2011 Toy Awards

2011 Plastic and Plush Awards: The PAPAs

13 February 2012 at 2:34 PM 1 Comment

You know...I can rarely make up my mind. Some things are a given:

1. I'll never be satisfied with the site's logo. (Plastic and Plush has had around two dozen logos in our existence)
2. I'll probably end up changing the name of our yearly toy awards. (There's just something about Plastic and Plushies that sounds disturbing)

So I am keeping it simple this year. The newly renamed PAPAs (Plastic And Plush Awards) will be presented in the categories below. Remember, for the toy categories, the awards are based on pieces that have been featured in a review on the site or that I have purchased (which, unfortunately, have been few and far between).

• Customizer of the Year
• Artist of the Year
• Best Packaging
• Best Sculpting
• Best Blind Box Series
• Best New Line
• Biggest Disappointment
• Best Toy Line
• Sixth Scale/Articulated Toy of the Year
• Resin Toy of the Year
• Plush Toy of the Year
• Vinyl Toy of the Year

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  1. JC says:

    Its great you guys are giving respect to the resin toys. I am glad they get a category.

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