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Holly Stanway + Scott Tolleson = Tolly

Tolly Cavey 1

Holly Stanway and Scott Tolleson are collaborating on a special Wondercon 2012 Cavey - Tolly. Designed by Scott and all sewn up by Holly, each piece includes custom-made glasses and a little gold belt buckle.

Limited to only 30 pieces (10 at Wondercon and the remaining 20 in the Cavey shop on March 19th 2012 at 3:00PM EST), Tolly will run £28/$45. Each piece comes with a goody bag full of exclusive stickers and a collectible black version of the enamel Cavey badge.

Tolly Cavey 2

ty_po droids invade Dragatomi

ty po droid s1 dtl3

The impending invasion of Ryan the wheelbarrow's ty_po droids Series 1 will commence this Thursday - March 1st 2012 - at Noon PST only at Dragatomi in Sacramento, CA (and online).

A case of 3" DIY Androids have been "graphically consumed with organized chaos of fractured fonts to create 16 truly unique designs". Each one-of-a-kind piece features dry transfer instant lettering on glossy spray paint. Each piece runs $80.00 and limited to only one per person.

DynomightNYC’s ZOMZ Details


Justin and John over at Dynomight NYC have announced that their new platform figure is just days away from starting production (they were sculpted and being manufactured by BigShot ToyWorks). The Z0MZ figure will be a 4" tall resin, available in 8 colorful variants. There will be one variant released per month, with only 50 pieces per colorway. Oh...and these will sell for $35.00 plus shipping and handling.

OsirisOrion’s Custom Bellicose Bunny

osiris belicose 1

The Belicosity Show will be taking place at Toy Art Gallery on March 23rd 2012...and we're beginning to see some of the customs using the Belicose Bunny vinyl figure as the platform. (The original figure is from Nathan Hamill and produced by 3D Retro)

This one is from OsirisOrion, and here's what he has to say about teh custom:

I decided to opt out of sculpting on the figure because it stands well on it's own. I wanted to paint the piece as if I were going to do a short production run. I used Monster Kolor airbrush paints to paint my "colorway" version of the Belicose Bunny.

osiris belicose 3
osiris belicose 2

Hot Toys’ 1989 Batmobile

Hot Toys Batmobile 1989 1

Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Batmobile Collectible Vehicle...that's from the Michael Keaton/Tim Burton 1989 Batman movie. (The Batmobile does not include Batman)

The 39” long Batmobile is slated to be released in Q2 of 2013. Currently, it's available for pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles for a hefty sum of $629.99.

Hot Toys Batmobile 1989 6
Hot Toys Batmobile 1989 4

The 1989 Batmobile includes:

• Two headlights, four taillights and interior light-up function
• Two seater
• Two machine guns
• Functional door which allows sliding function
• Articulated flaps on both sides
• Four batdiscs
• Detachable side plane and side hook on both sides
• Detachable base
• Batmobile’s shields

Hot Toys Batmobile 1989 5
Hot Toys Batmobile 1989 3
Hot Toys Batmobile 1989 2