Rohby x Gumpy Taco Libre Lucha Package

With DesignerCon around the corner, Gumpy has revealed another show exclusive. The Rohby x Gumpy Taco Libre Lucha Package features a one-of-a-kind painted figure, a custom box , an El Gumpy T-shirt, a bottle of Gumpy Hot sauce, and a limited edition print by Skinner. This will be available on November 5th 2011 at D-Con […]

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Sideshow Toys

A Trio of Star Wars Collectibles from Sideshow

Sideshow Collectibles has posted up several new Stars Wars collectibles for pre-order/sale. Grand Moff Tarkin and I-TO Interrogator Droid Premium Format Figure Begin shipping in 2nd Quarter 2012 Limited edition to be determined $349.99 Utapau Shadow Trooper Domestic Exclusive Edition 1/6th Scale Now shipping Limited edition of 1,500 $89.99 Holiday Yoda Domestic Exclusive Edition 1/6th […]

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This year’s Toys “R” Us Big Book is Ugly

It always seemed like the holidays would begin with the airing of the Toys "R" Us Christmas commercial. And even to this day, I still like checking out what's going on in the Toys "R" Us Big Book. So it's great to see that Uglydoll (Ox) smack dab in the middle of the 2011 catalog. […]

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The Sucklord’s Ass Wipe

A new low in crass, talentless commercialism...behold Ass Wipe, the official toilet paper of Suckadelic. Available now in the Suckstore, you can pick up a single roll for $25.00. I'm not sure what ply this is, but I would be a little scared to actually put it out for your guests.

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Argonaut Resins

Jared Deal’s Vlad “Montana” Edition

Jared Deal and Argonaut Resins have joined forces (again) to help celebrate Argonaut's 3 year anniversary. This time around, they bring you the Vlad "Montana" Edition. You'll be able to say hello to Jared and END's little friend, which will go up for purchase in the Argonaut online store on 11/11/11.

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Warui Inu – US Vinyl Edition

Kaiju Coup, in collaboration with Medicom Toy, is offering the first US Vinyl Edition of their Warui Inu figure. This is a hand painted edition of 6 pieces, measuring 7" tall by 4" wide. Each figure comes with a concrete block, metal chain and color art header. The Warui Inu vinyl will be offered by […]

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Keithing’s Halloween Customs

Keithing (Keith Poon) has customized a set of 8 zombie figures for Halloween. There's a definite Disney theme, with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck. Each one is 8" tall, with a unique paint style. They are now available from Toy Qube.

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Zombie Art Project: Mort’s Fine Meats

Halloween is finally here! That means we have officially come to the end to Mikie Graham's month long Zombie Art Project. Throughout the month of October, Mikie has released over 60 different custom Playmobil zombies. And to celebrate, he has saved his most gruesome playset for last - "Mort's Fine Meats". "Mort has been providing […]

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Mama Sama Iro Korudo – Now Available!

The Mama Sama Iro Korudo, by Erick Scarecrow, is now available from ESC-Toy. This is the 3rd colorway in the 6" tall resin Mama Sama collection. The figure comes with two removable accessories: a spear and wings. The Iro Korudo colorway is limited to only 10 pieces and sells for $250.00 plus $1 for shipping […]

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Gary Taxali: Mono Taxali

Mono Taxali is the new 304-page hardcover book from artist Gary Taxali. It features "four-color printing on laid paper and special varnishes" and 175 pieces of Taxali's lowbrow, vintage comic inspired artwork. The book was published in Milan, Italy by the 27_9 publishing house, and is the second book from their Mono Series. The artwork […]

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