A Tale of Two Toy Companies…

Take two toy companies. The first company produces a figure. They ship it out to collectors. The artist decides he doesn’t like the way the final piece turned out. They … Read More

REVIEW: Bellicose Bunny

Background Merriam-Webster defines bellicose as “favoring or inclined to start quarrels or wars”. They define bunny as a “rabbit; especially : a young rabbit”. Over the last few years, retailer … Read More

Toy Break Episode 193: Let Them Eat Toys!

Sarah Jo joins George and Ayleen on the newly cleaned Toy Break couch for Episode 193: Let Them Eat Toys! This week, they take a gander at the Go Gopher, … Read More

Rich Page’s Kermit

There’s some Muppets movie out there…right? I didn’t hear anything about Kermit killing someone (or some puppet) in the film. Back at NYCC, Rich Page (UME Toys) drew his version … Read More

Nathan Hamill’s The Winged One

Nathan Hamill will be one of the artists taking part in the Feed South Africa Online (Ebay) Art Auction. “The Winged One” is a mixed media piece measuring 8.5″ tall … Read More

Santa Cavey and the Reindeer Coneys

Holly has introduced the 2011 Christmas Cavey lineup. You can celebrate the holidays with Santa Cavey and his friends – the Reindeer Coneys. Santa Cavey is limited to 100 numbered … Read More

Show Openings: November 29th to December 7th

Cupco Is Dead – The Final Cupco Show Opening reception on Tuesday November 29th 2011 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM The show runs from November 29th to December 29th 2011 Damien … Read More

Strangekiss Cyber Monday 2011

We haven’t heard from one of our favorite toy companies – Strangekiss – in a while. Well, their site is back online, and according to Micheal’s latest post, collectors are … Read More

FEESA Online Art Auction

Juxtapoz, Cardboard Spaceship and FEESA are teaming up to hold an online art auction. FEESA, or Feed South Africa, hires single moms in South Africa to make meals for children, … Read More

Anna’s Autumn Apples

Anna Chambers is offering her new crop of plush apples. The Fermented Green and Sweet Southern Red were picked ripe off of the plush apple tree. Both versions are limited … Read More

Win a Leafy Cavey

There’s only one way that you can pick up a Leafy Cavey. Holly and Hey Cavey are giving you two chances to win a Leafy Cavey: ‘Like’ their Facebook page … Read More

Lolli the XXMAS TQ

3A Toys has announced that Lolli the XXMAS TQ will go on sale beginning on December 1st 2011 at 9:00AM Hong Kong Time (November 30th at 9:00PM ET). The Lolli … Read More