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Lil’ Leif the Leaf

mr toast lil leif

The World of Mr. Toast is is growing one leaf at a time. Lil' Leif the Leaf stands in at just 6.5" tall. He's ready to hang out with the rest of Mr Toast's friends. And you'll be able to pick one up for around $5.00.

For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

Alison Perez’s Zukies


Alison Perez has designed and hand created a toy series she has dubbed Zukie. Made out of plaster, these figures measure in around 3"x 2" x 4". These are slated to be released via Alison's Etsy shop (no link given). But from what I can tell, it doesn't look like too many multiple colorways in that photo above.

Info about the Character:

Zukies are mysterious characters that do not talk; they have thought bubbles and facial expressions. Zukies are about color. In my life color has always been a way to express feelings. I want people to understand that using the vocal fold for communicating is not necessary. Nonverbal behavior increases the bond between people and is an intimate way of communicating with each other. Zukies intend to generate emotions through their visual thoughts and thats how they create that bond with us.

Are you getting these toys for Christmas?

Well, it's December 1st. So that means you're either continuing to put off your holiday shopping or you're already finished. I'm guessing most folks are in the procrastinating category.

Nevertheless...I am here to present a handful of Christmas themed toys that could serve as a nice gift for that someone special, or a much needed addition to your list for Santa.

hey cavey christmas

The Santa Cavey and Reindeer Coney from Hey Cavey
These go on sale Monday December 5th at 3:00PM ET.
Santa Cavey - around $25.00
Reindeer Coney - around $39.00

3A lolli 1

Lolli the XXMAS TQ from 3A Toys
Lolli was released last night and promptly sold out.
Was available for $100.00.

stitch cosbaby twin pack 2

Stitch Santa and Gift Set from Hot Toys
This two piece vinyl Cosbaby set is available from Sideshow for $17.99.

funko rudolph

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Pop! Series from Funko
I've seen these selling in the $10.00 each neighborhood.

crusty dunny

Crusty Dunny from Kidrobot
Nothing has Christmas like Frank Kozik and booze.
Fugitive Toys has this for $11.95.

Kidrobot Kringle Labbit 1

Candy Cane Labbit from Kidrobot
Speaking of Kozik and the holidays...
Kidrobot is selling these 7" plush for $15.95.

The Killbots Release – Friday

killbot 1

This Friday, December 2nd 2011, Fadeworks will be launching the first of a line of resin bots he is called The Killbots.

The Killbots are close to 3.5" in height (1/12th scale), solid resin and articulated at four points - each arm and the two tank tracks allowing the bot to look up or down. The first run - Antarctic Defense colorway - consists of three designs: Grit (1/5) Teeth (2/5) and Bones (2/5). Each features unique faceplates and decals to match. No two killbots are exactly alike, hand finished with different rust patterns to compliment the style.

Killbots will be sold blindbox style via the Fadeworks Webshop. They will go live at 2:00PM EST for $70.00 plus $12.00 shipping.

killbot 2