbro's 1980's action figure line, to sixth-scale. And Stalker was one the better sculpted, accessorized and dressed figures from the series.

3. Tarrant - The Mad Hatter (Tonner Doll Company)

6th Scale tonner tarrant

Tonner's second figure to make it into our top five is their version of Johnny Depp playing Tarrant (The Mad Hatter) from Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland. This is quite possibly the best figure that Tonner has produced, combining spectacular clothing with a solid face sculpt.

2. Slaughterhouse Dropcloth (Ashley Wood - 3A Toys)

6th Scale 3A dropcloth

If you're a fan of robots and a collector of toys...there should be no reason for you not to own several Ashley Wood/3A Toys figures. We reviewed the Slaughterhouse Dropcloth in 2011, and it was the first time I had viewed one of their figures. Now I know what the buzz is about. Very few companies put the attention to detail (amazing weathering effects) into their products.

1. Tony Stark Mech Test Version (Hot Toys)

6th Scale ht iron man

It wouldn't be a sixth-scale award category without including Hot Toys. They are the cream of the crop when it comes to sculpting realistic likenesses. I chose the Tony Stark Mech Test Version, because not only does it look exactly like Robert Downey Jr. - but the accessories (and light-up function) add a number of display options.

2011 PAPAs: Resin Toy of the Year

Over the past several years, resin has been the medium for many artists to produce their limited run art pieces. It's cheaper than vinyl production. The artist can monitor every aspect of the creation...even producing them in a garage. And it's much easier to meet that supply/demand equilibrium.'s a look at five of our favorite resin pieces from 2011.

5. Pharoah Hound (Argonaut Resins)

Resin Argonaut

The Tuttz's long-lost canine brother was released in several small quantity runs by END and Argonaut Resins. And while I don't believe we've seen everything the Pharoah Hound has to offer, just seeing a glimpse of him made me add him to this list.

4. Zombie Chuck (Brian Fyffe)

Resin zombie chuck

Zombies were fairly popular over the past year. Even the designer toy world got involved. Artist Brian Fyffe brought his Zombie Chuck character from the pages of his comic book to resin form. And it's the spitting image of the illustrated undead Chuck.

3. Turret - WWXXVII Collection (The Krillman)

Resin krillman

The Krillman's figures are actually produced in polymer clay, but since it doesn't fit in any of the other categories...I almost looks like resin. This insanely detailed figure is a goo dexample of what a well-skilled artist can do with polymer clay.

2. Beastman Ick Monster (Mad Joe Customizer - Overkill Resins)

Resin overkill ick monster

This special edition Ick Monster was customized to resemble the popular Master of the Universe character - Beastman. Mad Joe added an interesting outfit to go along with the unique paint job. Oh...and this resin is articulated at the shoulders.

1. Turtum Micci (Erick Scarecrow - ESC-Toy)

Resin ESC Stone Turtum Micci

While I didn't review this piece last year, I did have to pick one up at New York Comic Con. Erick Scarecrow knocked these out of the park, with a number of different colorways. There were some resin pieces that were sparkling clear, others that were weathered, and a few painted ones as well. Hopefully, we see more Turtum Miccis in 2012.

Show Openings: February 23rd to February 29th

rabid wild docile

Rabid, Wild & Docile
A collection of bear inspired artwork

Opening reception on Friday February 24th 2012 from 6:00PM to 9:00PM
Show on view through March 25th 2012

210 Forsyth St.
Lower East Side
New York

Kidrobot mad at foxwoods

Kidrobot's Live Painting with MAD

Friday February 24th and Saturday February 25th 2012 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM

Foxwoods Resort Casino
350 Trolley Line Boulevard
Mashantucket, Connecticut

Femme Fatale show

Femme Fatale

A Group Exhibition Curated by Nicole Bruckman & Stephanie Chefas

Artists include: Aaron Nagel, Apricot Mantle, Anna Chung, Aunia Kahn, Casey Weldon, Cate Rangel, Charles Ketcham, Chris Peters, Christopher Umana, Cristina Paulos, Chrystal Chan, David Bray, Dave MacDowell, Delphia, Douglas Alvarez, Edith Lebeau, Gail Potocki, Jason Rudulph Pena, JAW Cooper, Jeff Ramirez, Jessica Ward, JoKa, Jose Carabes, Ken Garduno, Korin Faught, Kris Moore, L.Croskey, Lily Mae Martin, Linnea Strid, Morgan Slade, Nicole Bruckman, Nom Kinnear King, Paul Chatem, Sara Haase, Sarah Folkman, Stella Im Hultberg, Ted von Heiland and THH70

Opening reception on Saturday February 25th 2012 from 7:00PM to 11:00PM
Show on view through March 17th 2012

Cella Gallery
11135 Weddington St. #112
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Dragatomi Skinner

Every Man Is My Enemy

Book signing at Dragatomi
Saturday, February 25th 2012 from 1:00PM to 3:00PM

2317 J Street (Btwn 23rd and 24th St.)
Sacramento, CA 95816