Lord…that Sucks

If you somehow missed last night's episode of Bravo's Work Of Art, then you missed The Sucklord's last dance. I think Mor...err...Sucklord sums things up perfectly in the three minute long video featured above.

So here's what I didn't like about the show.

Artists like The Sucklord are often experts in one style of artistic expression. The weekly "challenges" in Work Of Art attempt to change these artists' style to fit that week's theme. So you had judges telling Sucklord to change up was has made him successful (at least in our little clique of a scene). That's like having a contest to find the best singer and kicking off Bruce Springsteen because he failed that week's R&B challenge. Okay. Maybe a bad example.

Nonetheless...I think it's difficult to critique art. What's that saying about opinions and assholes? But the Sucklord's run was fun while it lasted.

One thought on “Lord…that Sucks

  1. I totally agree. Which is why I felt kind of insulted when I watched that show once. You can’t pull a ‘project runway’ on proper art. Sucklord himself was too good for it anyways.

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